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'Watch Every Second of This': Ocasio-Cortez Makes Powerful Case for Green New Deal Amid GOP Stunts

'Watch Every Second of This': Ocasio-Cortez Makes Powerful Case for Green New Deal Amid GOP Stunts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After House Republicans on Tuesday derided the Green New Deal as a policy that would only serve "rich liberals," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded with a powerful call for bold climate action as families across the nation suffer from record flooding, lead-poisoned water, and polluted air.


AOC == right to the core of it.
And from the heart of experience.
Nothing radical about that except that the defenders of mediocre think making the job about making lives work and worthwhile is radical, rather than huddle in their cowardly groups to jeer at anyone willing to do honest work.
You go, Alexandria!

Notice how she never runs expletives or insults, just heads right to the matter as needed and speaks strongly.

Added edit: Same concept over at the article on Frances Perkins (Social Security)

The lift from the start of the article is what I see in several of the “new hires” such as AOC - quote here:
“You care about this thing. You believe in it,” FDR told Perkins of her idea for a social insurance program for retirees. “Therefore, I know you will put your back into it more than everyone else.”
That’s about skin in the game.


A voice in the wilderness tries her best to sound the alarm.

Meanwhile, Joe Manchin (who ironically lives in a mansion), couldn’t hear the alarm because his money-counting machine continually emits a distracting whirring sound.

It’s time to changing the current spelling of "doom’ to ‘$oom.’


’ After House Republicans on Tuesday derided the Green New Deal as a policy that would only serve “[rich liberals]’”

Once again, Republicans are projecting their own innermost values onto Liberals. Funny how often Republicans will accuse Liberals of the things that they themselves are truly guilty of. The big Tax Scam recently passed comes to mind. While I saw it coming, I have to admit that I rather enjoyed hearing my Conservative acquaintances complain about their unexpected tax bill. A little education goes a long way towards being able to navigate and sift through the Republican BS that passes for public policy.


The most articulate spokesman of our era confined to the pages of Common Dreams while our droning talking heads on the right and left get air time ad nauseum on our corporate owned cable news channels.


Actually, AO-C is on TV, both cable and network, a lot for a freshman in Congress.


AOC is Awesome in every way! We are a very sick society. If we don’t heed her words and figure out a plan to stop the Elites running the Oil Companies, Big Banks who work with them and most of all the Politicans who’s hands are covered with filthy money, we are headed for an Extinction Event. Yes… People are dying and so is our Planet. We have a choice to make and we’d better make something happen real soon!


Even Foxy News! But of course to excoriate with pejoratives and demonize AOC as some kind of nut case!


And in an hilarious twist, every time Fox attacks AO-C, it only helps to shine added light on how sensible her positions are.


Fellow progressives: WE HAVE IN AOC, A SPOKES PERSON, IN CONGRESS, THAT WE NEED TO SUPPORT WITH OUR $$$$$$$$$$! AND YES I AM YELLING! A young Bernie Sanders, who is not afraid to speak truth to power!


Gutsy and gorgeous! I would marry her in a New York Second.

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Please watch David Doel’s analysis of this!


What”s the age limit for VP?
Sure glad she’s on our side!


What are the odds Rachel Maddow will cover this crucial speech by AOC?
Chris Hayes?

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Of course we all know that many members of the left are week in their presentations. Call them the corporate dem’s if you like. AOC shows us that if you don’t present yourself strongly, the right will try to tag everything green as a wimpy response or as expensive tree hugging. When we have five, or better yet ten like her on each committee, we are going somewhere.


(Friday.) Chris Hayes interview with AOC on the boob tube.

Also a featured article and front page of Time magazine.

I’m uncertain that proponents of the GND have a clear vision of what it would entail. Would it have self-driving Robotaxi everywhere? Would it have 200+mph trains? Both of these technology are pretentious and rife with corrupting influence. Would it phase out hybrid vehicles? I hope not because plug-in hybrid tech offers more potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption than all-battery EVs, more potential to reduce traffic havoc, more potential to advance solar energy and more potential to eliminate corporate domination. Three modern technologies that leaders of the progressive Left do NOT understand.

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The ringside announcer calling the fight dubbed the “Beatdown in DCTown” was heard to yell:

“Down goes Duffy, down goes Duffy!”

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Don’t forget Steny Hoyer and other demorats that demonize her.