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WATCH: Attorney General Barr Says Mueller Report to Made Public 'Within the Week'

WATCH: Attorney General Barr Says Mueller Report to Made Public 'Within the Week'

Common Dreams staff

U.S. Attorney General William Barr told a House subcommittee on Tuesday morning that the report submitted to the Justice Department by Special Counsel Robert Mueller would likely be made available to both Congress and the public "within the week."

Testifying before the House Appropriations Subcommittee, Barr said, "Within a week I will be in position to release that report to the public and then I will engage with the chairmen of both judiciary committees about that report, about any further requests that they have."


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Bill Barr was hired to be a ratfcking fixer. Period.
Expecting anything resembling transparency is a big fat fantasy.
Congress, have the balls to call in Mueller, NOW!


Only the parts that show what they want the report to show will be released. Just like Barr’s assessment was meant to hide the truth so will the release of the redacted report be used to hide the truth. The truth will cause Trump, his enablers and the conservative agenda for permanent white control of the levers of power to collapse. The truth will be buried, twisted, hidden, manipulated, spun and redacted at all costs.

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“I am relying on my own discretion to make as much public as I can.” Hmmmm this does not instill great confidence in the validity and complete scope of the report to be released ,


Barr’s discretion, is the better part of humor.

Believing in his discretion, is humorous.


If you trust Barr on anything - I’ve got some beach front property in Arizona for sale. It’s called the Trump Marina & Resort. Very, very wonderful for those with dementia about how a nation should work.

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My headline:

True, because Barr is Trump’s private Attorney General…not America’s Attorney General. Barr reminds me of an attorney hired by the Mafia to be their stooge!


There was never Russiam meddling at any meaningful level
There was massive Zionist interference
Needed is an open investigation of foreign influence. Israel would lead hands down.
The whole investigation was to help the mic and block detente with Russia.
The military is biggest green house gas emitter. So whole exercise just worsens climate change

It’s time for a song.

At this point, we don’t know what part of the Report we’re going to see, if it’s even the real one. We will get a trainted copy of garbage.

Thanks, that was timely.

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