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WATCH: Journalist Daniel Dale Rattles Off Must-See Fact-Check of Trump 'Fire Hose of Lying'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/watch-journalist-daniel-dale-rattles-must-see-fact-check-trump-fire-hose-lying


Lying, the opiate of Donald Trump. Rikers Rehab: Jan. 20, 2021.


The lies of Bush and his cadre drove me to frustration. It was so intense that I’m trying not to get over absorbed this time with trump. But it is impossible.
We do what we do when we see a fire on the stove, or when trump is spinning a yarn that only his duped followers will accept.


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Fire hose, Hell, Trump is a "broken main."


How did he remember all that!!! I loved the black woman who made him shut up till she finished her question.


In the scheme of things this makes absolutely no difference. Everyone opposed to Trump in the USA knows he a liar. Those that support him will claim this all fake news and give no credibility to CNN at all while those that float back and forth , the so called “Moderate Republicans” will vote for whomever can make them richer and whether that candidate a liar makes no difference to them.

The mainstream media in essence has made itself irrelevant here and that all their own doing.


Nothing new here.

For at least the past 20 years, the dyed in the wool GOP voters in my workplace have been proud that the GOP gets away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year.


Where’s the nickname for Trump from the Democrats?
How about Lyin’ Donnie?

Where’s the bumper sticker: Tiny Hands, Giant Lies?

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If, among “Moderate Republicans” you mean Liberal yuppie Democrats, I’m in absolute agreement? Trump’s blithering lies, CNN & MSNBC’s equally blatant lies, to distract us all from THEIR (rich) side forking OUR (poor) side to the ever more famished sharks. Who actually benefits from our ever worsening nightmare? They’re driving $65K diesel trucks & $80K Teslas. We’ve gained 16 additional billionaires, in NYC, but NY spawned hundreds of new millionaires, since March! And they ain’t wearing red ballcaps? The single greatest beneficiaries of DNC’s installation of Trump, were slumlord superdelegates and their fahklempt Creative Class™ base. If you want to hear “our side’s” lies, you had do listen to Amy Goodman/ MoJo’s typical, straw-manning, cherry picking rendition of swing-state Democrats crushing Green Party and other 3rd Party & down-ticket candidates, unacceptable to Koch’s DS/ CCC. They’d done the EXACT same to PA’s Consumer Party when I was a kid & Black MS candidates in 1963. Taking our choice never worked (it’s not meant to).





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