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Watch: Keith Ellison Jams Out to Celebrate Minneapolis $15 Minimum Wage


Watch: Keith Ellison Jams Out to Celebrate Minneapolis $15 Minimum Wage

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday voted overwhelmingly to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, news that made Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) so happy he broke out his guitar and sang in celebration.

Watch below:


Now lets strategize MASSIVE shift to worker owned industries and single payer health care


Keeping the pressure on. Despite reports to the contrary ( Univ. of Washington’s Econ Dept. ), raising the wage floor lifts up the wages of other workers. Without hurting the employment #s. Good wages make good workers.


Okay, now let’s hear your single payer jam session.

Here are the lyrics from an Ellison quote…

“We can fight fiercely to protect the Affordable Care Act and also look a little bit farther in terms of establishing Medicare for All,”

“Look” a little bit further? A little bit? Not act, but merely “look”?


Keith, Baybeee! You da man! 2020. 2020. 2020.


Hopefully Ellison’s guitar playing is better than his math. By 2024, inflation will have degraded the $15.00 by 15-30% in one of the most unaffordable housing markets in the nation. It’s time that people stop accepting lib/prog Dem PR and look at the facts.

Every U.S. citizen and every human being has a RIGHT TO A LIVABLE INCOME, whether it comes from wages or other ways.



What a forking joke! A person needs to make at least $25.00 an hour to live in this overpriced, highjacked society!


This is (or perhaps will be, after 7 years) the “minimum wage”. Keep in mind that minimum wage workers typically are only scheduled for 20 hours/week. So that’s $300 per week or $1300 per month, which (in my neighborhood, anyway) is maybe $200 per month after groceries, utilities and rent (one-bedroom apartment, no children).

I’m always ready to argue against the “get a second job” reply, but maybe a second job could get you a car, and pay for gas.

According to my high school education, the antebellum argument to keep slavery was that slaves were cared for–they got food and shelter for their work.

So if we compare the 2024 minimum wage of $15 per hour (and no one has said this can’t be repealed,) the so-called living wage is about as good as slavery, maybe only a little worse, after figuring inflation…


You are of course an idiot on the issue of slavery.


Meanwhile, Ontario - the whole province - from arctic Hudson Bay to the tepid Lake Erie waters, will be phasing in a $15 minimum (currently already $11.40) wage by 2019. It is part of a comprehensive package of other worker benefits including increases in paid family leave. The “business community” barely issues a peep of criticism. Most criticism was that it did not go far enough.


No. I grew up in Virginia in the 1960s and even then in our 7th grade Virginia history textbook they would argue that, slavery was not so bad becasue at least the slaves got meals, a shack, and even a modicum of medical care.


After Ellison lost the DNC position to Perez (Obama’s last minute choice), he became more overtly an establishment Democrat.
As one of the Minneapolis city council ladies said after the vote to increase the minimum wage, the council acted because states and the federal government had abandoned their responsibility on the issue.


There never were worker owned industries in Russia. There have been, and are, in many other places. Including US.


My question being: Do you agree with that? If so, then yes, you’re an idiot.


The Canadian dollar is worth about $ .75.