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Watch: 'Completely Unhinged' Idaho State Senator Shouts at Birth Control Advocates About Abortion


Watch: 'Completely Unhinged' Idaho State Senator Shouts at Birth Control Advocates About Abortion

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A Republican state senator from Idaho is facing intense criticism on a national scale after videos were posted to social media that show him shouting about abortion to college students who were at the state capital to advocate for more access to birth control and improved sexual education.


It appears the true definition of “conservative republican” is actually obnoxious scumbag bully…what part his being a self-described “roman catholic” plays is a little harder to pin down…what would Francis think?


Funny how this administration in Washington DC, has produced an abundance of GOP loyals all across this nation that are being commonly referred to, as, “unhinged.”


I guess the young folks, concerned about sex-ed and the availability of contraception, really rattled the molecule between Foreman’s ears. If heaven and hell actually exist, people like Foreman are in for a very rude, very hot and sulfurous surprise.


Typical right wing scumbag. Religion is simply a crutch for the WEAK minded loser.


Another right wing dickhead. Of course there isn’t such a thing as a right wing non-dickhead. Oh he’s just such the tough guy!


It’s the Trump effect. White Nationalists, misogynists, and your run of the mill right wing rednecks think this is “their time”. Dangerous as hell.


Further proof of the Republican party needing to go the way of the Whig party. Like I have posted before: why do these unhinged, fascist Senators in their party, care so much about the unborn, but seem to have little or no concern about them once they are born? You would think they would at least feel the same way about the born!


Most young people would love to start a family earlier on in their lives but we no longer live in the days where a young couple can simply build a log cabin on cheap land and start homesteading while maybe having and raising a dozen kids. Things are different now in ways too numerous to mention. Family planning as in contraception is necessary now. Mr. Foreman should realize this. But I do agree abortion should not be engaged in lest there might be Divine consequences. That one child now lost might be all that a couple might be gifted with.


Exactly!! I’d like the people of Idaho to physically remove this a$$ from their property.


Read again, they were not their to talk about abortion.


Unhinged? What I call unhinged is sending young folks to the slaughter to fight immoral imperialist wars of someone else’s stupid fight. These sad sacks are so caught up in ideological nonsense to even look at the bigger picture. They want power and control over women and their sovereign bodies. They have to have control. It matters not what it is and they see women as easy marks. Well it’s high time women fight back against these misogynistic fools. I wish them all the power in the world to fight back against the morons and get their power back from these reprehensible cretins.


Olhippy is right

Thank you for common sense posting. Hypocrisy unlimited and on going for decades while bombing innocent babies in endless wars in countries who are no threat to us. Sanctions that killed a half million children in Iraq, all OK, but college students who were at the state capital to advocate for more access to birth control and improved sexual education is understood as leading to abortion in the weak minded. Pity the country with representative like this one. Remove him quickly.


This is why I left Idaho. There is no conversation with those boneheads–it’s their way or the highway, and they’ll physically and verbally assault anyone who disagrees.


I went out to eat the other day. The restaurant was crowded, but I was not concerned when my friend started
talking about politics. My friend and I despise Trump, but at the restaurant we did not call him bad names we just pointed out the truth about some of his horrible policies. I thought that the guy at the next table was going to strangle me. Trumpettes cannot handle the truth.
Yes, I realize it was somewhat rude of me to discuss politics at a restaurant.


Yes Flanigan,

I agree that one must be ready to “Rock and Roll” if talking politics in public places.

I am constantly “shushing” my wife who forgets where she is.

I’m not a youngster anymore and don’t mind defending her honor if she gets her mouth into trouble, but these “Trumpsters” ain’t quite right in the haid, if you know what I mean.


I was the one who started talking politics. I was watching the wait staff working their butts off and I wondered how much the theft of their tips was going to affect their lives. I am an old lady and I have never been afraid to voice my opinions until now.


Shows where the maturity is: the young folks!


You can discuss wherever you’d like.


Divine consequences??? Well, maybe on your planet.