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Watch: Drone Pilot Whistleblowers Describe Devastating Impacts of Targeted Kill Program



"I owe my allegence to the king but I am still responsible for my own soul"


It's great to see these AF vets taking their oaths seriously - but exposing govt. lawlessness, and resisting illegal orders.

I would ask them to consider joing Veterans For Peace which has a very active anti-drone program.


They couldn't know at enlistment what they were getting into. It must have taken whole time they signed up for to figure out what was happening. If they had gone to authorities to question what was going on, surely those authorities would have asked them to stick out their enlistment gathering as much information as possible and then come back to testify at end of enlistment. So, NO, they do not belong in prison for rest of their lives, just long enough to be debriefed.


I read an article on another website about a female drone operator who lives in Houston. That witch with a capital B just loves her job. She can hardly wait to go to work in the morning to kill more men, women and children! People like this sociopath are either insane or the absolute scum of the Earth!


Have they been arrested yet. They will be. Telling the truth is no longer allowed. Ask Chelsey Manning, Julian Assange, or Edward Snowden.