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WATCH: Katie Porter, Squad Members, Eviscerate Big Pharma CEOs Over 'Exorbitant' Drug Prices

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/watch-katie-porter-squad-members-eviscerate-big-pharma-ceos-over-exorbitant-drug


Our system is playing out as it was intended. True, we the public are in the dark of how, who, why of government back door deals and corporate not being democratic in getting their way in this capitalism.

We the people need to understand that we have corporate socialism and capitalism for the public…


They “grilled” them, they showed that the drug company’s are gougers. But the thing is, the execs simply don’t care, except that you spell their company names correctly - They are immune to shame, and do not fear exposure. They know they will get away with it, and they will. They only care about their profits, and anything that interferes their profits. They do not care about you, your livelihood, your health. What we ‘allow’ we deserve. It’s not the grilling, or outrage, as they have no effect, and are just political theater. It’s the ‘allowing’ that must be stopped.


Until then, pharma CEOs mantra will continue to be: Your money or your life.


But they take your money and take your life too.



At the end of the day, what does this change or improve.

It’s kind of like voting for biden - which i’m becoming more and more convinced is something I should not do.


That is the same for any corporation be it mining, forestry, etc. They want to make a profit so if that means going into the pristine forests of Borneo or whatever to extract a plant for medicine or cutting down trees for lumber, then too bad. They make their profits for their shareholders and live for yet another day, repeat over and over until there is nothing left.


CEO returns to his office then proclaims drug prices will be adjusted to address Porter’s concerns. The next day, the board of directors holds and emergency meeting to fire the CEO. These CEOs are just a symptom of the whole, rotten capitalist system.


So, what can I do to finally convince you not to vote for Biden or not at all? Going off a cliff at 100KPH in an orange clown car or 60KPH in a blue, rusted out jalopy makes no difference in the final result.

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That we need to remove ALL patents on drugs, make the manufacturing of them public and not private then passing a true national health plan–Single Payer–should put an end to this exploitation.


As long as the Democrats and Republicans benefit from & take campaign donations from Big Pharma, prices will only increase. As long as we do not have healthcare for all and a program in which prices can be negotiated or controlled, we will not see lower prices… As long as they can make a good profit, prices will not drop… And as long people who are involved in all phases of this, both in the private and the government sector are only looking out for themselves and not for the good of all will this system continue… Look this is really just a reflection of the US way of doing business and it is manifested in all aspects of our society…when that level of thinking changes, so will the system…As long as all of us are trying to generate money (interest) from doing no useful work (i.e. investing) this destruction will continue… we truly reap the damages that we sow…DO you really think Biden or Trump will make this better??

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Oooooooo…the drug execs got a stern talking to.

That’ll show em’!

(I mean seriously, what is this story even about? Let me know when something actually happens)



Are we Americans even allowed to buy cheaper drugs from foreign countries or did our politicians legislate against that?

I suggest watching Dallas Buyers Club for your answer. Its a movie about an underground operation in which he smuggles unapproved AIDS drugs from Cuba/Mexico THAT WORK BETTER than approved US Drugs. Its an eye opening movie.


I’ve seen it. Thanks.

I also remember Economist Dean Baker once explaining that Congress has passed laws protecting Big Pharma by not allowing drugs to be purchased at cheaper prices say, from Canada.

I always bring this tale up when I happen to be in the presence of someone spouting on about our great “Free Market” economy.


This grilling had to occur because the last time the Democrats controlled The White House and Congress with large majorities, Obama made a backroom deal to let Big Pharma off the hook on the road to passing the laughable excuse for healthcare reform called RomneyCare in 2010.

A backroom deal in the most transparent administration in history. A reminder that all of the grilling highlighted in this article is just more kabuki – lobbyists own Washington DC.

You want to see a preview of how Biden/Harris will bow in servitude to corporate power? Here you go:



yep, I believe the latest iteration of that was in 2017, when 13 democratic senators, including Cory Booker, I’m just sayin’ sided with the republicans to make that change, or continue the practice. I think it started for real during the Bush the Lesser administration.

Right into the hands of the GOP. They stand to gain from liberals, progressives giving up. They will be happy to count one more vote for themselves as that is the ending result. I’m with you that we aren’t getting what we should out of government. But should we raise a white flag?
We don’t want to pass up an opportunity to drag trump out by the scruff of the neck, do we?

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I’m on Medicare. My Rx Plan D (which I pay a premium every month) also is raising my co-pays AGAIN (for generic meds) The FDA continues to extend Pharma’s patents so they make more money and pay higher dividends on the stocks. IF our COngress doesn’t want to remove ALL patents on all medications, have a VERY Short patent… My app. cost monthly is $125+$32/Part D premium - and all but 1 is supposedly generic…(on top of my $145+ Medicare Part B… it’s a stretch but I do feel grateful I, at least, can pay for it… many cannot!

I am sooooo disgusted by the corruption, the venality and sociopathic behavior of so many in our so-called government… And I am once again having to hold my nose to vote for Biden - becuz the alternative is extremely frightening…

There is nothing whatsoever that requires you to hold your nose to vote for Biden. There is not a’better’
or ‘less evil’ alternative. Both ‘major party’ candidates are crooks, liars, predators (in multiple senses),
one married to feathering his own nest and creating imaginary positions for his extended family and the other feathering his nest by politically sleeping with credit card companies and insurance behemoths, and letting his “swamp creature” offspring (honest to gosh designation used this week by a commentator from
CNN for Hunter) exploit the “Biden name” in transactions in huge sums made with the high echelon
membership of the PRC government.

There is not a scintilla of meaningful ‘difference’ between Trump and Biden. If you are too ‘extremely frightened’ by Trump, logic would suggest you should be many times the more so considering how
the hapless Kamala, who obviously is the true Trump opponent, is going to deal with the mess with China, particularly if Biden, Sr. is passed by then.

My apologies for being a bit harsh here GPK. It is really not in any way directed at you individually.
But I think Americans are just BETTER PEOPLE than to exercise that kind of voting because they have
been scared into it - particularly if they have been scared into it by an entity so GROTESQUELY CORRUPT, SERIALLY DISHONEST, AND 100% INEFFECTIVE as the DNC ‘inner circle’. Every
time a vote is made from fear and not reason and courage the evil simply multiplies. And those who
have done it are surely unintended enablers of an ever-worsening situation.

I guess, GPK it like Jimmy Stewart’s The Virginian farmer after fiercely refusing to let his sons enlist for the Civil War until the day his youngest son was kidnapped by a unit of the opposition military, observed:
“NOW, its our fight”. .

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