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Watch Live as Women Who Have Accused Trump of 'Groping, Fondling, Forcibly Kissing, Humiliating, and Harassing' Them Speak Out


Watch Live as Women Who Have Accused Trump of 'Groping, Fondling, Forcibly Kissing, Humiliating, and Harassing' Them Speak Out

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Speaking in New York City on Monday, women call on Congress to investigate their allegations of sexual harassment and assault levied against the president

Some of President Donald Trump's accuser


Am i crazy to think that this weird non-bombing in the Port Authority subway stop being on the day of this event is an awfully convenient coincidence?


Al Franken just resigned over charges of groping women, so I think it is not far fetched to require Trump to resign. So we have to add “sexist” to the list that includes racism, white supremacy. Trump cannot represent a majority of Americans.


I would like to see a similar statement of solidarity by the Democratic Caucus calling for Trumps Resignation or Impeachment.

I mean if they can find the solidarity to take down Franken, why not the same bold “Official Calling” for Resignation on Trump?

These women exhibit more courage than the Democrats can muster.


I think that is suppose to be a Republican ,move, sort of a put your money where your mouth is.


5% of Republicans in Congress are women. No Republican on the Supreme Court is female. No one in the White House cares about abuse of women. Nice try but Republicans could care less about abuse of women, the poor, the sick or anyone not sponsored by FOX. It is a massive brainwash of white male supremacy that some women have accepted and vote to extend.


Throw the bum out of the oval office, along with his corrupt administration.
At this late date, with whatever it takes.
Delusional Don and cronies have got to go!


Mary was 14 years old & God didn’t bother to ask her permission. And even if He had, as a nice Jewish girl, would she have dared refuse?


You are right to be suspicious, but I don’t think so for this one.

However, on Frontline’s edition on the Russian collusion, they made a point to watch how news stories are released to “step on” breaking news stories.

Obama administration released the original intel report documenting the Russian collusion on Friday.

Trump video detailing his crude remarks on grabbing women came out on Saturday.

Immediately the Hillary emails from Podesta were released the same day.
( Way to help out Assange)

So the process you describe is very effective, and very much used.


Pretty sure God has plans for you as well




If the Republican-brand Teflon created and perfected by the Reagan administration is any indication, these allegations will continue to have no effect whatsoever on Don.


“a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to confirm it is the official White House position that the at least 16 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct are lying.”

I wonder if she cries at night over her lost soul.


Will He make ME pregnant?!?


I wish there were a way to excommunicate the occupant of the White House from the male gender.

I suppose that women and men, who are equally repulsed by his behavior, could engage in a form of countrywide shunning.

The way to accomplish this is to refrain from saying: “President Trump;” Mr. President;" “Mr. Trump;” “Donald Trump;” “Trump;” or “Donald.”

If you need to write or speak about him, identify him as "the current occupant of the White House; “the once elected head of the Executive Branch;” or “he whose very name soils my mouth to speak.”

Change the worth of the brand: “T_ _ _ P.”


Or will he punish me? Please tell me about how the Lord of Infinite Mercy, who impregnates a minor, will punish me for pointing this out.


Al Franken just got put on the hot seat in reference to his groping women. Democrats and Republicans voted for his getting booted out of office. So why can’t we do this in the case of Donald Trump, obviously with so many women coming forward claiming to have been groped by Trump. And with obvious evidence that he has publicly BRAGGED about “grabbing women by the pussy.” Look at all of the women that have come forward to claim Trump has groped them.

Remember the Republican self righteous indignation when Bill Clinton was caught having out of wedlock sex? Now we see the hypocrisy in so many Republicans willing to ignore Trump’s transgressions. That is called hypocrisy.


The predatory misogynist occupying the WH thinks he is King Henry VIII revisited and the GOP-controlled Congress believes it. He will NEVER be taken to task or punished for any of his predation on women. However, he will pay dearly for his other crimes against humanity, the world and our nation…but not soon enough.


Trump’s base voters and baser than base voters are in love with him while the rest of the nation is absolutely appalled at this sexist, racist, narcissistic sociopath. Trump can’t relate to most Americans but won election due to voter apathy in 2016. There was a very low voter turn out, the worst turn out in 70 years.


You are having entirely too much fun !!!

Short answer is

It’s always a “Special Gift” meant just for the Recipient.

Chris Rea calls is “God’s great Banana skin”

God’s great banana skin
Don’t you laugh at nobody
You’ll let the bad luck in
God’s great banana skin
It’s the way that it gets you

As for the pregnancy, well …