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Watch: Crowd of Critics Confronts Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Restaurant Parking Lot

Watch: Crowd of Critics Confronts Mitch McConnell in Kentucky Restaurant Parking Lot

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Less than two weeks after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao—who is married to the Republican senator—were confronted by protesters over the Trump administration's family separation policy, McConnell faced another crowd of critics in a parking lot of a Louisville, Kentucky restaurant.

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This needs to happen to every Trump cabinet member who kisses his ass,they need to be shown that they can’t get away with there b.s.without consequences. They are not above the law.


“This needs to happen to” all Republicans, not just Trump appointees. McConnell and other GOP operatives were slimy long before Trump showed up.


if conscience could be bought I would advise McConel to spend all his I’ll begotten wealth and buy an once of conscience.

An ounce of conscience in Mitch? That would be like trying to illuminate a black hole with a single candle.


Not much hope for the candle. We all know what happens to objects approaching the event horizon of a black hole…


McConnell is no longer a leader.

He is a follower of Facsism.

An enabler of Ego.

His humanity has been compromised by the evilness of men who value Money and Power more than their relation to flesh and blood.


The only problem I have is that they chanted “vote you out”. McConnell probably chuckled knowing that our corrupt elections would get him back in there even if no one voted for him. “We know where you live” was a much better chant.

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In case you were not aware here is the latest on attacks against Rep.Maxine Waters sent by Shawn King:

Today I need you to take a few important action steps, OK?

As you already know, prosecutors and district attorneys are the gatekeepers of America’s criminal justice system. No single person plays a larger role in the machine of mass incarceration. That’s why when we see a bad actor in this system, we have to call them out.

Today — that man is Deputy District Attorney Michael Selyem of San Bernardino, California. He basically runs the huge DA’s office there and prosecutes more people than anyone else in the county.

Let me tell you what he recently posted about Rep. Maxine Waters on social media. I apologize in advance for the vulgarity.

He said:

“Being a loud-mouthed cunt in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this bitch by now.”

Yeah. He said that. To be clear, he doesn’t even deny it. He has a long history of being deeply bigoted and offensive online. Those are his actual words.

And this man is expected to give equal and fair justice to all? To women? To communities of color? That’s impossible. Any man who not only thinks like that, but is bold enough to share it publicly, is a danger to us all.

He should’ve been fired immediately! PERIOD.

No man who thinks and speaks like this needs to be a prosecutor of justice in this country.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to let the DA’s office know how we feel.

Call them now @: (909) 382–3800 & (909) 382–7755. Ask to speak to a supervisor or HR or a manager. And let them know, in your own words, how you feel about this. Leave a voice mail message if you have to, but try to speak to an actual person. Be courteous, but be clear about how you feel.

Email current District Attorney Mike Ramos @ mramos@sbcda.org and let him know how you feel.

Email the new incoming District Attorney Jason Anderson by filling out this form. His motto when he ran for office was “public safety, not politics.” Let’s hold him to that.

Email Chief Deputy District Attorney Julie Peterson @ jpeterson@sbcda.org and let her know how you feel.
Let’s start there and give this a few days.

If any employee of a mainstream corporation said this, they’d already be fired. Public employees, particularly ones who hold life and death in their hands with the justice system, should be held to an even higher standard.

Let’s go!



From the article:

McConnell spokesman David Popp told the Post, “If the Leader comments on being called a fascist and a supporter of ICE by a small handful of extremist protesters then I will let you know.”

“The Leader” is English for “der Führer,” for those who don’t know.


For his actions, McConnell does not deserve a moment of peace until he renounces his past behavior and demonstrates such by a complete turn from all that he has done and represented over the past decades. The people of Kentucky really need to step up and end his reign of abuse of our government. He reminds me of a current day John Calhoun.

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How can this hate filled man be allowed to prosecute anyone and why should we the public be paying his salary? I’m sure if someone he was prosecuting incited violence against someone he would be using that against them. Well, he is doing the same thing. Very troubling. There is no excuse for this to continue.

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Good catch. Language is the first weapon of fascism and almost any other form of oppression upon the masses.

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You know it speaks volumes about his constituency who keep reelecting this thing, this machine.



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Notice how these Fascists like to use certain key words as a diversionary framing tactic?

Here are a few of their favorites: “extremist”, “terrorist”, “insurgent”, “enemy combatant”, “national security”, “freedom”, “jobs”, “job creators”, “tree-hugger”, “tax reform”, “energy
independence”, “big government”, and the supposed superiority of “the private sector”.

This is what I wish the protesters would have reminded him of, instead of Vote him out! If I had the nerve, and I ever see these dInsoaurs I’m gonna remind them how spent their life and careers helping one giant corporate coup of the branches of government and they are not but pathetic pigs at that soulless trough.