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Watch Live: Bernie Sanders Addressses 'From Protest to Power' Convention


Watch Live: Bernie Sanders Addressses 'From Protest to Power' Convention

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Capping off a session that includes future progressive candidates sharing why they've decided to run for office in the Age of Trump, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will address the People's Action "Rise Up" summit on Monday afternoon.

Sanders, who has been touring the country with Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez on the party's "Unity Tour," is set to appear before roughly 1,000 activists after 2:00pm EST.

Watch below:


Sanders-oriented progressive Democrats and independents presumably make up the backbone of the People's Action group.

As I've posted many times, I think it is crucial for anti-Trump activists to decide upon their stance in relation to the Democratic Party - whose dominant right liberal wing lost the election to Trump - not just Trump and the Republicans.


Yes, Baska, the modern requirement of the Big tent duopoly is that you choose one of two sides and then squeeze into a tent full of people who don't share your values.

Better to form a voting bloc that unites unequivocally around just a few issues--and stands its ground when the duopoly establishment spouts nonsense about incrementalism, pragmatism, and compromise.

The DFHs have tried that, the DFHs have gotten punched repeatedly, the DFHs won't STFU up anymore.


After listening to Bernie today, go back and listen to anyone of the rallies when he was running against"The Hillary" and the corporate takeover of US politics (Democratic party style).
Listen to him as he castigates Hillary for not releasing her transcript to the Wall Street big wigs like Lloyd Blankfein to the roar of the crowd.
Then wait for his same old question: "How much do you think the average donor gives to my campaign?" and listen to the crowd roar back, "Twenty-seven dollars".
Finally, listen to Bernie explain how he would provide the funding for tuition free college for all qualified students, "by imposing a small tax on all stock transactions". More roars of approval.
I know the above rally helped release the primal scream of animosity against Trump and his Klown Posse of Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Nonetheless, such a strategy will not cut it as a serious political movement.
Furthermore, since selling out to Obama, Hilary, and the DLC political prostitutes, Bernie is not the one to be delivering such an alternative message. So we see spectacles such as the one portrayed above. Bernie is a washed up politician who has lost his credibility with all but those with Trumpian shortness of attention span and memory.
He is kind of like Dennis Kucinich who now wants to make a come-back as an anti-charter school crusader. You remember Dennis, who. after getting on Air Force One and getting the full court press by Obama, turned his back on his entire irrevocable loyalty to single payer health coverage for all Americans to vote in favor of that health insurance abomination, Obamacare.


The platform is very progressive and a great starting point for discussion with our fellow travelers. The only concerns I have with the document is the total omission of calling for permanent cuts to the DoD and The Security State directly relating to Foreign Policy and Special Operations. Which means finishing the DoD audit ( finally after 2 decades ) and publishing the entire document ( report ), without redactions. To ensure lasting funds for the platform planks we'll need to have real accountability from all gov't departments, including Defense and The Alphabets, etc.
I would also recommend a nationwide travelling Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Committee regarding Native American and Minority Groups affected by slavery, unlawful land appropriation and the unequal affects of the application of law in the various depts of Justice, Interior and Education.


You're a washed up nobody with no following except the smell most often associated with an alley cat. Will someone please call for an Animal Control Officer, a Vetrinarian and get a dull, rusty butter knife.


Do you have to be "Sanders oriented" to be a prog Dem? Did they not exist before he came along? Shucks, i used to be one of them - a "prog" Dem that is - had nothing to do with Sanders - more Kucinich, 'til I saw what inevitably happens to "prog" Dem pols when they get a bit too prog and their chain gets pulled by their party ... Sanders will not go as far as K did - he saw what happened to him - he will go so far and no farther - what he considers is "politically feasible" is what his party says it is (and please don't repeat that nonsense about him being an Indy) - he, as he has said, "knows the rules" ...



(I am so sick of being asked "Is this is a complete sentence" by a damn computer program - talk about Big Brother - is this the best CD could do - I'll take Disqus any day ... and those blankety blank emoticons - notice how anyone hardly ever uses them .... sorry for the rant, may seem unrelated - but actually not ..... smile ....)


Thank you! - my sentiments exactly - except that I don't think Sanders has outlived his usefulness to the DP yet - when Kucinich had, as the prog face of the DP, they dumped him - and replaced him with O and now Sanders and ? Warren - there is always a new prog face for the DP - and either they get too uppity and are dumped, or toe the line and are pretty much worthless as far as spearheading any decent progress - So far Sanders is the latter - he knows what the rules are, he has followed them and will continue to ...

It will be interesting to see if K breaks with the DP - i doubt it, but if he doesn't he will have signaled that he has been suitably chastened and will follow the rules again ...


" ...the total omission of calling for permanent cuts to the DoD and The Security State directly relating to Foreign Policy and Special Operations."

Aw gee they must have forgotten that, must be a mistake, eh? Surely they couldn't have left that out on purpose, because they have no intention of pursuing such a course? Naw, that can't be it ....(smile)


Tch, tch, tch .... is that the best you've got - surely you could have come up with a witty snide response instead of a vulgar mundane insult ...


