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Watch Live as Bernie Sanders Lays Out Progressive Foreign Policy Vision


Watch Live as Bernie Sanders Lays Out Progressive Foreign Policy Vision

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After months of aggressively rallying support for domestic objectives like Medicare for All, union rights, and a $15 minimum wage, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a speech on Thursday will turn his attention to American foreign policy and the so-called war on terror, which he says has been a "disaster" for the world and for the United States.


It’s about time! I can’t believe none of his advisors or contacts during his campaign convinced him to clearly and distinctly address foreign policy. I’ll listen to this speech closely later today. I just hope it doesn’t only oppose the WOT. I hope it also tackles high military spending, our empire of bases troops, etc.


Let me know if Sanders criticizes US support for Israel at all. I’ll eat my hat.


Progressives should learn from their past mistakes!!!

The nit picking sniping at Sanders last time helped sink his ship. We all know what he is about by now, so how about a general support for the best candidate this time around instead of death by a thousands cuts?

Let him run as a typical candidate for the whole country and not just narrow progressive issues. Have a little faith in the man … or you’ll end up not electing him again! That goes for @joes2001 too!


“…it’s understandable that the Democrats haven’t focused as much on his foreign policy,” Vyse noted. “Yet Trump’s U.N. speech heightens the need for the opposition to communicate its own international agenda, clearly articulating how Democrats would engage with the world if they retook power.”


Has Vyse been in hibernation for the past eight years? Did he miss the recent U.S. presidential campaigns? Oversleep on Monday when 90% of Senate Democrats decided Trump didn’t ask for enough military funding?

Democrats haven’t clearly articulated how they would “engage the world”? …Are we talking about Earth?


Really? It was fringe fanatics like readers of CounterPunch and BlackAgendaReport who sunk Sanders? I kind of thought it was DNC fixers who did that job.

Now is not the time to nit-pick about trivial things like state terrorism on the part of the US and its vassals. Or military budget bloat foreclosing any hope of a decent life for ordinary American taxpayers. Regardless of where the truth lies, it’s a tactical “mistake” to bring it up. That seems to be your message.


I agree. I have my qualms about various positions that Bernie takes (probably the F-35 is the biggest for me), but I would kiss the ground every morning if we had a senate and house full of politicians like him, let alone a president like him.

With regards to Israel, he might not be as good as some who have ran for President (e.g. Kucinich), but he has been much much more reasonable than most (and for sure than Clinton). E.g., see https://www.timesofisrael.com/sanderss-israel-criticism-splits-jewish-american-vote/, http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.793578 (Bernie Sanders in Video Message to Israelis: 50 Years of Occupation Must End)

I realize there are counter arguments such as: https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/michael-f-brown/bernie-sanders-throws-palestinians-under-bus.

In the media flurry around Clinton’s book and discussing what sank her ship, there has been talk about what sank the Sander’s ship (beyond foul play by the Democrats which was significant but not insurmountable). He made some mistakes and the Press being completely against him didn’t help. Did progressive nitpicking play a role? Maybe, but even if it didn’t I’d still prefer reasoned discussion on true progressive politicians (with flaws).


Redux deja vu is it not?


All true but the thing is that these are the same people nit picking to the death on the same things that were said last time!

Let him run with broad support from all directions! Broad support just like his non progressive opponents will have from their base!


That’s too deep for me, I guess.

Besides the DNC, Sanders himself played a key role in “sinking his ship.” Did you notice that he never actually ran against Hillary, by mentioning her imperialist outrages? Why did he consider that out of bounds? Probably because Sanders has no problem with imperialism. In my book, “progressive imperialist” is an oxymoron.

Here’s some further nit-picking, from Glen Ford and Shamus Cooke, for your edification:

Why Bernie Sanders is an Imperialist Pig

Does Bernie Sanders’ Imperialism Matter?


Rubbish from Street and his myopic view of Sanders from 2014 - you needn’t rehash tired old garbage from Street or the other Sanders bashers - your comment that Sanders “collusion with the worst warmongering Dems and their Republican brethren in arms” is not supported by common sense or the facts, and is simply BS! The false comments by John Lewis re Sanders commitment and involvement to the civil rights struggle going back to the early 60’s was also BS as photographic evidence and accurate accounts shows!

You might as well be working for the R’Con swine with your “historical reality check” BS!


Look, I’m perfectly willing to forget all about Sanders’ imperialistic record. Let’s just start fresh with what Sanders says today. If his progressive foreign policy vision now takes on imperialism and military bloat, then good for him!

Unfortunately, tigers seldom change their stripes, in my experience. I’ll admit my surprise and retract my skepticism if his new vision is really new. But if we hear the usual neo-liberal platitudes apologizing for empire, then it’s worth mentioning that this has been his pattern all along. People need to listen carefully.


Spare me the absurd intensities okay? I suggest that in light of how a Trump could marshall semi fascistic support along with conservatives and various republican types without their nit picking snipes directed towards him that just maybe we might learn from previous mistakes and perhaps be a bit more realistic this time around. It is interesting that trolls will seek to foster a similar sniping nit picking as if they were contemptuous of well meaning progressives who focus only on issues they care about at the expense of the bigger picture.

What I ask is obvious. Do you see Trump up there in the Oval Office or do you see Sanders? The broad base of Trump supporters didn’t snipe at him on issues. The nit pickers in Sanders’ base helped provide ammo to his opponents. I am hoping people wise up this time and help him win in general!


I listened to his speech and I sure wish that he were president and not Trump.


That made no reference to war. See the nit picking sniping reoccurs assuming this person is even a progressive in fact. Sanders is all about avoiding war but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t use trade sanctions etc.

You put words in his mouth which he didn’t say. Why was that?


Fair enough, but consider that a candidate may tailor their message and rhetoric to first getting elected to effect change rather than say, an advocate that may use more confrontational language. The goal is to build a coalition IMO, not alienate many different power structures or groups and fail - that doesn’t mean a candidate is in collusion with or supports empire necessarily - I have faith in Sanders integrity and moral compass until proven wrong…a hell of a lot more than anyone else on the horizon with a snowballs chance of changing the cesspool status quo or unseating the depraved treasonous trump regime…or self-serving talking heads or idiots (not referring to you AN)…


Me too! If Sanders were president our country might become something to be proud of instead of embarrassed by in this world as Trump has done. I agree that Sanders is the best of a motley bunch and the only one with true integrity. By the way, Sanders marched with King in civil rights marches way back in the days when that took courage for the whites that did as they were often singled out by racists. Sanders is a progressive and always has been.


All else aside, Bernie is the only politician even remotely interested in a progressive foreign policy. This was the most egregious hole in his campaign last year. He will no doubt be held in contempt by most if not all of his fellow congresscritters. And we know that TPTB are not adverse to ‘taking out’ people who are dangerous to their bottom line… You go, Bernie! We are very fortunate to have you.


I’m perfectly willing to vote for Sanders in 2020—UNLESS he runs as the D candidate. That will tell me all I need to know about his ties to Wall Street’s endless warmongering and profiteering.

This I know for a fact: we’ll never get a Green POTUS unless we vote for one.


I’m astounded by your comment and its short-sightedness. Your comment pertains perhaps to not voting for Hillary. But Sanders is no doubt our man, ie for progressives. You may think saying virtually nothing about foreign policy is not a big deal, but this was a huge omission, one that has been pointed out by Katrina from the Nation and other progressives and scholars. I have no other gripes with his campaign.