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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders Delivers Speech on Trump's Authoritarian 'Threat to Our Nation'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/24/watch-live-bernie-sanders-delivers-speech-trumps-authoritarian-threat-our-nation


We got here just as much because of people like Biden. In fact, Trump, while horrible, had nothing to do with the context that allowed him to amazingly win an election. For that to occur, we had to adopt the types of disastrous policies that Biden has long supported, and he has promised to not change anything. So, we defeat the symptoms but not the underlying causes and will be in the same place in 4 years, likely worse off. Bernie should be in the stretch run of his second term in office, not trying to bring a zombie campaign back to life (for the second time).


“This election is about more than Democrat vs. Republican. It is about democracy vs. authoritarianism,”

I was about to say “Exactly so.” But it’s more accurate to say that this election is about having a government with at least some semblance of a democratically elected government vs. authoritarianism. The evidence that this is the choice before us is overwhelming and crystal clear.


I think the authoritarian nature of this government has been apparent for a long time. Remember Carter talking about the US not being a democracy and instead being an oligarchy? Seen the studies demonstrating the large gap between public policy and popular opinion. This has been a slow transition and Trump is an end point. Biden will not change anything, so the trajectory and context will continue to worsen. If it wasn’t Trump in this position, it would someone else, just as bad, and Biden will also further undermine public institutions and will sell the store to donors. He has made that clear. I agree with the notion that we should try to avoid a Trump presidency, but have zero patience for anyone providing cover for what Biden is set to do. He is not the left, opposes the left, has made that clear. So, the disaster that is to come with him winning, I don’t own that and neither does anyone like myself with no power in this system. This is the idiot suburbanite Democrats and horrible people like Obama, Pelosi and Clyburn, as well as the corporate media, that pushed Biden’s campaign through. And Bernie himself made a number of decisions that let down many people that needed him to win and actually fight.


If there were democracy in this country, the DNC and the Dem Party elite wouldn’t have been able to rig the nominations in 2016 and 2020 against Medicare for All and Bernie Sanders. Bernie would have been the transformational president that we, and the world, so desperately need.


This is particularly distubing

SPINELESS Democrats Won’t Fight for the Supreme Court!


“…the DNC and the Dem Party elite wouldn’t have been able to rig the nominations in 2016 and 2020…”

And if that were true Sanders would have never run for the presidency.


Bernie Sanders , the finest politician in our country. Say what you want, criticise if you will, just don’t forget to vote for Democrats in 2020 or all is lost. Any other votes are a vote for the fascists. Peace


Good speech by Bernie, but he doesn’t seem to realize that BY backing Biden, Bernie is exacerbating the problem. Shame, shame, shame on you Bernie Trump is just the result of the REAL PROBLEM…NOT THE CAUSE!


I agree with most that you just said. We have reached the point where using the word oligarchy is at least broadly accurate, a mix of individual and corporate oligarchs pulling the strings of their puppets in government, essentially buying their votes. But we are not to the point of an oligarchy run under the dictatorial hand of a single despot. Look to what exists in Russia if there’s any doubt.

As I said in my post, there is still “at least some semblance of a democratically elected government” and that difference means everything with regard to this election. They wouldn’t be spending those obscene amounts of money to convince the voters if that were not so. That is not to say we enjoy a genuinely responsive and representative government; nevertheless, we are flirting with something far worse and probably irrevocable.

The bottom line - It simply could not be more clear which alternative offers the best opportunity for meaningful change. The argument some make here, that things need to get as bad as they possibly can before things can be made right, that’s nonsense. Tell that to the Russian people.


In my view, Bernie never had any intention of becoming POTUS, but he continues to fool many Progressives.


Thank you. I’ll take you up on your offer to say what I want.

There’s one person, one person only, who had a genuine opportunity to see that the American people were presented with a viable alternative to the Trump Death Cult and the unDemocratic Party. Sanders is that person. When presented with the opportunity to act on his professed principles, to actually make that political revolution he was so effectively selling a reality, to establish a political party that could have and would have captured the imaginations and votes of many millions, he sold out. The short and long term effects of that failure to act, especially given the incredibly broad, enthusiastic and rapidly growing base his movement had built, simply cannot be overstated. Sanders had the best opportunity to establish and make meaningful an independent political party genuinely committed to progressive policy that we’ll ever see in our lifetimes. All wasted. That, my friend, is Sanders’ legacy.

But I will be casting my mail-in vote for Biden, having taken much anti-nausea medicine and applied my official unDemocratic Party clothespin, for the alternative is unthinkable.


