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Watch: Doc Follows Six Activists Facing Felonies for Exposing Animal Cruelty at Utah Factory Farms


Couldn’t have said it better myself! Spot on! :turkey:


I would like to edit your first line to say: Passing laws to mask cruelty by corporate, or censor/silence criticism of outlaw criminal states like right-wing Israel (WON’T) be ended.
Instead of must be ended.


It is beyond absurd that these actions are deemed felonies. That they are treated as felonies has more to do with politics than crime. The real criminals here should be Norbest and Smithfield. Maybe it’s boycott time for them and Utah too.


They have been corrupted by big money; especially at the State level.


Mormon cultish Utah government leaders love money and serve it rather than any higher power.


Hi Greenwich----- now I remember that named Smithfield----although what I remember happened in China, when hundreds of dead pigs were floating down a river… Are there any rivers near Smithfield in Utah? : 0


Do recall that residents living anywhere near the Smithfield Farms in Virginia talk about
such bad odors that they can barely go outside. Don’t know if waste is getting dumped into
any river near them, but I’m sure they’re dumping the stuff somewhere and polluting something –
like ground water?