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WATCH: In Fiery Floor Speech, Sanders Rips GOP for Relentless Efforts to 'Punish' Poor People

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/26/watch-fiery-floor-speech-sanders-rips-gop-relentless-efforts-punish-poor-people


Bernie’s right to confront the relentless Republican effort to punish poor people.
We see it here in the Iowa legislature on issue after issue, and it’s downright contempt for poor and low-income working people.
President Bernie Sanders 2020!


Whatever happened to that Joe Biden guy?


Whether or not he’s elected. Bernie will always be my president.


This is what Morality Looks Like!
BERNIE 2020!


Evidently he wasn’t upset enough to vote against it.


And that miserable $1,200 is not only means tested but a one time payment. The less wealth you have, the greater the punishment. So much for that Judeo-Christian ethos these cretins claim. This is why they hate socialism–the answer, practical answer to their failure at actually practicing the ethos they claim.

“A communist is a Christian Soul grown sober waiting for the meek to inherit the earth”, Neil J. Smith


As harried clerks, delivery & cooks sicken; terrified victims are triaged in tents, by horrified, soon to be incapacitated medical personnel in week old, hand sanitizer encrusted masks. Uber and Lyft drivers replace first responders. Friends & coworkers now realize why we’d all desperately texted each other links for Quercetin-Bromelain, Sambuchus nigra, curcumin and other anti imflammatory phyto polyphenols… as they work, unable to retire, out in the rain and cold. Due, largely to gullible MAGAs. Soon, it’ll be mostly old non-white workers dying, so CNNBC will ignore it & blame us vistims… as always! Deaths O’ Disparity fucked up my portfolio!





~https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5e7b92f0c5b62a1870d68b11 (even HuffPo’s “librul” this week?)


Bernie has advocated for the disadvantaged and down trodden for some time now. Where the hell are these people when it comes to showing up and voting??? It scares me that sometimes I slip briefly into a “let them eat cake!” thought when I contemplate these things.


Many of them were standing out in icy rain, getting infected with a lethal virus (brought over & spread largely by the international business class) trying to vote in fixed primaries, in single polling stations, in huge black, brown, rural poor, or student precinct intentionally trying to dissuade BernieBro™ voters: willing to simply kill several thousand older, Black lifelong Democrats (immunity lowered by polluted water, air and working environments) since their party was taken over by monsters like Tio Thomas, Nancy & Sluggo? Biden’s vote >10-15% higher than exit polls, Bernies was >11-12% lower; status quo!





THEY STOLE THE ELECTION!!! They control the voting machines. They hate the working people. Bernie is the only one who represents “We The People”


Exactly, we will never have nice things until every “black box” is in the trash can.


“There is no politician in America that works harder for the working people than Bernie Sanders.”

Bless him.


What we ALL can be assured of is as long as Bernie Sanders is alive and kicking, he will ALWAYS be fighting for the working person.

Long live Bernie Sanders!!!


Shhhhhh, he’s asleep…


Bernie voted for the $2 trillion corrupt giveaway, and for me, that’s a dealbreaker.
He should have done what he did with the Iraq War vote.
I realize that no politician is wholly ethical, all are compromised, including Bernie. So sad to realize that.
Only a street revolution can save this country.
Voting won’t do it.
But I know Americans are too weak and afraid to do a street revolution.
So we’re doomed.


If anybody can lock and unlock a car from 50 feet away then they can steel your vote. Paper ballots for democracy


My progressive senator Jeff Merkley voted for the stimulus? So tired of democrats voting for lessor of the evil. I am tired of having to hold my nose and vote for the lesser evil for President. I whole heartedly voted for Obama the first time and then made many excuses for him. I held my nose and voted for him the second time.

He was a gagee liar or for awhile I told myself the power of be’s threatened to kill his family if he did not toe the line.

Bernie and my senators here in Oregon knew exactly what they were voting for but it got some money to folks who need it and small business that needs it but is isn’t enough. The lesser of evils. They would of been trashed in the press, Americans would of hated them as we the people only have tunnel vision.

Blame the media and DNC and Hillary Clinton and all her neoliberal democrats. Every other failed candidate running as a democrat for President that endorsed Biden.

This virus changed the game.


I hope enough of the ill informed naysayers get to see this. How can anyone that is not a multi millionaire see that Senator Sanders is the only person in this country worthy of being the 46th president of the United States. President Bernie Sanders 2020 ! No one else will do.

P.S. Are you all keeping up with the daily Biden blunders. After yesterday he has probably crawled back under a rock in his basement. Not to make fun of Joe’s dementia issues because it is sad that this happens to people. He simply is not up to the task.