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Watch: Cuomo Challenger Cynthia Nixon Demands Medicare for All in New York


Watch: Cuomo Challenger Cynthia Nixon Demands Medicare for All in New York

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon—a progressive facing off against incumbent Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo—released a new video on Tuesday calling for a statewide single-payer healthcare system.


Let’s make you the next Governor of NY.


There was such a health care plan proposed last year in NYS when repeal of the ACA was threatened but it never got out of a Senate committee which was controlled by the Republicans. So far no state has shown that a state can successfully have such a plan. i believe Vermont tried and failed. And no governor in New York can get such a plan passed unless the Democrats are able to control the state Senate.


Control by the Democrats ensures nothing. Assembly leader Rendon in California killed a single payer proposal by not allowing it to come to a vote when the Democrats had a super majority. In Colorado a universal health plan was opposed by corporate Democrats Bennett and Hickenlooper. Of course, we all know how Hilary Clinton stood on the issue. Again, Democrats are as much at fault for many of the ills in this nation as Republicans.


Go get 'em Cynthia…Cuomo just another republican lite Dem. He like his friend the Hildebeast , is owned by Wall St banksters


I’m all for “free universal healthcare” but these guys all lie about it. It will be expensive. ACA was sold to us lower rates, etc. Here we are 4 years later my rate is double and the copay is higher. Let’s face it, covering all those uninsured will add extra cost.

I think it would “free healthcare” proponents in their crusade to come clean and admit that from the beginning. In her proposal Nixon, touts the 15% ($45billion) savings from bureaucratic overhead, which might or might be correct. What is not mentioned is the added cost of care for all the uninsured or underinsured patients that will access the system.

As soon as they start saying, hey this is how much extra taxes you gonna pay to get “free healthcare” we can get this thing rolling.


UHC will never fly without controlling the cost and making insurance mandatory , just like SS comes out of your paycheck .
The cost of premiums can be tied to your income. lower income= lower cost.
The biggie though is cost controls. All doctors and hospital visits including procedures must have a cap. Without it , the system will go bankrupt in short order.


Estimated cost to fund such a program is 156% of the current revenue generated by the State of NY. It’s easy to make promises to try to get elected, it’s another thing to fully understand the true costs to support those promises. I think she stated “Pass it and then figure out how to fund it”…are you kidding me?? That statement is telling and more than a little frightening.