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Watch Enraged Jeremy Corbyn Denounce 'Uncaring' Budget, Call Tories Unfit to Govern


Watch Enraged Jeremy Corbyn Denounce 'Uncaring' Budget, Call Tories Unfit to Govern

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"I hope the honorable member begins to understand what it's like to wait for social care stuck in a hospital bed while other people are having to give up their work to care for them!"


We could clone Jeremy Corbyn and integrate him into our political system, however, that would take too long.

Perhaps we could offer him immediate citizenship and have him begin his presidential campaign immediately.


Hate to say it, but if that were the case, the few people who actually run this country would do to Corbyn what they did to Sanders. One way or another they would make sure he didn’t become president.
It wouldn’t matter how popular he was, how big the crowds were, or how much ahead he was in the exit polls, when the votes were “counted”, he would not be the winner.
Honest elections do not happen under Fascism.


I was sort of thinking it was a Mr. Sanders goes to London moment as I watched.


Boy, what a buzz kill.

A person can still dream in America.


I agree wholeheartedly that the PTB are so corrupt that they hack the machines, purge voters from roles, etc., so Hand Counted Paper Ballots is imperative.


With such an attitude , women would never have gotten the vote, slaves their freedom, and the US its autonomy/independence. Such victim hood and sogginess of spirit colludes beautifully with the intent of those forces (fascism) you suggest are your enemy. Who needs legs and feet with that stance. You’re already down on your knees. You might consider taking the victim out of your approach to see what remains.


Corbyn’s a badass. The UK’s lucky to have him. Wish he were ours. Then again, it’s the ideas not the personality. We saw some of those ideas from Sanders. We’re seeing more in Turner, Gabbard, Stein, Sawant, and they’re even more pronounced in young up-and-comers like Lee Carter. I’m cautiously optimistic.

If the ideas are trampled on by the plutocratic system, I have a feeling the people will find a way to push back. Behind personalities are the power of ideas, behind the ideas is the power of the people. In the face of impossible establishment pressure, we may have to break the system in order to fix it up again, new and improved. I think the ideas and the need for them are strong enough that no matter who that personality may be, no matter what the systemic obstacles are, the people will make it happen.

I have to say, people have surprised me so much in the last ten years with Occupy, BLM, support for Sanders, support for Corbyn, already challenging the powers-that-be in a way I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, who knows what we have up our sleeves next. It was never about Corbyn or Sanders. It’s about us.


Yes, a hundred times yes!



It’s important to have a personification of the ideas that people can rally around and support while s/he “leads”. This person has to be articulate and charismatic so the working class, poor and elderly can coalesce as a powerful force pushing forward.


Sure, but if the ideas are there, and people want those ideas, the leaders will follow. We’re already seeing that happen throughout the country. Sanders and Corbyn are not our only hope, and there are plenty of others like them. Neither are traditionally charismatic to begin with either. People like them because of what they stand for and that they seem principled and determined, even unaffected, everything else – while important – is secondary. There will be more like them. There are already are. Nobody’s saying we don’t need leaders, but personality cults are not what leaders like Sanders and Corbyn are about anyway. The idea is the thing.