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WATCH: House Democrats Hold Historic Second Hearing on Medicare for All

WATCH: House Democrats Hold Historic Second Hearing on Medicare for All

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After Democrats held the first-ever congressional hearing on Medicare for All last month, the House Budget Committee on Wednesday morning invited federal officials to testify at an historic second hearing on the costs replacing the nation's current for-profit system with one that guarantees healthcare as a right for all Americans.

“Committee Democrats who have not cosponsored Medicare for All.” Change committee to corporate and it would be more accurate.

First of all, republicans need to shut their mouths forever on following rules or laws. They have abdicated the right.
The first one, and this hearing need a ton of play time on the tube. But will it get it’s proper airing?

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Congressman (Wollach?) is essentially saying that government doesn’t run things well, using examples of the military’s reliance on corporations and contractors (industrial base) to build weapons and saying things like our border security is weak due to bad policies. His question is essentially: “How can the government run Medicare for All” well?

The CBO official (Mr Hadley) is not advocating well for Medicare for All in response to the congressman’s questions and openly states that his job is not to convince anyone of anything.

Somebody needs to correct the congressman that Medicare for All is not trying to run healthcare but only be a single payer for a universal plan that guarantees 7-Star Medicare as a legal right. The government is already a single payer for the military including all MIC corporations (Lockheed Martin, Boeing Aerospace, etc) and contractors (Halliburton, Xe-formerly-Blackwater etc).

Powerful entrenched industries and the wealthy rely on undocumented labor (e.g. meat packing, agriculture, nannies, gardeners, construction etc.) and were accused of helping breach and weaken border security. In this case border security is not working because the government has worked to weaken it on behalf of those profitable industries. Eliminating for-profit health insurance companies eliminates their funding to buy out politicians like they currently are doing in the Democratic primary.

Collapsing the for-profit health insurance companies to primarily billing operations for Medicare For All would eliminate the majority of non-medical executive compensation, marketing and collection expenses and most of the profit of those companies. It is recommended those companies voluntarily delist from the NYSE and other stock exchanges before the year 2020 and become nonprofits. However to note, those companies can still offer supplemental insurance to get 8th and 9th Star which have yet to be defined but could be things like “Alternative Treatments”, “Extended Hospital Stay”, “Private Rooms” and “Experimental Treatments”.

Why was there no hearing on the costs of the increase in military spending or the cut in taxes for the wealthy? It’s only when the benefit is to the regular American and to the detriment of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries that we need to hold hearings on a system that is the most expensive in the world. Single Payer would not only be the only moral choice, but also the least expensive. The time for healthcare justice has come.

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