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Watch Live as Trump's Travel Ban Gets Eviscerated in Court


Watch Live as Trump's Travel Ban Gets Eviscerated in Court

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump's travel ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries is in court on Tuesday, with a federal appeals court in San Francisco set to hear arguments starting at 3pm EST.

Listen to the arguments live here:


I'm ready to send Judge Clifton back to the country of his ancestors, right away. So frustrating. So (later) he does better questioning Flentje who can't support the EO with evidence of anything and wasn't prepared at the time to offer foundation for the claim of threat (which begs the question of why issue an EO for which they didn't have foundation in the first place). If the did have any basis for the EO then Flentje should have had it ready, in abundance. Of course, we know that was nonsense and there is no valid reason for the EO against the 7 countris.


I find it interesting how so many Trump supporters think that the Left is composed of useful idiots of billionaires and so many on the Left think that the Trump supporters are useful idiots of billionaires, one billionaire in particular. The corporate MSM will of course do all it can to keep these two groups apart so that they can never find any common ground.

I came across this one pro-Trump site which has a fascinating take on this issue: