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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders to Hold Press Conference on 2020 Camaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/11/watch-live-bernie-sanders-hold-press-conference-2020-camaign


oh boy, this is gonna be painful.

maybe not want to bury this down page, CD.


"Right On Bernie."

Joe has much explaining to do.


I’m lobbying Bernie’s staff here.

The ultimate Green New Deal innovation: seek, develop, pay, win.

Seek out new innovations. Assume that half of the energy-efficient designs that the world needs may have already been invented, but that the current establishment has driven all of the innovators off with a stick for decades. Now you need to carefully invite them back and bandage their wounds. Don’t expect half of the world’s potential innovators to knock on your door if they don’t know about you, or if you look unworthy of their minimal trust.

Develop the best innovations. Judge all innovations with integrity. Weigh each one by its lifetime climate merits as opposed to political kickbacks. Measure each invention’s long-term greenhouse gas potential times the probability that the invention will succeed, divided by its likely development cost. Always support the development of multiple dark horse inventions until you’re sure that any particular invention has no more potential. Don’t expect innovators to necessarily be good welders, good lawyers, good entrepreneurs or good organizers. Get other specialists for these jobs. Leave a chair at the boardroom table for the inventor and set a policy to run all brand new and proposed engineering changes by the inventor before execution, not afterwards.

Pay inventors. Trying to promise inventors pie in the sky after they die will attract approximately 0% of all inventors. Promising to pay them their rent money now will attract most of the inventors. “You should pay the doctor when you are well” – Chinese proverb.


As much I don’t outwardly support Sanders, I gave him and the other candidates a chance to show leadership with answers to my elaborate questions in transport on their GND plans. For instance: Is BMW/Daimler EV Truck line up a crime against humanity (with unjust inequitable distribution of resources). Or, Should hybrid EVs be refered to as “indispensable” rather than “interim” technology?
Or, Solar Farms of Rooftop? Or, “Driverless AV” Is it BS or fraudulent ruse? Bernie took a leading stance today. “Bernie.” There, I chanted ‘Bernie’ for the first time. Whee.


What am I to do with my one vote this November? What is the most important effect I hope to achieve? Which is most important:

  • To elect Trump president?
  • To elect Biden president?
  • To give the American voters a choice in FUTURE elections by insuring that the Green Party gets the 5% necessary to qualify for Federal election campaign funding?

One of these choices offers a chance to change the status quo - and only one.


Thank You for the heads-up!  I tuned in just in time to catch the meat of his speech, in which Bernie asked Joe nearly all of the truly important questions that have been hidden behind the very question­able “electability” question.  ALL of Bernie’s questions should be addressed by BOTH the candidates during next Sunday’s debate — the real question is whether the moderators (aka dampers-down) will
be allowed by their establishment owners to ask them on live nationwide T-V . . .


Beautiful. I am so glad he has been in this race and continues to hold on at least until the debate with Biden. It is clear to me that his campaign has been about gaining the platform to continue raising the needed issues. On to organizing for a global, eco-socialist system!


I too would be as disappointed by the lack of mention of the US military role in the diversion of US funds and resources into corporate capitalist resource-amassing agendas, and I attribute this within the “Not Me. Us.” movement to the current necessity to focus on the discretionary budget and choices outside that ongoing egregious theft.


Very astute and great use of this principle of Chinese medicine and philosophy!


Sad to say that choice will become clearer and one vote is not all that important if we are not proactively engaged in ongoing actions, organizations, and movements FOR economic justice, including living wage, income equality, worker safety, and health CARE for all–not insurance; as well as food security, environmental protection and clean-up, privacy protections and social and economic protections for journalists and whiste-blowers.


Green is the new Red or Blue.

Especially if the Duopoly once more gives us Corrupt versus More Corrupt.

I’ll leave it to you to figure which is which.


“We have won the ideological debate, but we are losing the debate over electability,” Sanders said in his remarks.

The debate over electability? You may be losing the debate Bernie, but in my view, the only reason Biden is seen as more electable, is because he was more selectable!


A number of persons observing the proceedings have concluded that while Joe Biden will likely win the nomination , the DNC will replace him at the last moment due to his “failing health”.

If this in fact occurs you might well see a Hilary Clinton, A Michele Obama or a Michael Bloomberg in his place.


Who in God’s name would support either of them?


The DNC and Corporate lickspittles. You know the same ones that voted Hilary in the last elections. Now neither would beat Trump but they can then whine for the next 4 years as to how the Russians did them in.


If that scenario came true, my $$$$$ would be on Bloomberg because Mike has already said he would back Biden.

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Whoever is left standing will get the vote of the other two?

Why wouldn’t Bernie be heir apparent if something were to happen to Biden?


I’ve been stating an alternate plan for the fall election for some time now. If Biden was a senile, corrupt, unelectable hack before S. Carolina, he still is. I will never vote for him, or any other Democrat as long as the party is run the way it currently is. They lost me permanently after the truth of the 2016 primaries came out. The Greens are no longer recognized in my state. I intend to run a write-in campaign for pissed-off progressives to write-in “None of the Above” on their presidential ballots in November. I hope the tally is high enough that the total is clearly the margin of Biden’s loss to the Orange Idiot, so they know how badly they effed up forcing him on us. The only way the left ever has a chance to take over the Dem Party for average working people is if they fail by losing elections, continuously and humiliatingly. It’s the only way we can ever win.