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Watch: Dozens of Declassified Nuclear Weapons Tests Videos Now Public


Watch: Dozens of Declassified Nuclear Weapons Tests Videos Now Public

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Dozens of video recordings of U.S. nuclear weapons tests, long hidden from public view, became available to watch this week after being declassified.


Frightening stuff. A good time to reflect on one of @minitrue 's poems.


There are two that I would like to see. The first is the one of the bombing of Nagasake, Japan (the second and last bomb dropped by the US in WWII).
The other one was the hydrogen bomb that blew Bikini Atoll to oblivion. The word I have heard was that the force and power of that one was so intense that it actually scared the scientists and military enough for them to recommended that no more H-bomb tests should be conducted. I agree with the comment above that minnitrue's comments (as an atomic veteran) and poetry would be most welcome.


JFK finding out after these tests that the vast majority of American children had strontium -90 in their teeth passed a law that created Physical education PE in schools.

Chief engineer Arnie Gundersen traveled to Japan in 2016 to hear the foremost expert on nuclear energy speak. After the speech he caught up with the speaker and asked what he though of the accident at Fukushima. The expert said it did not matter what happened at Fukushima. Shock Arnie asked why? He was told that the nuclear tests spread around enough radiation to change or alter all DNA and RNA on the planet.

Now the Pacific is dead. Thanks Japan. Hope you enjoy the sea food.


"We hope that we would never have to use a nuclear weapon ever again."

We never had to use them at all.




They're both on youtube.


My father participated in operation Hardtack and died young of cancers attributed officially to the experience. His Navy ship was charged with placing seismometers on the seabed around Eniwetak Island, then retrieving them right after the explosions. During each of the ~30 tests they were involved in, he and his crew were ordered to stand on deck facing the blasts, wearing dosimeter badges to measure their radiation exposure. Unwitting guinea pigs.

Dad went on to become a respected anthropologist, never saying a word about the experience until his final days, when he suddenly told us family about it. It's not that he didn't want to talk about it; rather, he and his men had been instructed to "neither confirm nor deny" anything about their mission, so that's what he did, and life moved on. Until it didn't.

Classified as an "Atomic Vet," Dad was posthumously eligible for token compensation (which went to his second wife). According to the applicable federal code, we the family were also supposed to receive, but never did, a certificate "suitable for framing" commending my dad for his sacrifice to the nation. I'd like to see the government's admission on paper like that, but somehow there are always more immediate things to be dealing with.

I'm grateful for this declassification. Maybe the anti-nuclear movement will learn more, obtain more "ammunition" in the fight against ongoing proliferation. And at least now I'll get to see something of what my father saw: ~30 mushroom clouds, right in his face.

If there's anything I should reply to here, note that I'll be on the road for a few days, and may not check back here till afterwards.

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The subject of nuclear anything is so complicated. It remains unexplainable in a simple to understand, cogent way, without the learner, him/her-self, diving into it as a serious personal investigation. And to this day, that is NOT OKAY! lol The nuke lobbyists have taken us to the cleaners, to the cancer hospice and off to the edge of a cliff. I don't claim the credentials of a nuclear physicist, but I do know a little geology, as a Bachelor of Science graduate from Portland State University in Oregon. Mr. Spriggs is a physicist and seems to be a good guy, too! But unfortunately (for humanity,) he cannot see the forest for the trees, if he talks only about the stupendous explosions, which I agree are horrendous unto themselves!

Before now, only at the very beginning of our solar system billions of years ago, were there ever these manmade elements that we call "spent fuel (and others made from further "processing" of the same).

The uranium isotopes that are used for fueling reactors (and making the first "uranium bombs"), mostly all come from pitchblende, a uranium ore, that was created 4 1/2-billion years ago. So all the metallic stuff in spent fuel, like cesium-137 and plutonium-239 and dozens of others, they all disintegrated into stable lead and other lighter elements - long ago - until now - THEY'RE BACK!.

The multi-national nuclear corporations, I believe, will turn their corporate backs on this toxic crap and try to dump it onto modern civilization going forward. They will attempt to weasel-out of dry-casking and demolishing the decommissioned reactor sites of multi-millions of tons of this nuclear waste product. We're talking death and destruction of all living biology. This unconscionable act of insanity, of leaving a nightmare of radioactive metals known as spent fuel - AND the unreported accumulation of the multi-billion-trillions of dust-sized radioactive metallic particles, known as nuclear bomb fallout. There were scores of above ground bomb tests before they were internationally banned. Who knows what horrors lurk in the many more than scores of underground blast sites?


Thank god the Red Tyrant Queen didn't get her hands on these kinds of things. She advocated offensive first strike against the Russians, just like her hero and mentor Henry Kissinger did.

Close call. Be glad Trump won. Losing personal rights is the price of peace this time. We might get those back in four years, but once a nuke is detonated you and your children get cancer forever. Radiation knows no boundaries.