What then was his "intention? Working hard doing at all those rally’s? delivering speeches and info to educate and inspire the public, especially young voters that screwed him and us? Fought for issues he believes-in? Just all some weird game and lies? So he was always just shilling for somebody else? That he now sees his truth that trump is an existential threat doesn’t make him like or support Bidens record!
Sanders has worked a very long time, beginning in the Civil Rights Movement within a corrupt system trying to make a difference and you give all his work zero respect? That is your view? Just a DP/Biden “sheepdog”? Work your entire adult life for the corrupt DP?
Sorry Shanti, that seems just ridiculous to me,.


Except I would argue, the last thing Bernie wants is to become POTUS and the fact that Bernie has supported both political whores who are Wall Street Stooges Hillary and now Biden, tells me I am correct. Like any good con man Bernie tells Progressives…WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR!


I am reminded of Malcolm X who said that the liberals exaggerate the fear of the wolf so that the fox could prevail.

Trump may well be a narcissist, a populist demagogue and a liar…but he is no fascist.

The degree of American “democracy” has always been questionable regardless of which party was in power.



Oh, Miss Troll, miss troll, is that you? “FU Bernie”? that is really weak shite whoever you are! Supporting trump and pushing 4 more years of his insanity and fescist rot, while bashing Sanders Is IMO off the fuckin wall. Sanders does the best he thinks he can with a rotten corrupt big-money system, and you lay everything at his feet? BS! Bernie still fights for something unlike you who supports trump for & the GOP - .and “the real left” propagandist provocateurs and shills who peddle their rubbish theories and crystal-ball crap ad nauseum).


Strongly agree with you Senior. Let’s put trashing democrats, and hoping for a progressive party to grow into a viable alternative on the shelf until we take care of dumping trump.
And It is disheartening to here all the negatives said about democrats while the Squad and young hopefuls are trying to make things better. Infiltration by progressives is the best hope for a reinvention of the left.


I think he did, but I think that his success in 2016 surprised him and he intended more than anything to raise issues he knew Clinton wouldn’t. He seemed to realize, as the campaign went on, that he could win but took it seriously too late. This time around, I think he wanted to win, and after NV, despite what the horrible Democratic Party did to stop him, he was inching closer to just that. But then Obama and the rest did what they did behind the scenes, and it imploded in a matter of days. His fault the entire time was that he refused to point out the obvious things about Biden, even admonishing Teachout for her entirely accurate description of his corruption and didn’t support Turner when she wrote the article critically analyzing Biden’s horrible record in regards to black people. He talked like a revolutionary, didn’t run like one, and he in the end decided to go with his own personal feelings towards Biden over the working class and poor people that desperately needed him to fight for them. I also don’t think it can be denied that his runs have changed politics in this country. People are no longer accepting bullshit excuses that are given to justify the Democrats doing next to nothing. I think he, his runs and societal conditions are making the current trajectory untenable. I think it is complicated, but I also think he has done a number of things in 2020 that are indefensible, and he did let many people down with the decisions he made. Biden being the nominee and the left not really building a national infrastructure outside of the control of the rotten Democratic Party, he could have really changed things in that regard. I think Biden being the nominee is utterly disastrous for society, especially the environment and young people.

As I said before with people like AOC. If you run as a democratic socialist and talk about a political revolution, remember to run and govern like one, and remember that political revolutions don’t do tons without an accompanied social revolution. If parties change but the structure of society, power dynamics and policies don’t change, you just change the party that is selling you out. We need a social revolution far more than a political revolution. I could honestly give a damn about a political revolution if there isn’t a social revolution, and neither is in the cards right now anyway. That is ultimately up to us.


They have no souls, no morals, are corrupt, they are very class conscious (they just aren’t in our class), and in a sane world they would be leading what is actually a right wing party, with a rainbow flag and a BLM hat or something thrown in. We were all told by the rich assholes on MSNBC to think about the Supreme Court, you lefties have to vote for our zombie candidate because of that. These worthless people can’t even bother to do that.

I agree with the writers at Jacobin though, we should have long ago radically changed the Supreme Court. Like a billion other things, there are so many things that could be done to improve things in society, and because of this dying political system, none of it will happen. Even with the court case against the ACA, all the damn Democrats would have to do is change a few things in the ACA (like the mandate) and the case going to the Supreme Court would at the very least be more difficult, if not fall apart entirely. But, they can’t even be bothered to try to do that. I hate the Democratic Party far more than the Republicans, because the Republicans don’t try to hide what they are. When I think of the modern Democratic Party, I think of MSNBC, Neera Tanden, Jennifer Rubin, Steney Hoyer and Chuck Schumer. A giant collection of out of touch, parastic, elite, corrupt, self-serving assholes.


More dangerous talk from one of the resident right wing vote splitting Russian bot provocateurs as usual .
YOU are the one that should be ashamed of yourself but as a trump infiltrator and sociopath that will never happen .