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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders 'Labor Day' Speech and Town Hall to Honor Workers and Grow Movement

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/05/watch-live-bernie-sanders-labor-day-speech-and-town-hall-honor-workers-and-grow

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I was an avid and active supporter of Sen. Sanders’ candidacy, but when he talks like this, I’m overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance. He speaks of the utter corruption of our political system, and then goes on to talk about Joe Biden who was “selected” by that system to be the figurehead in a corrupted primary - that twice now, has cost Sanders the nomination. Sanders talks about the grand goals of his movement (and they are indeed grand) and then goes on to describe the little denture-nibbles-around-the-edges that Biden may support. I understand, that it’s the hand that we’ve been dealt, but be honest about it: it’s a handful of fertilizer - in raw form.


Most Progressives are politically street smart, but so many of Bernie’s acolytes from my perspective, cannot see that Bernie has been conning them ever since 2016 with Bernie’s infamous words:" WE MUST SUPPORT HILLARY WE CANNOT ALLOW A TRUMP POTUS". And now my Progressive friends that Bernie wants you to vote for a Wall Street Stooge who has been given the moniker, Mr. Master Card and is a war monger…do you realize what I posted in 2016 when I called Bernie " the consummate progressive con man" and so many of you eviscerated me for disparaging Bernie as a Democratic sheep dog…WAS TRUE!.


Bernie betrayed his movement. He BETRAYED us. He is supporting everything he fought against.

Like Jimmy Dore says, all Bernie needs to do is declare Biden incompetent because of dementia (he can still read teleprompters) and take his place as candidate. Check out Jimmy Dore’s vids.

I’ll vote GREEN or Kanye.


Good point. Bernie fooled me once in 2016 but not in 2020 when I realized he and the DNC were both corrupt. I knew a year ago that Bernie had no chance and even predicted a Biden/Harris ticket and here is my point: if I knew it, Bernie who is much more politically smarter than me…ALSO HAD TO KNOW IT!




And me as well, and - if I may be so bold - than MissGirl above. I am also tempted by the ‘sheepdog’ and ‘betrayal’ memes, because it was so close before the corruption of SC; and then the DNC and Obomber stepped in to crush Bernie’s chances (besides the ongoing vote shenanigans, documented by Palast). But, if Bernie had gone full-bore negative on Biden or the DNC, how would the press and the DNC reacted? They would have destroyed what little voice he now has remaining, and his organizations. IMHO, he played it as hard as he could, and still retain life and limb (either figuratively, or literally). Keep this in mind: he radically changed the discussion, and there is no going back. Did he win against the oligarchy? Hardly. But he changed the nature of the arguments against it.


Not going to work people, a 3rd party vote is a vote for the asshole trump. Bernie is still the finest politician in the country, his compassion for his fellow human beings is all I need to see. Yes we were robbed in the DNC nominating process, yes twice. Yes we are all angry and frustrated, but we need to keep our heads on straight and vote out the fascists before we lose our democracy. Peace


I agree with you Senior. And I expected what I’ve read so far. Before clicking on the comments I knew where this was going to go.
People on the left are going too far when they resort to trashing Bernie Sanders though. He continues his life long pursuit of fairness for the forgotten and downtrodden.
We need a ton more of his ilk.
If commenters feel that they have to disagree with Senior and I, so be it.
I would only ask that we support the essence of what Bernie is saying, even if you no longer like him.

A message to DJT.
My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my country, prepare…


I love Bernie’s rhetoric; too bad he does not really mean it and follow up with actions instead of selling out to Biden the most corrupt of politicians who Bernie knows that is why Biden was selected.


Sanders just makes me angry, he’s been so dishonest.


I support SINGLE PAYER but what Bernie is supporting will not only prevent SINGLE PAYER forever it will also destroy Medicare as it exists today. Read the first paragraph here.


Bernie is hiding the effects of the GATS trade agreement from the country which changed everything, he is part of a cover up.