Over 2,000 tested above ground. If I remember correctly there was about 2,800 tests total.


The physicists aren't the problem so much as it is the financiers and stockholders who are the problem. I copied an excerpt from a recent interview on CounterPunch:

Adam Simpson: Speaking of campaign contributors, I want to talk about the banking and financial institutions. One of the key questions that the Next System Project is investigating is about the relationship between the creation of debt, specifically between the financial sector and ecological harm. We’re wondering if there’s a relationship between the creation of money through creation of debt and this necessity of keep paying interest and causing ecological harm. In your mind, is there any connection between these?

Michael Hudson: Sure. Suppose you organize a public utility to be run on atomic power. You organize that in a private-sector way, designed to make money for the electric companies that invest in atomic power by borrowing from the banks and building interest charges into the rates they charge. If you’re going to make atomic power able to create a profit for stockholders and interest for the financiers, you have to cut costs. The easiest costs to cut are those of environmental protection, because they’re not enforced or even well written.

I knew many of the physicists who designed the atom bomb at the Manhattan Project. They felt pretty bad about having worked on the bomb. Many of them had gone into physics because they found it beautiful, and they found atomic power beautiful. They wanted to show that it could do something good and have a practical peacetime application. So after Hiroshima and Nagasaki they tried to turn their talents to developing nuclear power as a clean power. The problem was that the cost of doing this was so large that it couldn’t be done if you built in brakes. It’s like building cars without brakes. The cars would cost too much.

They couldn’t make atomic power provide energy at a competitive price, given the cost of disposing of the depleted uranium. You had a huge problem of disposing of uranium. You’ had to build atomic power plants without safeguards. Like Fukushima. Tepco, the Japanese electric utility owner, know it would cost a bit more money to bury the backup diesel generators below ground in case of a tsunami. Despite warnings, they chose to save money by making it above ground and simply hoped there would not be an earthquake until they’d left the company and collected their salaries and bonuses. They probably shouldn’t have built it near a earthquake fault. Once in a while there’s going to be a tsunami. But they were into making money in the short term, because that’s what the corporate financial mindset is. They built Fukushima deliberately unsafe, thinking that future generations would pay, not them.

When consultants and engineers told Tepco that the plant would be unsafe, the managers overruled them. They’re in business to make money for their stockholders. Milton Friedman said that the obligation of corporate managers is to make money for the stockholders, not society. So for them, Fukushima was a success. They made money all these years without having to spend the extra money it would have cost to build a plant and its backup generators safely.

Here's the link to the full article: http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/03/15/how-bankers-became-the-top-exploiters-of-the-economy/


The mass human extermination system shown here could not possibly exist because we're a Christian nation. Because Christians aren't like that, it doesn't exist. For that matter, the Nazi Holocaust never existed because Germany was an entirely Christian nation with the Teutonic Cross of Jesus on their nation's flag.

Is there something wrong with this logic?


I think she was grandstanding but you are correct once the conditions are set politically a small accident is enough to engulf the globe on fire instantly. Trump is an idiot and he could also be pushed into attempting nuclear confrontation with north Korea or China if not Russia. Today we read that the US has bombed and killed some 40 Syrians in their mosque so who in the hell is responsible for that?


Hey dpearl totally off topic. Did you get the news on the new study on Autism?


Thanks for this important work!
If more people actually new how dangerous nuclear radiation is, and how it is already contaminating our world, the insanity of creating even more crazy monster bombs might become public knowledge and action.
Oops, forgot - most have been bought and sold and are too busy with entertainments and shopping to get around to voting to ensure this madness stops.


I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to - but there has been a good deal of information about genetic effects in autism lately.


They just put out a study about the major reason for Autism. Apparently, one of the first things to develop in fetuses is a brain immune system connection. If during pregnancy the mother gets sick enough to kick off her immune system then it kicks off the fetus's immune system. The fetus's immune system starts looking for something to fix in the brain and makes changes that are harmful and results in problems after birth. They also are developing a simple test for it at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

When I read these studies I thought of who it was that I talk with about Autism. Now that I found you I can not find either study but never fear I will find. Its nice to see that somethings are getting better.

PS: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2017-03/uoq-lb031617.php


Getting into wars is easy. Ending them not so easy. Getting the war profiteering dynasties to allow a puppet like Nixon to end them under public pressure equals Watergate.

Trump is in that trap right now. Wiretapping, spying, blackmail. It's all in play to keep KBR/Halliburton and the War machine on the gravy train.

If history is any guide. But Trump is impulsive, so anything could happen, good or bad, imho. The only hope I have is that he will completely wreck D.C. with his obnoxious ego. If he does that perhaps we will wake up to a third party with teeth in four years. That's all I got.



As I have found out, the study I was looking for will be released March 27th.