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Watch: Bernie Sanders Response to Trump State of the Union

“The Russians” didn"t hack the DNC, use Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to smear Hillary Clinton with unprecedented sophisticated computerized propaganda, Russian Oligarch billionaires and the Putin Administration did.
They helped install an American fascist into the White House. The damage those Russian Oligarchs helped do to our nation will outlive everyone posting on these measly, inconsequential boards. The Russian billionaires are not the only reason a rapist, racist, warmongering cretin front-man for various mafias money is in office, who is at this moment shortening my life span with his orchestrated destruction of Medicaid, but they are a big part of it.
This isn’t “Red Baiting” , fools. I wish Russia was “Red” again, then I’ probably laud their efforts since Karl Marx has, of late, been somewhat rehabilitated in academia. The people who manipulated the 2016 election are kleptocrat crony capitalist monsters. Anyone who claims “Progressive” creds defending them in any way, including attacking the Democratic party or Bernie Sanders for speaking out against Russian Kleptocrat interference in our elections is worse than the enemy

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You apparently missed the fascist takeover of our government by neo-conservative and neo-liberal forces, from both parties, who don’t give two shits about you or me, except to the extent that they can get us to hate one another–based on a pack of lies.


Yours is one of the voices in the comments that I most enjoy reading, and I’m sympathetic to your frustration with Bernie Sanders not taking a rational line on Russia (e.g. we’ve messed with their elections much worse than they have with ours, other countries who are our supposed allies mess with our elections and policy even more than Russia, we mess with many other countries elections besides Russia, and on and on), but I still consider Bernie to be a worthwhile advocate for many issues (e.g. post number 26 by Emphyrio expresses my sentiment mostly). Perhaps someone in Tulsi Gabbard’s district could contact her and ask her to advocate for a change in tone on this issue.

With respect to foreign policy overall, I recall Bernie’s speech on this and just skimmed https://www.npr.org/2017/09/21/552671703/bernie-sanders-lays-out-his-foreign-policy-vision for a refresher. Bernie isn’t perfect on anything, and he is less perfect on Foreign Policy than on domestic economic issues, but if we had a Senate and House full of people who felt like Bernie does about past US actions in Guatemala, Iran, Chile, El Salvador and others, as well as opposing the Iraq War at least (yes, I’d prefer he had a different take on the Afghan war as Lrx is always harping on), then the world would be a different place.

You get to support whoever you want for president obviously and if I got to pick between Sanders and a better choice (I’m no Gabbard expert, but from what I’ve heard thus far, she is better), then I’d support and vote for the better one too. But I humbly suggest that perhaps this issue isn’t the red line ( How We Got Donald Trump: American Paths Chosen and Not (1989-2018)) worth enforcing.


Why did the media avoid senator Sanders address?


Obviously, you don’t understand how dangerous and important that is. Putin has successfully changed Britain with BREXIT, may have changed France and has changed American politics with Trump. Putin is a globalist along with China. We have moved back from TPP. Once Putin has managed to fracture and divide all the global democracies, he and China can take over every major economies of the world. Far fetched? We have already dropped out of TPP. This is really high stakes. Trump is an apostle of Putin, not the other way around.

Jeeze all the anti Sanders group showed up in force
Nice to see you all spewing forth in concert

If you spent as much time formulating issue based responses as you did on ‘ad hominem’ attacks on Bernie it might look a little less like crapping all over the page

God you might even craft legislation if you spent your time effectively

And so glad you have all relegated the Russian spy craft to Disneyland. Even without any supporting evidence. Que Cute. So Republican

I guess I was mistaken waiting for the grand jury findings.

But you know ol Putin has a much better approach to democracy, just assasinate your opposition

He’s such a Nice Guy. Don’t know why we shouldn’t believe and trust him

Rather like his ‘special buddy’ Trump. They Lie Perpetually. About Everything. All the time. With such deserving fans as we see on this page.


