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Watch: Bernie Sanders Response to Trump State of the Union


Watch: Bernie Sanders Response to Trump State of the Union

Common Dreams staff

Following President Donald Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) offered a response.

"I want to take a few minutes of your time to respond to Trump’s State of the Union speech," Sanders announced. "But I also want to talk to you about the major crises facing our country that, regrettably, Trump chose not to discuss."



Shame Bernie buys into the Red Scare. He hurts a lot of his credibility that way.


Well, Bernie. I won’t be supporting you in 2020 if you run, either within the Democratic Party or outside it, unless you fully renounce this war mongering Russiagate nonsense.

This is sad to see him capitulate to this.

But it’s worse than that. Bernie doesn’t seem to think that the rest of the world matters beyond this idea that Russia interfered in our election. He doesn’t seem to know or care about Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Korea, Honduras, or anywhere else that the U.S. military-industrial complex shows up to be the “Ugly American.” He doesn’t seem to care about the billions spent on the military-industrial complex. He doesn’t seem to care enough about it to either disagree with Trump or to point out that Trump was silent.

Bernie is not a peace candidate.

We’re up shit creek without a paddle- we’ve been there for a long time. But now our canoe seems to be full of holes.

If Bernie is the best alternative to both the Trump cabal and the establishment, corporate Democrats, we have no hope.

We’re stuck in a bankrupt Empire and continual warfare as the American elites and their go-along allies in the rest of the Industrial world soak the globe in blood and injustice.


You can take it easy, Trump is following the peaceful Putism playbook that all true progressives love:

We’ll see what the FISA warrants turn up on our solid non-collusional friend Carter Page, assuming Trump doesn’t completely reorganize the DOJ as his protection racket.


You are so right. What was becoming a momentous speech was spoiled terribly when Bermie farted with the Russia Russia whopper. Tainted his entire speech.


If you had been paying attention to my comments since the summer of 2016, you’d realize my up ship creek without a paddle metaphor was something I began saying when the conventions were done and we knew our viable choices were Clinton or Trump. I also used to say that Paul Simon was right fifty years earlier when he said,

Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon
Going to the candidates’ debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you’ve got to choose
Every way you look at it you lose

I am not happy with Trump. I’m relieved he doesn’t seem all hell bent like Hillary to increase antagonism with Russia. But that doesn’t change the fact he’s doing terrible things, not just here but in the rest of the world.

So, no, Trump being president is not a good thing. But the alternative doesn’t seem to be a good thing either. With Bernie now on board with the New Cold War, I’ve added that we have holes in the canoe to my shit creek metaphor.

Yes. Plus what he left out, which silence is much louder than the Russia Russia whopper and smells much worse.


But we’ll see why Nunes is so concerned about the FISA extensions on Carter Page soon, won’t we? I don’t like presidents that model themselves on oligarchs that arrest their political opponents. Such folks are only peaceful in propaganda, if history means anything.



“Red Scare?” The Russians are in the news as they plan to get involved in the 2018 American congressional elections. The Red Scare I remember as a kid was anti communism. Russians getting involved in our elections is not a scare tactic, it is absolutely disgusting. How would Russians feel if America got involved in their politics? They would throw a fit.


Bernie is getting top billing in CD more amd more. I guess this was the speech to get the Demo party to accept him. I always thought Bernie was the best. So I had high expectations for this speech. But I had problems with it in several places.It almost felt like someone else had written it.

  1. I don’t think he’s good with using numbers to make a statement. How can you compare hourly wage with total increase in wealth? I try to divide by the number of workers, think about the difference between working to acquire wealth and getting hourly wages.
  2. But wait, what does he mean by worker? A small restaurant owner? Only hourly? Salaried folks? What about contract workers? Anyone from house cleaners to movie starrs may work on contract.
  3. I’m just not comfortable with this class thingy that he hammers on all the time. If we buy into the equality of everyone in mankind, can’t we throw it out? Do we all have to be workers or bosses? Wealthy and middle class and poor? You know, salaried workers in San Francisco and New York may struggle to get by, never have their own home. A strict categorization of people into classes by income would require moving them in and out of their classes by normal changes in income, but wait, isn’t he talking about class as a fixed character trait? It sounds old-fashioned.
    We need to talk about real people with real problems having enough money.
  4. Yes, of course any discussion of how to spend American money needs to discuss health, sure, but ALSO our military budget. I don’t dignify it by calling it euphemistically defense.
  5. The Russian thing. Ok, so presidents can be friends with Tony Blair, but not Putin? Um, ethnic prejudices?
  6. i liked the strategy of separating what was talked about from what was not. I wish that he had included more numbers with the second half.


I wonder how other countries around the world feel. With . You know. Outside countries getting involved with their elections.


Also this link from Newsweek by way of Yahoo :

> Blockquote

By way of omitting this part of Trump’s remarks, I guess Sanders approves of holding countries who receive our aid hostage to all of our foreign policy choices by voting requirements in the UN.


I haven’t seen such a string of comment invectives spewed out toward Bernie Sanders since the 2016 campaign. Chill out all you holier than thouers. Bernie’s still the last best chance the American people have, by a considerable margin, to turn around this hurtling, out-of-control American Ship of State and point it toward a more humanistic, life-affirming, matriarchal, direction.

IF Bernie somehow manages to crash through the DNC roadblock and become the Democratic candidate (with Tulsi Gabbard running as VP), and that’s a yuuuge, bold, capitalized Brooklyn accent IF . . .



Yes, it makes you chuckle when trolls pretend they are progressive. So who do you think they are. Trolls hired by the corporate wing of the democratic or the Republican parties. Your guess is as good as mine.

Bernie Sanders is running for president. That is what I saw tonight and frankly he is going to win. The Koch brothers and the Clinton mafia can’t stop what is coming.


The only thing i found way off is when bernie sd the dreamers were born n raised here. If they were born here, they wd already be US citizens. A really bad error for him to make. Wish he wd correct that.


What left, the United States doesn’t have one. We pretend to have one. Bernie Sanders is a social democrat reflective of the New Deal Wing of American progressive politics. He has said that from day one.


Are you truly ignorant of US interference in Russian elections? Look up Boris Yeltsin. Far more blatant, and far more impactful, than anything happening in recent elections in the USA.

And, that is only one example of the long ugly history of US “interference” in elections, all across the globe, for many decades.

When it comes to disabling democracy around the world, the USA is the biggest criminal on the planet, and the biggest hypocrite.


At the end of the day, Bernie is a Democrat. He campaigns for Democrats. He raises money for them.

He even lowered himself to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Tom Perez and the DNC.

He spouts the D-Party spin even to the extent of playing the Russia, booga-booga card.

As I’ve stated before, I can understand Bernie’s belief that the Democrats are the only game in town for progressives. And I’ll restate that there are growing numbers of us who are out to change that dynamic, and that Bernie’s rallying cries won’t persuade us otherwise. The Dems have had their chance–now it’s time to leave their tattered big tent. I was told several times in 2016 that ‘Bernie Bros’ weren’t wanted or needed in the Dem coalition. So, now the Dems can concentrate on suburban moderates…Wasn’t that their game plan anyway?

On policy, Bernie’s speech hit a lot of the right notes. Sad that almost every policy he advocated for will die within his own party. Even sadder: He damn well knows it.


I don’t know who these troll people are, but they showed up in Dodge locked and loaded didn’t they?


Your own education? A moral upbringing? I give up! What did you miss?