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Watch Live: Bernie Sanders and Al Gore


Watch Live: Bernie Sanders and Al Gore

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is hosting former Democratic vice president Al Gore for a live interview on Thursday morning.

Watch it live on Sanders' Facebook page here.


But…but…but…the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign did not succeed.
This ain’t horseshoes. Close ain’t good enough. One would think Gore would have figured that out by now.


The real inconvenient truth here is that Sanders is rehabilitating the DLCer Gore as some kind of “progressive” totally whitewashing the fact that he led the charge to “Reimagine Government” for the DLC and Clinton.


Time moves on. History reveals inconvenient truths about our very sclerotic political and campaign laws. About justice being delayed and how it often being, thus denied. Mr. Gore and Mr. Sanders could speak at length, I’m sure, on these things. But they have moved on to do more important, great work.
History also teaches us how off leash, flea infested, mangy dogs often ruin the entire neighborhood, if left untreated. Figuratively speaking, of course.
Has your pet in the picture ever wore a flea collar or been given its mandatory shots? And, not just the cheap ones, either? :wink:
Just curious.


Really? I point out a complete falsehood portrayed as truth in the article and I get this passive aggressive hogwash? This is how “progressives” deal with inconvenient truths? Lying and attacking anyone who calls them out? Why not just call me a dirtbag and be done with it?


OK. You’re a dirtbag. You attack people you don’t have any sort of personal relationship with, spout more hogwash, presumably, to advance some effin’ noble ill-informed cause. To make some comment that’s a year, or decade late, and 10 $K short. Or, you denigrate people who happen to have personal ties with the very people, you decide to sic the dogs on. Careful there, cowboy. It’s never over until it’s entirely over and someone eats the dirt sandwich.
Sometimes, blood and family and friends, are thicker than water. This is one of those times.
Cross this line in the sand; hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Again, your a dirtbag. Also, you’re clueless.
Just sayin’.


Could Al Gore run as Bernie’s VP? 'Twould be an interesting slate!


I seem to recall you attacking “people you don’t have any sort of personal relationship with,” on many occasions, mrsann, which I happen to revel in. However, you’re drifting into black pot and kettle territory above.