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WATCH: Bernie Sanders to Host Livestream Discussion Detailing Priorities for Worker-Focused Coronavirus Relief Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/04/watch-bernie-sanders-host-livestream-discussion-detailing-priorities-worker-focused


This livestream will be a more effective messaging medium than a rigged debate with Biden would be. Lets hope that Sanders can start a series of these once a week, or even more frequently.


For those who will undoubtedly bash Bernie in this blog, I would like to ask you who else in congress or anywhere else fights as hard for the working man, the environment, and against political corruption? Just curious.


Why oh why do we have to put up with the political,devil in the Oval Office? Maybe what some claim about karma is true because in many ways Amerika deserves Trump.


The flashing messages are not cute!

Bernie, Showing us the Leadership that we NEED!
The leadership that we can’t survive without

damn the technical issues


Damn it
THe echo has become intolerable.
HAve to wonder it it’s an accident or something else

Once again, Bernie out in the public with solutions and nothing but crickets from Joe Biden.


sounds great, glad to see him still working for ME. Deniers can spin, tired of the shite.


I think what’s bothering them is he’s too polite, and he never wins on any of his agenda, and we cannot afford not to win, so he fights a losing battle, but …yes, at least he fights, fights alone, basically; nobody in this S_hole of a decrepit exponentially collapsing nation stands behind him. I think if he had some backing he wouldn’t be so cautious and would fight a lot harder, but he has no support from the majority of the worthless undeserving population.


Bernie fights a very lonely fight the best way he can. Can you name anyone in the Senate who fights at his side? No. He’s alone, 1 out of 99 Senators. Yet Bernie managed to get the Senate to pass his amendments so that unemployed and working people are getting some help from the latest giveaway to the corporations. That may seem trivial to some of the armchair warriors here, but it is huge to families like mine. Since the bill was going to pass overwhelmingly, Bernie focused on getting help for a lot of us, God bless him, instead of wasting his time grandstanding.


Democrats don’t want solutions. They want demented Joe.
“In a democracy, citizens always get the government they deserve.”


I think what Jimmy Dore is doing at the moment in terms of the Bernie bashing is bad for the cause. It’s hard to argue the points they are making which I do kind of agree with, like the signing the bill… everything is such convoluted bullshit anyways, if he didn’t sign it that would have went over 3 times worse than Gabbards no vote… ’ in this pressing and critical time in this fight against corona’ or some bullshit that starts out like that.

I don’t understand why he is making Bernie the centerpiece of it. Did Bernie write the part and fight for the part that gave 3-4 times as much money to people who don’t deserve it? No, Jimmy just figures it’s time to jump on the shit on Bernie bandwagon, I mean, it looks so much fun when everyone is doing it and feels so good right?

So again, I see his points and don’t necessarily disagree with them but if Bernie’s loss is about to be cemented in history - Jimmy Dore is just making the cement cure faster.

If Jimmy Dore knows so fucking much why doesn’t he run a campaign? - Because he’s a bitch that spits in peoples face, whether or not they deserve it, but still just such a bitch move.


There is a huge problem when analyzing what is going on at the moment.
Either one of two things happened.

  1. The American people voted for Biden and rejected Sanders policies and movement.
  2. Sanders got cheated on super Tuesday which is reflected in the exit polls and many other ways.

First off, Jimmy Dore was one of about 3 people who reported on the rigging. So fuck him. He knows. He should have fought a lot fucking harder to get that news story out and get people to strike or riot or whatever the hell he wants against the election rigging by the DNC. But that requires hard work. It’s easier just to say, see, I was right, Bernie should have listened to me, I know everything, like he has been. To me that’s what makes what he is doing bad. He is just stirring the shit pot and deserves to lick the spoon.

So it depends on how you look at it. I firmly believe he was cheated, and I am implying by way of vote flipping via dubious voting equipment. There was all the other stuff going on, but I think he was still overcoming that. I can tell no one cares about the vote rigging. The only people that care are Sanders people. Everyone else will insult you for implying it. Right until Joe Biden loses but still had 3 million more votes. Then all of a sudden they will be like no, we shouldn’t go by the rules, the person with the most votes should win.

It would behoove the DNC and the establishment media to really get to the bottom of that story because it drastically impacts a person’s opinion about his fellow countrymen.

For example, how do I react to this?
If you insist that americans rejected Sanders… then it tells me that, I am not a democrat. If you tell me that Black voters rejected Sanders, then it tells me that I no longer support the black plight. Why should I? No one gives a shit about the progressives. The feminists didn’t want Sanders. Ok, So I guess I no longer stand with feminists because they say a white male cannot be president regardless of how good he is. How about the gays? The majority of them backed Clinton in 16. Sanders aint your guy? well ok, I guess I no longer give a shit about gay rights either. I’m not gay so why should I.

So which is it. Did these people reject Sanders or was he cheated. It’s a pretty important question but people like Jimmy Dore just wanna throw shit.

And if you insist that the election was rigged, then why shouldn’t I just sit at home.


DemocracyNow this week interviewed a woman who was sexually assaulted by Biden:

I hope people will share this to the Biden supporters they know. We don’t need to be divided now, Bernie has great ideas like this which need support in order to happen.

Biden is generating a divide and conquer scenario on the Left. He’s a useless candidate, he’s done nothing about Covid-19. The only reason anyone is voting for him is because they’re paranoid Bernie can’t beat Trump. Hillary Clinton was a corrupt Dem like Biden, and that’s a major reason Trump won.

We need to be unified now. What Trump is doing to workers is an atrocity. If Trump could, he would exhume Typhoid Mary and make her Secretary of Labor.

BTW, Typhoid Mary spread typhoid all over the hospital where she worked. She knew she was infected, but didn’t want to lose pay by staying home. Trump’s plan to send people back to work makes her look like a health nut by comparison.

We need change- now! Make the Biden supporters in your life watch Amy Goodman’s interview Biden’s victim.

#metoo is an important catalyst for change- because we women suffer through so much cruelty and we are fed up with it. Support sexual assault victims and expose Biden!


Please everyone show these bernie videos to your older relatives, especially if they havent voted in a primary yet! (And get a mail in ballot). Be safe, vote bernie if you vote


There was no lone vote against the Iraq war. Lots of Democrats in House and Senate voted against but not enough to overwhelm Republicans. A majority of house Ds (126 to 81) and a minority of Senate Ds (21 to 29 voted against - with Bernie not in this set - he was the sole independent senator and did vote against of course).

I presume you are thinking of the AUMF which started the Afghanistan war for which Barbara Lee was the sole voice of sanity (Senate went 98 to 0 with Bernie now admitting he made the wrong choice).

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Shantiananda: You can only speak for yourself here.

As an American, I don’t and never deserved to have an evil demon that is 45 autocratically screwing me over.

The only idiots that deserve 45 as their leader are the jackasses that voted for him. AND THAT AIN’T ME!


There comes a time when the interests of the many must supersede the interests of the few.

Does society not have a responsibility to itself ?

Bernie is showing the way…true leaders say, I will go first !


Perhaps Jimmy should’ve done as you say but then, if you believed what JD had to say then perhaps you should’ve done more to protest the bailout package. I think that Jimmy was creating awareness of the problem in the hopes that people would do whatever they were capable of doing to fight it now that no one is able to get in the streets to protest. There is some value in that but I agree that a progressive firebrand like JD who has the capability and is prepared to do the work involved in mounting an effective opposition to the oligarchs is definitely going to be needed.