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WATCH: In Fiery Floor Speech, Warren Rips Trump Rush to Fill RBG Seat as 'Last Gasp of a Right-Wing, Billionaire-Fueled Party'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/watch-fiery-floor-speech-warren-rips-trump-rush-fill-rbg-seat-last-gasp-right-wing

“…A right-wing, billionaire-fueled party” could describe both parties now—and despite that, they expect us to support candidates who will continue this unsustainable system!


But but but, Warren, Biden and the Democrats are so much nicer…

Yes you are right and, furthermore, this is what happens with a sold out corrupted system.


Case in point that corroborates your post: Michael Bloomberg offering $100,000,000.00 to help the Democrats in Florida.


Vote for Biden/Harris or we all die! It’s as simple as that. Peace

Who needs real healthcare ???
Who needs a $15 min wage ???
Who needs to end the daca mess???

Maybe vote for the green party being propped up by rightwing republicans???

Warren would be destroying Trump right now----but who wants to win-----???

Since the DP/DNC “brain trust”, Biden, Chuck and Nancy refuse to support issues that millions support and their pathetic excuse for leadership is, and has, driven millions away their should be a vote of No Confidence and both Schumer and Pelosi removed from their timid complicit positions - let’s face it,neither are up to the task, morally, emotionally, or intellectually.
This election - such as it is, being Kabuki theatre, a fraud and charade on so many levels - demands strong principled and aggressive actions to defeat the malignant trump/GOP regime; that is NOT happening because the DP entrenched sellouts are entirely doing the bidding of big-money and special interests, NOT the 99%, Republic, rule of law, Constitution, or much else. The incompetence, craven failures, cowardice, complicity to the trump agenda to fight for much of anything should bring such a wholesale firing at the top, but of course it will not and the public, Republic, environment, and much else will be destroyed by 4 more years of trump GOP fascism and roll-backs of all protections for the people of America - and the world.


Oh, FFS. Stop whinging and FIGHT BACK.

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Sad that the Dumocrats (I’m a Green/ex-Dem) will never allow good candidates (Bernie, Warren, AOC) to be on their presidential ballots.

The best that can be said for Joe Biden is that he won’t try to destroy America and won’t hideously embarrass the country. But, WTF…he’s that much better than the orange troglodyte we have now.


I disagree, Senior. A vote for Trump is like a choice between getting a nuclear bomb dropped on your community while a vote for Biden is similar but using a conventional bomb. Many people will opt for the conventional bomb, since there will be fewer casualties. I reject both options . Instead I say we fight against both options of death and destruction. For the upcoming election, I encourage progressives in the non-swing states to take a stand against both Parties. In the swing states, I see validity in the argument for voting for Biden, then fighting against his deeply entrenched commitment to neo-liberalism and war mongering. However, I’m open to considering the positions of those who argue against rejecting both Parties, even in the swing states.


The cops who murdered Breonna Taylor have walked, except for one charged with public endangerment for firing shots into her neighbor’s house.


After all it’s “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”

For $100,000,000 it should be almost perfect /s


The national riots will begin soon.
THe only question is when will Caligula declare Martial Law?


He already has.


I wonder what the quid pro quo for Bloomberg is? .


Treasury Sec ?
Fed Chair?


It’s not a “last gasp,” Liz. Trump and the GOP have had nearly four years to gut our country and they’re running at full speed to continue the destruction, poison SCOTUS with right-wing fascist judges, and steal the election.
It’s a billionaire-fueled party, but a lot of cultish peasants are its base, and they’re hoping for a new Civil War with the Confederacy winning this time.


False equivalency alert on your comment.
Both parties are funded by Big Money, but there are serious differences between the two parties. Here’s what the GOP is doing that the Dems oppose:
*Preserve and expand white supremacy, gun culture, the Confederacy movement.

  • Make it impossible for women to legally and easily access contraceptives and abortion. In general, reinforce a rigid, sexist, brutal patriarchy.
  • Get rid of all regulations and enforcement agencies related to environment, workplace safety, sexual harassment, discrimination, consumer fraud, etc.
    • Empower police, secret interagency officers, federal troops and the military to be used domestically against law-abiding, protesting citizens, using tactics/equipment meant for a war zone.
    • Stop all efforts to reform policing; empower police to be even more violent, racist, militarist, and unaccountable.
    • Destroy Social Security and Medicare.
    • Privatize and/or shut down public school infrastructure.
    • Bust all unions
  • Encourage and defend violence against journalists; demonize journalists.
  • Privatize and otherwise destroy our public lands.
    • Sabotage elections. Allow foreign money and intelligence agencies to subvert elections.
    • Sabotage the right to vote and access to voting.
    • Destroy the UN and the International Criminal Court in The Hauge.
    • Privatize and otherwise destroy the USPS.
    • Install a Christian Evangelical theocracy.
    • Ally America more and more with Putin, MBS, Erdogan, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Kim Jong Un, and all the other most despotic, horrible rulers.
    • Turn the president into a King; set up a Trump family dynasty succession in the Oval Office. Make nepotism a staffing policy.
  • Create a cult of personality that worships Donald Trump as “God’s chosen one,” creating an army of rabid, armed traitors primed for a second Civil War.
    • Make the president and president’s cronies immune from investigation, subpoenas, and imprisonment.
    • Empower right-wing vigilantes to work with police to attack protesters. Defend right-wing extremist violence. Promote insane Q-Anon and other dangerous conspiracy theories.
    • Stack Supreme Court and all federal courts with right-wing lackeys.
    • Get rid of Obamacare and block other health care expansion.
    • Use DOJ against law-abiding citizens while preventing it from taking action against real criminals. Use DOJ, HHS, ICE and other agencies as a private army serving the president.
    • Pardon war criminals and other miscreants.
    • Attack climate science, pandemic science, environmental science and most other science to further corrupt, destructive capitalist/political agendas.
    • Weaponize space.
    • Take away hard-won new rights from LGBTQ.

Do you know anyone in the Confederacy movement? Or is this just something the sushi liberals made up to make themselves feel superior? Gun culture has been part of America for centuries, it was not invented or did not arise in the last few years. What has taken place is the military weapons are now readily available not hunting weapons. Failure of regulation. Expand white supremacy? The “white” population makes up over half the poor in this country? That is what is expanding. Being for the Green New Deal and for FDR taxes and for bringing the jobs back is the ticket. Fighting against Trump and the Media who doubled their ratings when he ran for Pres. is not. The rich love Trump and his followers, disparate for a voice or an ear, gravitated to his promise not to ignore them. Obama scoffed at the white working class and laughed when they said bring the jobs back. Germany and other countries have 80 dollar an hour auto jobs while we have gone from 40 to 30 to 20 to 10. Policy decides this. Zuckenberg and a few other rich people have way more power than Trump’s desperate followers. Meanwhile the media does not investigate Epstein fueling the Q conspiracy. Attack if you need to rich people and the media but leave the pawns out. Winning a pawn does not win the game.

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And here in Maine Repub Sen Susan Collins in a re-election bid and ?atonement for backing Kavanaugh, has pledged not to vote for a SCOTUS nominee before the November election. I wonder if that pledge holds during the lame duck months if Biden wins.

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