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Watch Final DNC Night: Clinton to Take Nomination, Progressives Fight On


Watch Final DNC Night: Clinton to Take Nomination, Progressives Fight On

Common Dreams staff

Hillary Clinton is expected to formally accept her party's nomination for president Thursday on the final night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia.

Not All Bernie Backers Buying His Clinton Pitch

I don't know quite what to make of this, but some more Bernie delegates are reporting obstruction and silencing:



Excellent find.


Can't Watch Final DNC Night: Clinton to Fight Progressives, Take Nomination


That video was something to see. The free speech substitute version of democracy. Americans willingly trash their own democracy never noticing that it gets weaker and weaker until finally it disappears.

So here in this 'election' by appointment, we see an out and out fascist on one hand and an out and out oligarchist elitist on the other.

Most America would say that you were lying if you told them that this was going on. This is not how Americans see America.


That pictures disgusts me. One war criminal handing over the baton to another.


We live in a democracy. We shouldn’t have HEIRS. Our president anointing an heir and a previous president campaigning for his wife (at the time bragged governing as “two for the price of one”) is way beyond acceptable in a democracy. Now the Clintons want 8 more years.

All this would be true even if the Democratic party hadn’t used the DNC chairman—appointed by the present president who is anointing Hillary as his heir—to rig the primaries against Hillary’s main competitor. Further, it would give the Clintons a total of 16 years in the White House.

We don't need ex-presidents come back to power as first lads with any kind of restoration schemes. We don't need ex presidents to collect favors from all the people they'd put in office during their old terms to push their wife to the throne. We don't need a sitting president to anoint an heir to preserve his legacy and slant the system against an outsider who is trying to re-strengthen the middle class in part to return our country to a democracy against a morphing oligarchy.

Jill Stein 2016


Great interview on Truthdig..............Live From Philadelphia: Robert Scheer, Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon on Dissatisfied Delegates



First off, I'm not trying to be argumentative. So you find nothing positive in what dedicated people tried, in vain it turned-out, to change the status quo? "No "genuine" progressive would have attended" (the Dem Convention) is self-destructive and demeaning of people who did. No, none of the so-called concessions were real, but people still fought for them. Some don't fight for anything real it sometimes seems, and when people do, they deserve respect!
Even if some drink the Klinton Kool-Aid, there are others, many others, who still have the desire and moxie to stand-up for something, to put their bodies on the line against tyranny, greed and corruption, even if the results mostly seem Sisyphean. Demeaning people in this often thankless struggle helps no one except the enemy.........just sayin.....


Thanks bks


I was planning on watching, but I'll have to walk my dog. Or wash the dishes. Or something. Anyway, start with trying to define "populist." Clue: It doesn't mean "stand in solidarity to maintain the status quo of the better off, the middle class."

The Clintonites worked for 20 years to destroy the Democratic Party, and they have been very successful. You might ask the party bosses why they chose a candidate more deeply opposed than any Dem candidate in the modern era. All Clinton has is the votes of a slice of the middle class, and she knows it.

As for "Progressive," yes, that's the name of an insurance company.


Thank you for this link. This is Hillary's democracy and what we can expect from her and her mafia like moves to block dissention. It will get worse if she gets the general election. She will be angry and vengeful, I have not doubt. Given what we've learned about her fits of rage we will no doubt be on her list, I just hope it's not the kill list.


It's worthwhile pointing out how much more deeply we're divided now, mainly by class, than we were eight years ago. It's rather difficult to address a problem if we all try to pretend that the problem doesn't exist.


The new forefront for progressive news: must listen to the Sane Progressive reporter talk to us quietly but urgently. Notes as I listened.

Sane Progressive Thoughts On Nomination & the huge disappointment of Bernie standing with Hillary. - DNC Philly Coverage Streamed live on Jul 27, 2016

Thoughts on manipulations of delegates and shocked at Sanders endorsing Hillary despite theft and mass collusion to rig primary vote.

Bernie shocked that his supporters booed him. Sane Progressive disturbed that he did not give them import; did not protest the rigging; then his endorsing Hillary before she was even named as Democratic presidential candidate and as if she hadn’t rigged the process.

Sane Progressive reports of the many methods they used to thwart the Bernie delegates. Giving them wrong times for meetings. Taking signs away. De-credentialing them.

Please access Sane Progressive If this line does not work, just search the name.
Sane Progressive - YouTube
Welcome to the Sane Progressive, the youtube alternative media channel that challenges the corporately owned news pundits and brings some sanity to modern …


Her speech will be a nauseating, pandering, testimony to her treachery. Make not yall of all the sold out Dems kissing her ring. They need to go along with the witch.
I can't watch it I would like to sleep tonight and that would have me up all night retching.


Bernie worked to destroy the Clintons' party, and we will see as the revolution continues that he was even more successful. I must admit I'm starting to get angry, but I'm convinced that a change is afoot.


Its up to us to make it happen.


Goes along with the video.....



8 Years of Mr. "Hope and Change."