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WATCH: Democrat Ilhan Omar Questions Madeline Albright on Use of Sanctions and Failures of US Military Intervention

WATCH: Democrat Ilhan Omar Questions Madeline Albright on Use of Sanctions and Failures of US Military Intervention

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

While much of the country was watching the testimony of Michael Cohen on Wednesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mn.) was questioning former Secretary of State Madeline Albright in a separate, largely vacant hearing room about sanctions and the pitfalls of past U.S. military interventions.

"Some scholars and practitioners of foreign policy have questioned whether sanctions are effective in changing the behavior of certain governments," Omar said, pointing out that economic sanctions can have dire effects on the innocent populations of targeted countries.


Medieval warmongering old lady who believes in the bullying sanction methodology of America vs Young progressive peace monger who believes in the power of persuasion and negotiations to achieve Peace.

Ms. Albright believes that if a murder is committed in Chicago we should send in the 101st airborne division to terrorize the entire city for 18 years, rather than hunt down the handful of criminals that committed the crime and then leave.

We need 534 more members of congress like Congresswoman Omar to replace the insane warmongers currently occupying the Capitol Building.


Did someone put a smiley face on Elliot Abrams, Hillary Clinton or Dick Cheney and name it Madeleine Albright for this meeting?
How many publicly financed pastures do we need to keep these people in their rightful place in regards to lousy American foreign policy actions? Albright is Kissinger in a dress.


There’s half a million dead kids this bitch needs to answer for.


Yeah sure you clucking jerk, all it took was the years long duration of those sanctions to “learn” that people were being “hurt” e.g., an estimated 500,000 kids, but that was “worth it”.

Would someone haul this monster to the Hague please?



At the health and well being of the peoples of North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.

Why would you be “honored” to speak with someone who first earned the appellation “Madame Mayhem”, before Her Royal Clintoness reprised the role?


Gee I wish she had said something about Bolton, Pompeo and Abrams and sanctions----oh wait—
who was she referring to who she said called people “cockroaches,?” If she was referring to Gaddaffi, I thought he was butchered because he was forming a gold standard with Africa. But gee, all these dead kids are worth it, as she once said. Perhaps she should be sanctioned.

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It is good to see action inside Congress. It is good to see a little bit of anti-war press. But one of the biggest drivers is the MIC corporations AND THEIR EMPLOYEES AND THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS. Some action is needed there as well.
When I was carpooling in St. Louis with another parent for an after school activity, he commented to me during the Iraq-Iran War, “I’m glad when we have a war, because that means I have a job!”
(Thank you, McDonell-Douglas!)

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Both the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War were entirely inappropriate responses even if we believe the official 911 narrative.

I don’t believe the official account of 911. It does not pass the smell test in any number of ways. Especially when coming from a government that acted as if a lie was always better than the truth. They didn’t steal that 2000 election with good intentions in mind.


I agree, but living in fascist, Amerika there never will be any accountability for Amerikan war criminals.