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Watch GOP Senator Say 'Bullcrap' When Tax Plan Designed To Benefit the Rich Called a Tax Plan to Benefit the Rich


Watch GOP Senator Say 'Bullcrap' When Tax Plan Designed To Benefit the Rich Called a Tax Plan to Benefit the Rich

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"When Republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. It's in their DNA," said Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown


It takes a lot to get Hatch worked up.

For instance, handing out more wealth care to the rich and corporations.


Hatch is one of those rabid and extreme “Christians” in Congress
who’s been there for decades imposing his religious “values” on US
while wearing the full under-garb uniform of a Mormon.
Obviously, restoring the “Robber Barons” in America is one of those values.

If you’ve ever seen his attack on Prof. Anita Hill, you also know continuing
the “Christian” war on women is another one of his values.


I think Mr. Brown touched a nerve for Orin Hatch; it makes one wonder what else he is ignorantly enabling.
The trump tax plan is the “bullcrap”. I must agree that he has indeed had a stinking career.


Perhaps M r. Hatch and mr "I misspoke " Mconnell would like to have a public discussion on this subject ? Naaaa won’t happen


Oh, to pull out that you were once from a lower-middle-class family as though that could coat your sycophancy and current efforts to destroy the republic with some sort of veneer of sanctity. Hatch, you are scum, a typical self-righteous rich white male predatory capitalist who may have once been one of the 99% but have long since left us behind as you scrambled, clawed, kow-towed, bowed and scraped your way to the top. That may be every American’s dream --to be rich one day–but it’s your reality.


Hatch is originally from the middle class and apparently doesn’t want to go back there by insulting his corporate owners. It takes a lot to get him worked up especially the truth. Susan Collins stay with us senator, this thing is likely to get down and dirty. When you have to spin a lie you have to yell really loud


It’s been my experience that when a lying POS is publicly called out as a lying POS, he (it’s almost always a he—Maggie Thatcher, Hillary Rottenhams and a few others excepted) does tend to get worked up. The nearer to truth, the louder the squeal.


Perhaps he really meant to say Horse…
“If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows.”


The only Bullcrap, in that exchange, was the Bullshit coming out of Orin Hatch’s mouth.


It isn’t ignorance, these rotten people know what they are doing. If he has a soul, and I don’t think he does, he is angry at being confronted about something he knows to be true, but doesn’t want to accept. Everyone knows this is a transfer to the wealthy and this at a time when wealth and income inequality have already exploded. Creeps like this have supported corrupt right wing governments and oligarchies the world over. It isn’t like these massive giveaways to the rich only happens here. Besides, what do these people think NAFTA like deals are, and the WTO, mass privatizations of public assets for pennies on the dollar, using taxpayer money to bail out financial capital, among other things, are? Just a bunch of theater for the big media talking heads. Most people see this for what it is.

I’d also like people like this to explain something. Corporations are already sitting on massive amounts of money. Banks have trillions sitting at the Fed, doing nothing. So, why aren’t they investing domestically? Pretty simple, there is just no effective demand. These people have worked tirelessly for decades to grind down wages, and they’ve worked to gut social protections and have pushed for austerity. As a result, there simply isn’t enough effective demand. No company is going to invest domestically if there isn’t enough demand to buy what businesses would produce, and there isn’t enough demand, and these right wing hacks are opposed to doing anything to increase effective demand. We know that giving money to people with high propensities to consume (the poor) is the best way to grow the economy, but they are, again, dead set against that. All giving money to rich is going to accomplish is that they will now have more money to bribe rotten politicians like this, more money to be put in tax shelters, more money for financial speculation, and more money to buy up their own shares. Most capitalists aren’t going to invest in this economy because we’ve done everything, thanks to the “centrist Democrats” and the Republicans, to depress aggregate demand, and they simply have no way of changing this while making their big money donors happy. We’re just going to stagnate, and things will get progressively worse for an increasing percentage of the country, and eventually enough radicals will get elected to put in place long overdue changes. They’re giving massive amounts to people that already have too much money, people existing in an economy where domestic demand is flat-lining and the people getting this money have a low propensity to spend and a high propensity to save.

It says a lot about us as a country that this is the best this dying political system can produce. What a bunch of mediocre people and thinkers.


Um, a Christian??? How about a hard core Mormon, follower of Joseph Smith and/or Brigham Young, (speaking of polygamists and pedophiles). The Evangelicals and Roman Catholics would take exception to calling Hatch a Christian.

Hatch is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. … Hatch has since served in various positions in the LDS Church including as a bishop.


I cannot agree that it takes a lot to get the hatchet worked up. Seems he uses the term “crap” more often than note. Here are a few samples:

(Hatch’s Citizens United Tirade)

He is one obstreperous, crusty, old curmudgeon.


Possibly Roy Moore and Orin Hatch can get together and form a new church. And they can operate it on the barren island in the Caribbean after “we the people” strip them of their American citizenship and deport them there.


It’s kind of ironic that two religious minister-types have such different views on the way to help the poor and working classes of this country. Sen. Hatch likes the state to stay out Mormons’ business, unless it comes to killing Muslim women and children, of course. " Let the private sector and corporations take over the role of gov’t and, cut taxes and regulations, it will all sort of magically work out. Also, sell all the national parks and wilderness areas, while you’re at it. We promise not to steal the water rights, the mineral rights, etc. Trust us. " Sure Orrin, like the Bundy Clan.
Sen. Brown is much more of a progressive on the active role of gov’t in the poor and working classes’ daily lives. His record is far from perfect but the list of issues he supports puts Ol’ Orrin’s solutions to shame.
Sen. Hatch’s defensiveness didn’t help his p.o.v. or arguments, either. Maybe he’ll retire and become a full-time singer and go on the road with John Ashcroft.:grinning:


One nice thing about this wreck is Paul Krugman’s tweet threads. Nothing gets him hotter than phony budget nonsense. Here’s my favorite but he’s got a bunch:


Anyone wishing to send an appropriate or inappropriate email response to Sen.Orrin Pos Hatch is welcomed to do so from the following link:

Email Orrin ( https://www.hatch.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-orrin )


Well done once again, M! Thank you.


Read the B-I article about the cost of maintaining societal prominence for the filthy rich and saw that the expense for the nannies was not included. (Thanks for the link) And these SOB’s consistently short the salaries of the nannies who care for the children 24/7 until they are teenagers without any perquisites (retirement, sick leave, medical/dental/health insurance, etc.) nor paid leave for emergencies…straight salary at minimum wage. Nice folks, alrighty.

And they deduct the vast majority of those expenses from their taxes (business expenses, you see).


I’m disgusted by it all.