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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar Set to Rally Forces in Minneapolis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/03/watch-live-bernie-sanders-ilhan-omar-set-rally-forces-minneapolis


I wonder if Dabid Sirota’s tweet about Bernie’s poll numbers will hit CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the corporate media?



Looking at my polling number I see Bernie at First Place, I grant you that it is a poll of one, just me, but I’m the one that counts :-))) LOL


Oh-Oh, Ditton! That means, counting me, he has a poll number of TWO!

*The REAL landslide to follow…!


and not of mention of Bernie on the Sunday morning shows, a snub. Really a lie only mention Mayor Pete surging and Elizabeth Warren and Biden

Disgusting national media that does not inform but misinforms. Hopefully there day will come and they will be broken up and broken.


LOL Glad to see you’re having a fun Sunday!

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Go Bernie go!


Always be prepared to see the Corporate Media supporting the Corporate Candidates.

Get ready for a replay of 2016.

Bernie filling stadiums, the corporate stooge having a tough time getting 2000 to show.


This Sanders and Omar rally should be on Facebook video this evening, and I’ll have to watch. Minnesotans know how to rock Williams Arena! It’s a tough place for visitors who have to play the Gophers in basketball there. Go Bernie 2020!


You know what, Ditton? The distress of the nightmare that is this country on my head needed a break before I BROKE, so I’m learning to lighten up before I snap. (Crackle or pop too)

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, everyone above my post seems to be having such a good day.
I guess the recent polls prove CA’s not the most progressive state, who knew NH was more progressive. Anybody know what’s going on, on the west coast?

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Sanders and Omar, wait aren’t they “others”, OMG, really! Yes, really. But, no, they are US. Just US. Ain’t that American. Eat it bigots. This is NOW!


Facebook is carrying the rally. Large and high-energy crowd in Williams Arena. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is dazzling the large audience with her speech now. It’s a pleasure watching this rally.


Thanks You Bernie
and IIhan


Well, “Debbie”, I can’t speak for California but up above them in Oregon, we have lots of progressives running around and a lot of it due to colleges. We also have a SLEW of rednecks with “gun fever” and I’m not sure where they all stand but a LOT of Dumbf signs around here.

I just bit the bullet yesterday and registered to vote–GAG!–damnocrat just so my little vote gets marked for him. As soon as the election is over, I’m going back to good old “unregistered”.

Bye the way, remember New Hampshire’s motto: “LIVE FREE OR DIE”!

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I saw a poll yesterday on CNN that said Biden was way out in front again.
Don’t believe the polls people.
The powers that be are trying to screw Sanders AGAIN.


Yes, one has to wonder about polls but a word of caution. Biden appears to be attractive to the “No Information Voters”. That is a tough nut to crack even for Bernie, and it is where his ground campaign should focus. Get those 2 million people out there hitting the streets and knocking on the doors.

Personally, I think what chance Biden had, is gone. As the primary process gets closer, people pay more attention and the number of “No Information Voters” shrinks. That is not a good scenario for Biden thus he will continue to leak votes. I think the vote is really between Sanders and Warren.

Ignore the pundits
paid big money to guide
the gullible.

Turn off the talking heads and
burn the op-eds.

The truth is not hidden.
It isn’t coming from
your radio, your
TV your facebook page –

Subvert the Narrative

Believe your own eyes
your own ears your own
look for facts beyond
the embedded official press
listen to your neighbors, listen
to the emigree, the refugee,
your co-workers your
used-to-be co-workers
to the person in the street
who lives there now.

We are real.
Our lives are the truth.
We are powerful.

Believe it.

– Al Markowitz
Originally published 4 years ago in the Blue Collar Review.

Why it has to be Bernie.

Even worse is the fact that the establishment media is publishing polls that remove the most enthusiastic voting blocks from being counted… the youth vote (under age 30 - removed!), they don’t count independents (independents are a bigger block of voters than either Republican or Democrat) and in two of the published polls - they poll ONLY DNC members - not voters!

We have a corrupt system and it’s the establishment press owned of, by and for the wealth hoarders. Poor and middle-class people don’t own TV, Radio or publishing corporations.

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