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WATCH LIVE: Day 3 of Trump Impeachment Hearings

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/19/watch-live-day-3-trump-impeachment-hearings

about 80 minutes of committee chat so far. vindman not impressive. Williams protecting Pence.
How do idiots like Nunes and Schiff get on the house intelligence committee when they do not have any??
Vindman was not assigned to NSC for military purposes. He served as a manager (self described) with a ‘portfolio’.
He should not be at the witness table in uniform, with medals, etc.
There is too much amiss with this guy.

Part of Vindman’s portfolio is managing communication between Ukraine and the US involving military aid. Did you miss that part?

We are now at 3 hours of telecast.
“manage communication” ?? Obviously he did not.‘manage’ since mayor 9/11 got around him, state dept., pentagon and Trump too !!
About 15 minutes ago, vindman got raked for saying he advised the president.
He tried to clarify and say he chaired a sub-sub- committee who wrote talking points for their boss, who then informed their boss and then another couple levels up, a few words remain on the single sheet with four bullet points prepared for Trump.
He does not read it.

My communist / pinko / liberal sarcasm is showing thru - I hope.
But vindman is going to get creamed by subsequent witnesses.
MSNBC adores him at coffee break.
I’ll keep on paying attention.
But i am damn skeptic about this former officer.
“Former” cause he is going to have to resign his commission very soon.
Or was he a plant into NSC??

Perhaps your skepticism is veering toward dismissiveness born of paranoia.
I notice that possibility in several of your comments.

Rep. Castro is asking the powder puffers now.
vindman’s answers are not military neutral.
vindman is providing his opinions on other events and outcomes and precedents that he was not a direct witness to. The phone call is why he here this morning. a direct witness
the other is smear.

Nope, listening carefully.
“co-ordination” he says his job was.
There is real genuine harm to the reputations of many active duty, honest and capable army officers.
This guy diminishes their real accomplishments, valor.

Perhaps you know a military officer - of any rank.
Check out their opinion of vindman.
Maybe wait two hours.

He’s there to answer questions.

Both sides are asking him about matters that range beyond the July 25th call.
Being offered a job as the Ukrainian Defense Minister.
Advice he gave Ukrainian government officials.
His combat service in Iraq.
Who he has met personally.

My father was an Air Force Colonel.
Two active and former members of the military on the committees praised Vindman’s service.

My father was a U.S. Coast Guard officer
MY son is a U.S. Army officer.
Both have received offers.

vindman - This was a suck up move by the ukranian official.

His purple heart is for a minor wound compared to the wounds that others inside the transport received. He returned to duty the same day. He is permitted burial in arlington. The fella with five bronze stars for valor is not eligible.

All committee members say ‘thank you for your service’ each time their turn comes up.
compliments on infantry badge and purple heart.

So you got a purple heart in Fallujah after raining white phosphor and depleted uranium rounds on a civilian population under siege.

Congratulations Lt. Col.

A comment below yours portrays the general feeling toward the military by many here.
I’m in 100% disagree with the bi-partisan consensus regarding prolonging the Cold War.
I’m in 100% disagreement with the political and policy stances of every witness.

That said, I think their answers are credible as they concern the matter at hand: Trump going outside of established channels to instead ask a foreign leader to do him political favors, and, more than likely, back up that request with extortion.

My father was patriotic. He performed his duties to the best of his abilities.
He also milked a military career for the money. The military is a racket, just like my career path.

I do not deplore military.
Some say thank you on TV today - but private rookie is not within any of their thoughts.
Others, prefer to think of the soldier as a low life murdering innocent civilians.
They do not know or care that we rescue orphans.
‘Manage by wandering’ all over eastern europe years ago.
How about that $.48 per hour !!

Get hit myself and burned with phosphorus alongside the army general who took the direct hit and quietly suffered his pain for 46 miles back to our lines. One of my hundred heroes.