Actually I think talking about Russia’s interference in the election helps Sander’s credibility. It shows he is not just a left winger willing to go along with chorus but can think for himself and evaluate the evidence. He puts more faith in what our security agencies say then what the Russian government says and he finds that when companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram say that the Russians used their services to disseminate fake news and buy political ads that these companies are not lying. So even though Sanders might lose some credibility with the more radical left I think overall calling out the Russians increases his credibility. I don’t agree with Sanders on everything but I have to give him credit for sticking to his foreign policy beliefs despite the constant hammering by the radical left and now in this instance sticking with his beliefs on Russian interference with the election. And also his endorsement of Hillary Clinton despite the outcries from the radical left. Clearly Sanders is willing to follow his true beliefs despite all the criticism heaped upon on by people further to the left than where he is on the political spectrum…

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Care to cite the ad hominem attacks on Bernie in this thread?

"without any supporting evidence"
What crap. It is you that has NO supporting evidence of Russian involvement. And you have had over a year to come up with it.
But suddenly, you want others to prove Russia isn’t involved?
As I said upthread, Bernie was on his way to a momentous speech when he farted with the Russia crap. He should have left that completely out of the speech. He had nothing to gain by including it, and everything to lose .
Bad move.
Nonetheless, I will still support him should he run.
And just so you know, I was run off of Daily Kos in March of 2016 because I questioned Hillary’s positions, known as the “March 15th Edict”.
Is that going to happen here because we dare to question Bernie?
March is coming.


I think it is virtually impossible to really simplify the economic situation in this country but I would say Sander’s statistics whether they make much sense or not do point out the gross economic inequality that is now present in the US. He obviously doesn’t go into the possible drawbacks of his policies. For example, a $15 minimum wage would likely result in many jobs being lost and also an increase in prices that would affect poor people the most.

The claim there is no supporting evidence is based on ever thing we are being told is propaganda. Its a conspiracy theory. It is useless arguing because those who don’t believe in this conspiracy theory accept most of evidence which seems hard to dispute given there is so much of it and it comes from so many sources and those who do believe in the conspiracy don’t accept any of the evidence as being valid because as I say it is considered to be all propaganda and therefore not really evidence. People saying there is no evidence of Russian interference are conspiracy theorists.

"The term Gish gallop refers to a fallacious debate tactic in which one barrages one’s opposition with a deluge of individually weak arguments which take far too long to debunk individually in a way that sustains the audience’s interest. This is all Russiagate amounts to. When Russiagaters tell you that there’s ‘too much smoke for there not to be fire’, they are unwittingly telling you ‘I’ve been won over by a Gish gallop fallacy.’ Every single aspect of their argument can be easily debunked without exception, but since there’s so much of it and since pundits are assuring them of it’s reality so confidently, they believe.

“Every few weeks there’s some major new ‘bombshell’ revelation which Russiagaters get all excited about, only to have people read the actual information in the ‘bombshell’ and find out it’s not actually anything incriminating or particularly remarkable. Take all those ‘bombshells’ together, though, and you create the illusion of something real. That’s all this nonsense is.” ~Caitlin Johnstone, “Russiagate Explained


The school bus, apparently.

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How could we lose jobs when we are at full employment now? 5% of the workforce is always out of work, it’s normal. Many are between jobs or moving around the country. Some are off work due to illness or a broken bone. Some are even on willful sabbaticle. The unemployment rate is less than 5% nationally, and 3.7% in my Portland, Or. metro area.
Increasing the income of ordinary everyday Americans drives the economy higher with more spending.
The false trope of prices driven higher by minimum wage increases is easily debunked by prices skyrocketing the past two decades while wages have been stagnant or even reduced through inflation. I’ve listened to this crap for five damn decades and its as false now as it was back then.
Next you will try telling me “trickle down” is real.

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All that typing away and you STILL gave no instance of proof.


People die around American politicians, too.

Just ask Wellstone’s family---- those that are left.

Re: conspiracy theory

If you want proof go over the material that was presented in the Congressional investigations on Russian interference. If you are looking at CD comments for proof then you are not likely to find it.

The link didn’t work.