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Watch: Bernie Sanders and Rashida Tlaib Headline Detroit Rally After Touring District

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/27/watch-bernie-sanders-and-rashida-tlaib-headline-detroit-rally-after-touring-district

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Believe in a Better Future

The neoliberal, moderate, wall street, centrist, corporate democrats WILL NOT give us a better future. regardless of what they promise. They will give us STATUS QUO. .They will give us “nothing will fundamentally change”.
and hold your breath those bastards are Thinking about how they can give us Kerry or fucking Clinton AGAIN. GAWD HELP US


Initially my reaction to another Bernie article is how frighteningly sad it is that we have so few like him.

But then I catch myself and realize he is being endorsed by the new generation of passionate advocates, those who are willing to step up and do the hard work of taking on the struggle.

And, silly me, that little hint of optimism that hangs on somewhere inside says there have to be plenty of good, capable people in our society. It’s just the corrupt system that keeps them from playing a meaningful role.

I just wish I was more optimistic about the outcome this time around, for Bernie, and all of us, and all that’s at stake.


Elites are considering Clinton or Kerry? What the F*ck!!..? Neither of these two losers will garner 10 votes. They are LOSERS. Nobody wanted them the first or even second time. So when are they going to drop into the race? At the convention?



Author sez:
“Sanders, standing in front of Little Caesar’s Arena, told The Detroit Free Press that the stadium’s receipt of $325 million in tax subsidies while the city struggles …”

So Little Caesars (Ilitch) will pay $6.25 million a year for 20 years to another Ilitch company that runs the stadium. Seems it would more appropriately be named Detroit Taxpayers’ Arena.


YOU have just earned “POST OF THE WEEK”! At least from this guy.
Many thanks!


The DNC is probably already lining the super delegates’ pockets for the second round.
What an ABYSMALLY CORRUPT country we live in!


As Texas progressive, Jim Hightower, famously said, and which I’m extending:

“The only things in the middle of the road are; yellow stripes, dead armadillos, Joe Biden, Kerry & ‘Empress-in-waiting’, “War Hawk”, Killary Clinton!”


I was surprised to see how often this has happened in US history - a losing nominee getting a second chance. In my lifetime, it was only Nixon, but there have been a bunch: https://www.thoughtco.com/losing-presidential-candidates-nominated-again-3368135

Now do I think Kerry or Clinton can win? Hell no. I don’t think Biden can. I’m pretty sure Bernie can (and would easily be the best president in my lifetime) and I’m not sure about Warren or others.

I guess it’s one thing to come on now after several debates - it’s another to come in during a contested convention. If that happens, there will be chaos.


Luv Hightower. Friend from Alaska subscribed me to the newsletter decades ago as a birthday present. Still have copies of it in print.


Bernie will blow this whole primary & election Revolution open by simply firing a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “SHOUT (not shot) heard round the world” and igniting our essential Second America people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” — as Justin du Rivage explained in his 2014 “Revolution Against Empire” — which is the most deeply researched and definitive history of our first Revolution in 1776.


Chicago, 1968…again?


Are you old enough to remember when stadiums and arenas were named after honored people or something that made sense like: Joe Louis Arena; Wrigley Field; Boston Gardens; Civic Arena; Soldier Field; etc? Now they are named after Greed Capitalist Pig corporations.


‘68 Hubert ‘Pleased as Punch’ Humphrey was as gutless a ‘Middle of the Road’ hack as the earlier ‘44 DNC planted Harry ‘the naive Haberdasher’ Un-Truman, and as bought and owned by the Empire as the dullard Joe ‘trying to eff-up 2020’ Biden.

A stench of turds over 76 years of service to this metastasizing Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire — and it’s dual effin Vichy Parties, eh?

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William Morris once said:
“Intelligence enough to conceive, courage enough to will, power enough to compel"

Morris also explained:
“One man with an idea in his head is in danger of being considered a madman: two men with the same idea in common may be foolish, but can hardly be mad; ten men sharing an idea begin to act, a hundred draw attention as fanatics, a thousand and society begins to tremble, a hundred thousand and there is war abroad, and the cause has victories tangible and real; and why only a hundred thousand? Why not a hundred million and peace upon the earth? You and I who agree together, it is we who have to answer that question.”


Loved your post, alan385! Thank you!

WOW! Thanks, alan! I’d never seen that before!

Thanks for the historical context for the “better right than left” democratic party .

Actually, Wrigley Field in your example was named for the business family that owned the Cubs. But, yes … I’m definitely that old.

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Wrigley was an old-time capitalist who seems pretty harmless by today’s standards. " Connie Mack " - actually some of them ( owners ) were eccentrics and liked the outlaw players of those days. And, there were plenty of them to like.
I knew some of the old players for Wrigley and C.M. has descendants all over the country.
Today’s owners are isolated and cold for the most part. In some ways the good ol’ days were better. Baseball owners fall into that category.

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