Take that up with the other commenter.
I work with lots of members of Veterans for Peace.
I’ll just say that my views on members of the military is a bit more nuanced.
The majority I talk to ended up regretting their service.

I am a veteran.
I do not regret serving our population. and that means’all’ the peoples.
I listen carefully to veterans at VA.
Various veterans groups.
hear very few regrets.
and i am more for peace and no economic sanctions.
Yet, CIA dorm at one big ten college has one grandson and west point another.
Army recruiters inside the high schools cafeterias in two states.

I am for a military service draft. $.48 / hour, a tent, closthes, good food. Scolarships already won are retained.

“A comment below yours portrays the general feeling toward the military by many here.”

Don’t conflate “the military” with endless war for profit, Mr. Nuance.

I’ll defer to Danny Sjursen:

Your commanders are mostly against a draft. They want recruits who are committed to the mission.

How would I not conflate them? Danny Sjursen does himself in many articles:

“And Major General Smedley Butler—two-time Medal of Honor recipient though he was—emerged from the Caribbean ‘Banana Wars’ to admit he’d been naught but a ‘high class muscle man for Big Business,’ a ‘gangster for capitalism.’”

Sjursen figured out the conflation of the military with profiteering too late by his own admission. Frankly, how he could have missed the conflation is beyond me. But the gung ho patriot/killers the military tends to recruit either don’t care about “war for profit,” or support it, or just don’t know what that even means or that it exists. Judging by the tendency for military careerists to move into defense contracting indicates that many of them are thrilled with the “war for profit” industry.

The bi-partisan consensus in Congress is that the military is a jobs program. Being a military careerist, Vindland may feel that way as well. Vindland mentions national interests – I presume he partly means US economic interests. But no one on the committee will ask him about it, will they? I certainly believe he’s deluded into thinking that the never-ending Cold War is a righteous cause against an existential threat. His background as an immigrant partly explains that. The committee ate that up. Or they tried to use it as proof that he’s a Russian agent. Whatever. Of course, he also appears to very much feel the same way the pro-western Zelensky does: Having Javelin anti-tank missiles puts him in a better position to negotiate an end to the Donbas war with Putin that is more favorable to Ukraine.

With 13,000 dead and counting, I personally wish Zelensky luck. He didn’t start the war, he won election on ending it. He may cede part of Donbas to Russia, who knows? I do know one thing, he looks to have strung Trump along just long enough to have avoided having to announce the investigations on CNN like Trump and Rudy pressured him to do in an obvious quid pro quo.

Oh, there I go again, bringing the topic of this thread into focus. You should try it. If you’re capable of that kind of focus, which I seriously doubt.

Smug little Rep. Nunes may be be a bigger piece of shit than trump himself. Nunes should be egged at every opportunity. These righties are not Americans. Call them any number of things, but they are not our brothers.
And why are those that refuse to testify not waiting it out in a jail cell like Susan Mcdougal did?

The republicans on the intel committee should be ashamed.
The guy, Kurt Volker, a primary three amigos, lied - lied and lied.
CYA fails.
I was listening on public radio.
MSNBC did broadcast a very distorted picture of Nunes before I left. He looks pimply.
I quickly changed to another channel and the picture was normal.
No need to distort, let his low quality history provide the story.

Last Friday, on big screen TV, Trump really looked ill.
Suggest camera used is a standard and previous the cameras used that lens that makes folks appear much younger.
I’ll check to see if trump ever tweets a truth.

The Democrats would have to pursue the lengthy process of having their subpoenas validated by a judge as representing something that outweighs presidential privilege. A judge might rule against them – this has apparently never been contested in court. Thus, the Democrats opted to proceed with the witnesses they had on a timely basis.

Yep, Nunes is an a-hole. That said, the Dems have played similar partisan games and shamelessly grandstanded like Nunes and even worse, Jim Jordan, a former Ohio State University assistant wrestling coach who somehow was unaware that the team doctor was abusing 177 athletes over many years.