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Watch: 'How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine'


Watch: 'How to Resist Trump's Shock Doctrine'

Common Dreams staff

Though President Donald Trump now occupies the most powerful office in the world, author and activst Naomi Klein argues there's nothing inevitable about what comes next.

"A major crisis could redraw the political map overnight," she warns, "giving Trump and his crew free rein to ram through their most extreme ideas."

However, she adds, such "tactics can be resisted" so long as people learn to recognize them and respond appropriately. She writes:


It happens here!

Looks like they are getting ready for the big crack down...

...on freedom!


She's right. Everyone should see this video. In Step 4, if we don't have something better and viable to replace what is currently corruptly here, we will have a void that will be filled too quickly by more corruption. We cannot let that happen.


The zip codes in the most expensive areas in the states of TN and WI are:

37027 TN Nashville
53707 WI Madison

Why post this?
If you are not a resident in these two states that are the zombie-eyed granny starver's or the pinched mouthed turtle's you could 1) call their offices or 2) send a constituent email.
Calling is best, just saying' ...


Has Naomi Klein ( of all people) "branded" the phrase "shock doctrine"?


Barely watchable, due to the loud, persistent, inane "background" music. Too bad. Maybe they could do a remix without any such pointless music?


that call it as it is..not phoney baloney Sanders (I am a FORMER Bernie -bot)
CERTAINLY not Clinton...
I also have said they will use some damn excuse,any excuse, to impose
I'll be out there breaking the curfew....sure I'll be scared...but I'll be out there for sure..
I have had ENOUGH..
( I was at a very small demo at Today show years ago, with a disguised sign saying Cheney (being interviewed)
was a war criminal..
some Today Show staff member saw my sign and very angrily yelled at me to give him
the sign...I said no...that only made him more angry and he came storming over, yelling to give him
the sign....nasty....vicious...
sadly I just slithered away...to be honest...point being they can be very very nasty.
but I will do it...break the curfew when it comes, etc....
I am NOT surrendering to NAZI ISM...Ms. Klein is right, we ain't seen nothing yet....
on another issue: Zazzle.com CENSORED ME because I was having a button made
(for Obama if he has a book signing) that said: "Mr. President: how do you sleep
bombing/droning innocent Yemeni people?"..
Zazzle. com CANCELLED the order saying I violated their guidelines...my button
had excessive violence...
What? Previously they printed a similar button!...didn't have "Mr. President"
I think it was because of "Mr. President" ! I think this company doesn't want to
ruffle feathers!
After writing them repeatedly, after they ignored me, they said
they were sorry,I shouldn't have been cancelled, but because of the Manchester attack.. they thought it was best....
well, unless they are confused,
long story short...,there is DEFINITE DEFINITE CENSORSHIP GOING ON..
I for one am not going to allow, as my husband says, NAZI-ISM TO INVADE THIS COUNTRY...
we already have a level of facism, thanks to the neoliberals, unfortunately..bad enough.
I AM BUYING THIS BOOK and getting ready...I hope everyone else is as well...


The True Revolcion is a hard sell, but, we Must keep on! There is no other way!!


Naomi Klein continues to be one of the most important political thinkers we have to help us understand and resist the destructive and immoral plans of the 1%. I hope this video is shared to the widest possible audience.


Sadly, money rules the day in America. As the ice shelves crash into the sea and the oceans rise, we have lost our moral compass and can't find our way out of the fast food court at the local mall. Paraphrasing an 1852 comment by Abolitionist, Wendell Phillips: Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few. And as Pogo so appropriately offered, "WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US." You will never fully appreciate freedom, until you lose it!


Naomi is looking for bold new ideas, here's one:

Legal Tender is a legal contrivance, and when issued in the form of debt is nothing more than a pyramid/ponzi scheme. The quantification of debt wrongfully applies the algebraic concept of exponential growth - compounding interest - upon money. The distinction between usury and interest is an arbitrary legal determination with no basis in mathematics. Nothing can grow forever at an ever-increasing rate. As time moves on, the emphasis of ever-increasing growth becomes omnipresent, is quantified and institutionalized in the societal structure, encouraging over consumption, over development, and excessive expectations, pushing economic stress to its upper limit of expansion, eventually inciting conflict and spawning War to insure growth.

Economic systems of capitalism, communism, socialism, imperialism, colonialism, totalitarianism, fascism, nazism, monarchism, corporatism, and all other centralist monetary-isms maintain the monopolized control of money, and hence the control of society itself, through their own brand of Legal Tender that excludes other forms of money from the Market.


I saw some Youtube videos last night about "blockchains". They could be a game changer.

Direct Democracy


The video stopped halfway. Here is the Youtube link just in case:


WOW! 1984? It's really happening, isn't it?