Good grief ... as if no-one has talked about this stuff before Sanders came along ...

Gee, i wonder if they invited a woman who has been talking about this stuff, along with an actually decent foreign policy for sometime and who, unlike Sanders, was actually on the ballot - Stein - naw, they wouldn't do that, would they - she might get a lot of cheering, too and her not being a Dem, we can't have that, now can we ,,,,

Btw, where IS that SP bill that Sanders keeps talking about ...


Butting in, again? Glad to see that you're still selling out the Bernie folks. " Poliics is the art of the possible ", as experience constantly reminds us. I'm rather bored with arguing about how to get a big win for a Progressive-Green Coalition, that maintains a full employment future, but sidelines about 45% of voters whose votes and grass roots support you'll need to achieve that. BTW- I believe that is an achievable and desirable goal.
The American Dream may be dying. "Massive Replacing by Massive Displaying " seems to be the goal of some here, with no program offered after " the great leap of faith " critique of the current UniParty Consensus. A real non-starter, people.
A future economy that works for everyone and provides a sense of common and clear national goals is going to be a 20-25 year American journey. Consensus of 60-65% of all citizens will be needed. Federal, State and local governing bodies will have to be fully onboard. A long slog, to be sure. Doable but not with some noses being bent.
It requires the hard work of people like Sen. Sanders. Who is in a position to lay the foundation for that 25 year American journey. Is he the perfect or right messenger, who knows. But, he is the most popular political figure in America, currently. OhBummer's nostalgia tour and re-entry, notwithstanding.


Stein wasn't on the ballot at my voting station. I had to write her name in.
Am I confident my vote for her actually got counted? Hell no.


Sorry, ma dear, but i had to say something in defense of someone i agree with who was personally getting trashed by you ..

But here's the real problem - we allow others, like Sanders, to dictate what is "possible" ....instead of deciding that for ourselves ...

Sanders had an offer for a Prog/Green coaltion, and he snubbed it, didn't even give the courtesy of a reply ...

It requires Sanders to get out of the way ...

Ah, so we should judge the worth of a pol by his/her popularity?


Did you help petition to get her on the ballot?

And Stein, with the recount effort and now in the courts is fighting to make sure all our votes count - the D/R sure aren't - i don' see Sanders name on any of those suits - heck, he didn't even challenge the D primary process ...


Fair enough, aquifer - Sanders gave voice not principally to millenials, but to long-forced-into-the-harness, long-taken-for-granted progressives for whom the campaign functioned - entirely legitimately - as a proto-insurrection against the controlling right liberal faction of the Democratic Party.

As to Sanders...yes, he is a politician, and his post-election role works more with the DNC than before - ie, going around w/Perez, making anti-Trump speeches that do not criticize the DNC whose right liberal politics lost the election to the Republicans.

I do not precisely blame Sanders, however: though I think he is in danger of becoming a progressive puppet of the right liberal DNC - a smiley postcard to pissed off progressives meant to show how changed the DNC is - the real prob' is the progressive electorate. As I have written many times before: unless Sanders' former army can form a progressive faction that demands unequivocal, formal and binding power-sharing with the DNC as the price of its support - as is normal in parliamentary coalitions - I see little hope for the DNC or progressives.


If you don't care about elections, then of course popularity means nothing. That's why we have proud Stein voters here. Self satisfaction is key.


There is an angry mob out there trying to derail the sanders movement led by a bunch of angry misandrists who didn't get the seventies memo to burn the bra. Apparently the Senator didn't genuflect often enough before the pro choice crew to satisfy them. He supported a Democrat pro life candidate. If memory serves me right the Clinton's were pro choice, but barely: "The phrase was legal abortion, but rare." Is there something else going on here that they so dislike my choice of a human being. Another justice and Roe is gone.


He hasn't criticized the DP in a loong time ... or even the DNC directly by name, never criticized O even when he was acting like the 3rd term of Bush II - i wouldn't call him a "puppet" as he knows exactly what he is doing, is a willing partner and has been for some time - contrast that to a statement made quite some time ago " ...that is what we need, a rainbow coalition - but it has to be done outside the Dem. Party", taken from this video

Note that this video says "not available" - or "does not exist"!, but it was and it did, which is where i got the quote - but it was taken down - I can think of no better indication of where he stands now - firmly in the DP corner ....

As long as Sanders "former army" follows their erstwhile leader - they will never get where they say they want to go - he will keep them inside the rotting walls of the DP tent ...And why the hell should they want to "share power" with a corp, crooked, money grubbing bunch - trying to march forward with that ball and chain around their necks? The DP has had a nominal "progressive caucus" for ages and look at is history ..

Coalitions are formed between parties and if progs are ever going to have any leverage - they need to strengthen a separate party - make it a force to contend with ... apparently even Sanders, from that quote above, knew that at one time - he doesn't anymore ....