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Watch: 'Completely Unhinged' Idaho State Senator Shouts at Birth Control Advocates About Abortion

Many young people are not not even planning to have kids- what planet are you on?

It’s like my Mom taught me when I was a wee lad, she said, “When you’re crossing the street, look both ways then run across and don’t dauddle.”

It’s the same where ever there could be danger coming at you from either direction.

Look out for it, and get out of the way of it.

Fast as you can.

“No,YOU stay out of our office!” lol
Jeez, Idaho must be SO proud!

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The 'con-tard" doesn’t realize that birth control is the best prevention of abortion there is!

And yes, many people are choosing not to have children these days. If I had to choose again, I would never bring kids into this soon-to-be-ending world. I had a LOT more hope for the world when I had kids back in the 80s. I fear for my grandchildren’s future. I wish there was a new world to sail them to…

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And it can’t be missed that they are mostly maybe all male and white. Me thinks they doth protest too much.


If you want an omelet, you’ve gotta break a few eggs.

In the history of our country, we’ve had to “break a few eggs” to acquire the freedoms we wanted.

History seems to be repeating itself.

Hopefully, our generation can do the dirty work, so your grandchildren don’t have to.

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Being from the district that elected this troglodyte I would only add that he is even worse than this. He is truly mentally ill as well as all his other deplorable character traits. I would like to be able to say “only in Idaho” but it seems like more and more that isn’t the case.

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And he’s Catholic, so he should definitely represent his own Medieval (make that Dark Ages–pre-Medieval) non-scientific beliefs instead of those of his constituents, because is that not the job of a senator, to represent their own interests?