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WATCH: In Fiery Floor Speech, Sanders Rips GOP for Relentless Efforts to 'Punish' Poor People

You are a real piece of work. Let’s just ignore each other going forward.

Evidently I accidentally flagged the article – when it is the flaming and language of several postings on the article that I find not appropriate.

Why so u could trash him as un-American? Ur trash!

May I suggest a multi million person march on Washington? With any luck, we’ll take down some of the Fools on the Hill (or even the Orange Idiot himself) with COVID 19!!! Bastille Day IS coming up…

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Damn good idea! I’m thinking you are no work, just babble anyway.

And yet he voted for the bill anyway because hey a semblance of crumbs is better than nothing at all right? Bravo sheepdog Sanders you are truly the people’s champion!

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“Lesser of evils” where have I heard that before. Oh right it is the mindset that got us into this fucking mess. Anyone who supports the lesser of evils of this point is a tool. And that includes “progressives” like Bernie

Me next!

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Hey! What about people on disability?! There left out of this “stimulus” We need the $$$ just as much, if not more, then average waged workers. PLZ have this looked into…

He’s in the basement playing make-believe TV star.

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That’s because he got what he and the democrats wanted. The 600$ for the poor.

I don’t understand how approximately half the American public always vote for these GOP types who constantly attack the poor. That is the spirit of Satan.

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Hartmann just blamed Bernie for not sucking up to ‘leadership’ and ‘forcing’ the Dem leadership to bring in Bloomberg and Obama to boost Biden.

Hartmann is also sucking up to Pelosi and the ‘awesome’ job she’s been doing.
Hartmann is ignoring this:

House Democrats Urged to Remove ‘Insidious Attack’ on Social Security Hidden Within Senate Coronavirus Bill


No surprise about Hartmann, who never rises up beyond a certain weak and unctuous liberalism. More significantly, Biden is going to emerge from his assisted living facility tonight at 8 to campaign for Donald Trump.


So the question is will the US public still shy away from a government that will work to protect their own interests in favor of a government that is anti-poor but tells the people that if they vote Republican they make themselves great? And “great” is not accidentaly a key word in the Trump campaign of 2016 or now.

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I’ve been unable to get on Common Dreams this afternoon, anybody else having a problems?

I am unable to get into Common Dreams, its says I’ve been denied. Have you had any problems? I also had a deleted email from common dreams and emailed them.

Yes, I had problems yesterday and today, but after I kept trying, was finally able to get in. Strange.

Thanks, I will keep trying in AM

For the future, TBD…