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WATCH: Key to Defeating Trump, Sanders Tells Cardi B, Is Young People Voting in Massive Numbers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/watch-key-defeating-trump-sanders-tells-cardi-b-young-people-voting-massive-numbers

From the article:

“If we have you young people voting in large numbers, you know what, I have zero doubt that Donald Trump will be defeated.”

But if all we get for our troubles is President Mastercard, it’s like Malcolm’s analogy of having that 6" knife pulled 2" out of our backs.

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The younger generation is going to have to unite and save the planet for themselves. It is quite clear now that our generation is not going to do anything about it. It is a sad State of affairs. The young people must become extremely militant in order to accomplish this. I hope they can do it.


I will not vote for Joe Biden.


Bernie and Cardi B. nailed it!

In a post-Detroit debate poll of likely d-party voters, 14% they would not vote for Biden under any circumstance.

Who the hell is Cardi B? And why should I care what she thinks about anything?