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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders Hosts 'Fighting for Justice in Michigan' Town Hall With Rashida Tlaib

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/watch-live-bernie-sanders-hosts-fighting-justice-michigan-town-hall-rashida-tlaib


Fiden for Biden?

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“Together, we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in our modern history.”

Bernie, you mean by voting for what could be the second most dangerous man in history! Because Biden could very well lose to Trump! Bernie, you said the same thing about Hillary in 2016!


I like Rashida Tlaib. She’s a feisty one – perhaps presidential material if we can survive the next few years.


I don’t think anyone can argue that Trump isn’t the most dangerous President in our modern history. Nor do I think anyone can argue against the fact he must be replaced.

What I don’t understand is why we must replace him with someone worse.


Great point. I’m guessing, Trump’s folks will blame OR, WA & CA fires on BLM/ Antifa (while Biden & media play along?)

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/09/more-than-500000-people-in-oregon-flee-wildfires.html (check out the comments!) Rashida, run by DNC™ LLC? Yeah, RIGHT!

PS: Poppy Bush & Cheney were pretty scary, too… y’know? It’s just that it’s now actually killing affluent white folks, too! If we don’t STOP methane migration NOW, it’s all academic?


Fascinating, how many Sanders articles have been poster lately. Sanders demands this. Sanders exposes that. Sanders hosts Fighting For Justice!

Compare and contrast with how few articles we’ve seen about Biden and Harris demanding this, exposing that, fighting for whatever.

Gee, wonder what’s really going on here?


Keeps getting worse, not better - doesn’t it.

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Exactly so.
And we also do not see many articles about how great Biden/Harris or their policies are, at RS DU, HP, etc compared to how bad Trump is. Guess when you have nothing to crow about you emphasize how bad the other guy is.

edit: Go to ANY of those sites (I just did) and see if you can find an article touting how great any particular policy or program coming from Biden/Harris is. NOTHING positive about Biden/Harris.Nothing saying HAY, LOOK AT WHAT DP IS GOING TO DO FOR YOU IF ELECTED! It’s ALL about how bad Trump and Republicans are with a bit tossed in about the West Coast fires. That’s it!

This is how you win?!


Did Dick Snyder show up to consolidate Biden’s Flint vote?


The primaries were all for Bernie and Progressive agenda - until he, and we, hit the wall of South Carolina voters that predictably did the bidding of Jim “uncle Tom” Clyburn, who was doing the bidding of the entrenched Clinton/Obama wing.of the DP.

It was those voters that set the stage for more of the same on Super Tuesday and put Biden in

Bernie won Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and then came SC for Biden. On Super Tuesday Bernie won California, Colorado, Utah, Vermont, Biden all the rest, and then Democrats Abroad, and North Dakota for Bernie - by then the pandemic was a factor and Biden ran the table, and here we are.
Biden is a corrupt tool and creature of corporate/banker/credit-card usury, and his entire history was one of betrayal serving the party and big-money - only Bernie remained true to himself and the struggle - I do not buy the sheepdog crap or any other demeaning comments about his integrity - he does as his conscience dictates.


“[M]any Sanders articles have been poste[d] lately. Sanders demands this. Sanders exposes that…contrast [that] with how few articles we’ve seen about Biden and Harris demanding this…fighting for whatever…what’s really going on here?”

Sanders is now the prime spokesperson for the loyal opposition, lesser-of-two-evil-ist, ‘responsible’ left.

What’s “going on here” is S. getting his former flock and the near-half left flank of the Democratic Party to vote for Biden in return for zero commitments - not even lip service - to a half-progressive platform.

The scope of S’s previous challenge and demands on the neoliberal Democratic establishment has shrunken to the single demand, on progressives, to join the neoliberals to stop Trump.


“I do not buy the sheepdog crap or any other demeaning comments about his integrity - he does as his conscience dictates.”

I don’t question Sanders’ integrity. But objectively, if we consider “sheep dogging” apart from its pejorative meaning, that is what he is doing.

No doubt, Sanders’ “conscience dictates” that he sheep dogs - i.e., he genuinely regards it as the single, necessary, and correct course of action.


~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTCN7G_DkdM - Live Oakland

~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z4JQLVwihM - Live full length London 2018

Bernie is “still fighting for justice” - sees his truth as millions of others see the same truth, that trump and his wrecking crew of treasonous scumbags are an existential threat to far too much and he must be defeated - “Together, we are going to defeat the most dangerous president in our modern history,”

yeah, some say the story is same-old, same old, but this is an exceptional year, insane orange nutter, and pandemic - the DP must also be taken down and IF we stay strong and active we may even accomplish that - and build the People’s Party!.
"Take that bullshit & turn it into good shit"

“Oh I get knocked down, but I keep on fighting
I get knocked down, but I keep on trying
Knock me down two or three times
I’ll get back up and keep on fighting”


Hard to beat our Founding Fathers, for ethnic cleansing, chattel slavery & kleptocracy? 13K indentured militiamen, out robbing poor farmers to crush a planter’s rebellion? The constant ratcheting of blatant duopoly, ever deeper into authoritarian oligarchy… that’s now OUR fault, since it’s the LESSER of two evils who loses, so that their EVIL prevails?

~https://mronline.org/2020/09/12/the-insidious-workings-of-the-political-ratchet/ (blame “the homeless” for fires)

~https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/loser-antitrust-how-is-martin-shkreli (blame the evil BernieBros® for Trump)

~https://yasha.substack.com/p/on-blacklists-and-russia-hacking (fuck it… just blame RussiaRussia RUSSIA!)


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The U.S. is Borrowing Its Way to Fascism

From the article:

The fascism taking shape here is not primarily the crude political theater that today’s wannabe fascists offer. The Trump regime’s courting of white supremacists and other extreme nationalists, its virulent scapegoating of immigrants, Latinx, and African Americans, and its encouragement of police repression are too often counterproductive. Those symbols are similar enough to many of 20th-century fascism’s horrors that they are too easily recognized as dangerous. Today, the United States moves more quietly and more effectively toward fascism via its fast-evolving credit system. It’s time to expose borrowing as a path to fascism.

Today’s crisis-ridden capitalist economy is more dependent on credit than at any time in the system’s history. More than ever, credit sustains the purchasing power of consumers and of government programs. Capitalists depend on that purchasing power. Corporations now routinely carry more direct debt than at any time in the nation’s history. Zombie corporations—those whose profits no longer suffice to service their direct debts—now figure sizably in U.S. capitalism.


OK, I’ll take that in lieu of anything stronger - it’s a start - and we really need unity for any reforms or revolution so very much needed. peace!

I don’t know which is worse, Sanders’ lies, betrayal, and hypocrisy, or the fact that he is now sharing his DNC Dim-tool corruption with the only remaining Democrats I have some respect and admiration for. I hope he leaves (or is removed from) office as soon as there is a new administration, and goes back home to Vermont to spend the last decade of our nation with his wife and children.


Shrug. As said, I don’t question S’s integrity, I question the political view that the best way to beat Trump is for progressives to lay no demands on Biden - demands for binding commitments to popular progressive policies.

I argue this would both mobilize the progressive flank more now, and get more of the electorate to the voting booth in support of popular progressive initiatives like M4A at election time…

…meaning that, as opposed to limiting the rallying cry to ‘get T out,’ forcing progressive demands into the Democratic platform stands a better chance to get the monster out.

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Not much hope when both candidates support fracking. Does Biden even care about the amount of damage to municipal water supplies all over the country from fracking chemicals? It is illegal, by the way, to even expose what those chemicals are. “I support fracking” he said. I won’t vote for you, I said.