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WATCH: Joe Biden and Donald Trump Face Off in Final Presidential Debate Before Election Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/22/watch-joe-biden-and-donald-trump-face-final-presidential-debate-election-day

Why would I do that???


Sad that thanks to the electoral college our elections for president are down to contests in just a handful of states and millions of voters’ are marginalized (including me since I live in KS).


Thanks to all who voted early.
Thanks to all our young people who have registered and taken an interest in governance.

Please notice that polls can be warped.
The % error can be used to throw out certain people from the bell curve.
Even exit polls can have high error rates, much larger than published.
The 2008 Michigan exit polls are the gold standard for screw up by NBC.


Gaads…Joe just missed a golden opportunity to attribute the Covid spikes in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to Trump’s idiotic, unmasked rallies.


“Phony witch hunt!” DRINK!


Joes people still seem to want to handle Trump with kid gloves, always seeming obsessed with staying right down the middle of the road hoping they don’t piss anybody off.
Jim Hightower of Texas used to have a great line for that failed strategy. He said you only find two things in the middle of the road. Yellow lines, and dead armadillos.


Biden says Russia, China, Iran are going to “pay a high price” for election interference, he’s critical of the lack of war with North Korea .Biden is attacking Trump from the Right on foreign policy. What a piece of shit Biden is.

Given the 10’s of million of early voters which polls indicate are overwhelmingly for Biden, its pretty clear that Biden has won already. With Biden’s war mongering on top of the impending economic collapse that Biden is going to “solve” by shoveling money to the wealthy, it’s clear that we are in for times. Progressives need to start organizing to oust Biden (or Trump in the unlikely case he wins).


I hope no matter how the election turns out, I don’t have to hear about this bullshit Russian bounty story anymore from Joe I support the insurance companies Biden.

What a year.


Wow, Trump’s team brought him down a few notches to keep him from just going totally off of the rails. Joe still handled himself nicely. Still a Bernie guy through and through, Joe’s got my vote. He ain’t perfect, but neither am I…


foreign policy? North Korea, not eastern Ukraine. Not Israel. Not Palestine. Not Afghan. Not Mexico or Canada.
NATO ? Trump mentioned he raised europes dollar contributions.
The camera lens focus had Trump on the left appear about 15 to 20% larger than Joe.
When did they ever turn trump off? He performed as the bully about his October surprise
e-mails found by Steve Bannon and good ole Rudy.

I would have coached Joe to mention in closing that over 200,000 deaths are on Trump and 200,000 more are going to occur with Trump’s denials of Covid19 being a serious disease.

Not a good presentation by Joe. On defense too often.

If democrats sweep DC - they better darn well hit the road running with solutions.


The moderator Kristen Welker needed to be much much stronger. Great journalist- soft moderator. Savannah Guthrie or Leslie Stahl would have been the right fit in that position A moderator must never say, “Let me move on…” or “Excuse me…” Instead the moderator must smile and say, “Your time is up (as she kills the microphone) and this is my next question for each of you.” She needed the power to cut the microphone after the time limits because those responsible for it fell asleep. Never a fan of either of them, I still say Biden followed the rules and was controlled, compassionate and firm… Trump was his usual, bursting at the seams, pushy and rude self in need of constant fact checking.


That’s because everyone (literally, including these mealy-mouthed people who conduct these fake debates) connected with the Establishment in the District of Columbia and elsewhere seem absolutely terrified of this thug, this fist-pumping Führer. The Mob Boss. And should Biden somehow be selected, and the Führer refuses to leave, they will allow this obnoxious fist-pumping Führer to stay because they’re all terrified of him and what he may do or have done to them. Put nothing past these scum of the Earth people. They will do literally anything to stay in power, and no one will do anything about it. And any talk on here about “What we must do…” is delusional dreaming.


You can be certain Trump and family leave white house January 21, 2021 if Joe wins.

You can be certain that we have secret service persons who will move Joe in.

You can be certain that from Nov. 3 to Janiuary 20th, it is going to be very difficult
days if Joe wins. Trump may go to scorched earth policies.


Yeah, this crazy bastard and his minions have too much time on their hands.


You’re living in a very different time of the past than the time we’re currently living in. What you wrote is the way The System is supposed to work in ordinary times. These are NOT ordinary times whatsoever, nor should any rationale person expect The System to work as it would have in the past. These are insane times. I’ll believe what you wrote when I see it. And especially if the selection goes to the US Supreme Court with newly-seated Barrett. The Führer is not going anywhere and will likely have as many terms as he wants. Politically, based on experience, I expect the worst. And that’s most often what we see, as opposed to what you wrote.


Voted three weeks ago so this clown show means nothing to me outside of its comedic entertainment value but since they cut Trump’s mic it was all too boring. I voted for Kim Nelson in SC-04 for the House but left the rest of the ballot blank. South Carolina did not allow write-ins for president for some reason. Will this ever end?


Joe was solid on climate change. I give him props. Republicans are going to have field day with his flub on “banning” oil, but he had the transition emphasis right. He was also strong on the minimum wage.

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suggest DC will offer Trump a deal that he cannot refuse.
No indictment. No IRS audit. No investigation of his children’s financial activities during the past five years.

The local federal court approves the witness protection plan for a mexican gang leader who murdered six others. Nuff said.

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As I have said before on other posts, Biden stands a very good chance of winning but that is contingent on the people being allowed to vote without being intimidated and without having their votes suppressed. But if Biden does manage to beat Trump the big concern, as you point out, is whether there will be, as the cliche goes, a peaceful transition of power. If Trump decides that he wants to remain president he may find that he will have a difficult time staying in office as the military and Secret Service’s allegiance will be to Biden and not Trump. As Bette Davis said in the 1950 film All About Eve, fasten your seat belts because ii is going to be a bumpy ride, from now until November third and from that date until January 20, 2021.