He’s against all the things he claims to stand for and he’s likely getting paid off to confuse people

The sooner we realize that the better. Both presumptives (Biden and Trump) likely are evil creeps who are trying to literally sell the country out from under us.

its our country, not theirs and its not for sale, not by them, not by anybody.

I don’t see how or why people can see the corruption that exists within both parties and not realize that Bernie is trying to work within that corrupt system to change things - as best he can. I don’t think it sounds like Bernie supports Biden’s policies; he truly believes Trump is increasingly limiting our ability to function as a democracy, limited as it may have always been. I think he knows he has to provide some evidence for people to vote for Biden instead of Trump, so he mentions the meager things Biden is willing to do.

If it weren’t for Bernie NO ONE would be discussing the policies he supports, and fewer people would have been motivated to become involved. If more people would become involved, there might be an opportunity to influence Biden, and develop a viable third party going forward. Another 4 years of Trump will just further limit those possibilities.


We’re all angry and frustrated.
Which is precisely why we can’t keep following your advice, and enable worse fascism down the road.

We’re angry and frustrated because that is so obviously a failed tactic and Bernie is telling us to continue down the same path. He’s old, he never proved he’d have anywhere near the energy to pass his agenda, he didn’t have the movement he said he would – young people, people of color, non-voters – now his followers are moving on to the MPP without his ass. That’s the way it goes – stir things up, show yourself to be just another cog in a corporate-controlled wheel, kindly get the hell outta the way.


I think its actually far different, A trade deal stole the actual ability to do most of what Bernie has identified himself with decades ago (during the time Hillary Clinton was claiming to fix healthcare it was actually being rigged globally)

See ttp://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=



Bernie may have said what seemed like all the right things (if it was 1990!) but there are crucial things missing NOW that he NEEDED to tell the country which he didnt, turning whats he’s doing now into a trap!

. Most importantly is the unassialable FACT that “we” had already traded away CONTROL over dozens of services, basically almost all crucial areas of policy space in areas involving money and economic things, to the WTO in a global grab, a scheme that also trades potentially millions of jobs (as many as a third or more of ourt jobs, generally the better ones) and also the policy in dozens of services in order so we could be successful at jacking up things like the prices of drugs all around the world. (and killing millions of poor people during the 90s from AIDS, that story was documented in an award winning film “Fire in the Blood” in 2013 although its ongoing and now jobs are the key issue, and we’re being sued by India in the WTO for them ) You see, In exchange the developed countries, particularly the US promised to trade potentially millions of jobs now done by Americans away, of course that will also undermine and destroy Social Security.

Thats their plan, because Americans want higher wages than people from the developing world, so they made a huge deal that is supposed to prop up oligarchies around the world and weaken their opposition, here they must consider- that thats the entire middle class and poor it seems. So its a preemptive strike.
See also ttps://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=
This deal is not secret. its public, why didnt Bernie tell us that this was their plan? Why is he now endorsing Biden and his poison pill that by expanding MC so it starts before social security kills Medicare?

I guarantee to you that Trump works for the same people Biden does.



You have continued to put the warnings up, almost like “The sky is Falling” stuff.
I don’t believe for a minute that trump would abide by any national or international agreements.
I’m not sure whether Biden will either.
Things can end up in legal purgatory for years while policy changes are constantly evolving.
At best I see the likely breaking of treaty aspects as much as adhering to them.

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Did Bernie win against the oligarchy? Not in the sense that he could have the same shot as anyone else in winning all the primaries and being chosen the nominee, no. (Which both breaks my heart and pisses me off.) But in terms of being a catalyst in the new Progressive movement to the point where voters are electing more progressive candidates instead of well-funded neolibs, oh yes—he’s won the battle of ideas (not to mention wits), and the candidates his ideas have inspired are chipping away at the rule of empire. Why else were the oligarchs so desperate to sabotage his campaigns?


Well said imho.

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