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WATCH LIVE: DeJoy Testifies Before Senate Amid Fresh Warnings Over Mail Changes and 'Highly Irregular' Appointment Process

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/watch-live-dejoy-testifies-senate-amid-fresh-warnings-over-mail-changes-and-highly


“The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.”


When i clicked on the video i thought the caption read - postmaster general louis dejoy “terrifies” at senate hearing.


What is not needed is the Democrat and Republican parties in the USA. A new party that actually is representative of the citizens is what is needed in the USA. A party that actually governs from the Constitution and not the Corporations.


DeJoy has no intention of returning those machines because of the simple fact that he knows that he can get away with doing that. DeJoy is well aware that he has little to fear from the pusillanimous Democrats.


This guy looks and sounds like out of mafiosi playbook ,will the post office police arrest him and put him in jail with bannon ??


This is what a corporate coup looks like. Corporate profiteers think they are immortal and that the resources of Mother are limitless and for their private greed to exploit.


Riiiiight. A guy with no experience EXCEPT for being fully vested in a privatized competing model of mail delivery. It doesn’t get any more stark in terms of “conflict of interest” - and the promise of impunity even when the consequences impoverish tens of millions and the path of tyranny takes some more machete slashes. Got to keep knuckle dragging toward fascism with the bluntest instruments that can be dragged out of their ends for the almighty dollar machine called monopoly. The latter being the privatized version of community engagement in functional society.

Riiiiiight…"… his candidacy may have been influenced by political motivations."

No shit Sherlockers.


So he wants to tear apart the post office to ensure Trumps reelection. We should not put up with this bullshit.If Congress agrees ok, otherwise he is breaking the law and should be arrested and put in prison. Trump presently can destroy and do what he likes because of stupid meaningless dumb laws. America gets nothing but screwed by this horrific president He is laughing at us. He needs to be stepped on and thrown out. America is sick, riddled with political correctness and over run with psychopaths deceit, lies, money and hate. In the old west traitors got shot. We are all damn fools for allowing this plundering to continue for whatever “democratic” excuse. We need a moral revolution a facing of reality Criminals belong in jail Make no mistake these are psychopaths who have destroyed their human ness and they should be acted on to save our country. I wrote a book on psychopaths from a layman’s perspective Save America From Itself The lie is a psychopath’s lie and it rules us all and psychopaths should be rooted out and destroyed


Just another in the seemingly endless number of Rethug garbage people who are inflicting this country with the cancer of Trumpism. Shameless scum who are typically revealed as having a personal agenda which involves their own greed. DeJoy has a vested interest in seeing the hindering of the Post Office not only to help get this monster in the Oval “re-elected” but also so that his holdings in its competitors will go up.
One disgusting aspect of this appalling crap is how the country has apparently “normalized” this overt corruption instead of burning this treasonous party of so-called Republicans to the ground. 175,000 Americans dead of Covid-19 and what are we doing to rise up against this inhuman piece of shit who assured us that the total would “drop to near zero”. Trump is GUILTY of negligent homicide and yet many tens of millions will still vote for him in November. Unbelievable! A thoroughly bankrupt political “philosophy” has infected us and Uh-meriKKKans will listen to this fat ass traitor whining that he deserves to have a third term because the Obama people were spying on him in the “greatest political crime in U.S. history” so his first term “doesn’t count”. Sometimes it seems lke the country is ready to tear itself to pieces in a new Civil War. For more than 30 years an ever-increasing number of right-wing radio shows have been spewing their bile across the whole country, given more effectiveness due to the removal of the Fairness Doctrine during the second Ronnie the Ray Gun term. It is our great shame as a country that so many of our people have fallen for this pandering, bigoted, intolerant crap and follow its dictates.
If Trumpo the Traitor is re-installed for another 4 years after November we are done as a democracy and a republic.


I love these tales. He should simply state that he’s doing all of this so DT will be re-elected and won’t have to declare martial law in order to remain in the White House. They’ve all lied, so just say it, the truth, have a laugh and move on. The Dems have no power to rein any of them in. Investigations are a joke. Lawsuits, the same. They are all a bunch of whiners stating how great it will all be when DT is out of office. Right. Good luck with that sorry song and dance. There are no adults at the head of the DP, nothing but greedy, morally bankrupt professional politicians. Who, by the way, couldn’t care less about us citizens or this country.


the horrors the orange man has perpetrated continue on and on. Glad Bannon is now revealed as nothing more than another of his thugs. DeJoy MUST BE REMOVED AS WELL! not a moment too soon do we learn more and more on this rich thug who loves the master.


~https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2020/08/20/public-citizen-ldf-file-lawsuit-against-usps-suspend-implementation-postal … this is the only language these scoundrels even begin to understand.

This congress is worthless as long as mcconnell and the most dangerous organization in the world remain in power. And, and, the donkeys remain castrated via Corporate America’s control over them.

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” - Unknown


Of course the Senate hearing of DeJoy will be a sham like Trump’s impeachment. But let’s wait to see what happens in the House. I think there will be a huge public outcry and both DeJoy and Trump will back peddle. They are trying to see how much they can get away with.


I agree, but short of a revolution. …NO CHANCE!


We still have RICO laws – and Anti-Trust/Monopoly laws – but they’re not being used –

And when has Pelosi or Schumer even mentioned them –
or actually moved in any way against the Trump Administration –

And who’s paying for all of Trump’s law suits –

now one against NJ for running a “Vote by Mail” program during our pandemic Virus –

This is an out and out CRIMINAL administration – with a CRIMINAL BARR AG –

Bannon out of jail now on $5 MILLION bail – !!

Hold your nose and vote Blue –
but then be prepared to keep moving the DP to the left –
Purge the corporate-fascists from the DP –


Yes, DeJoy is just another Mafia Lieutenant that has been chosen for Amerika’s Mafiaocracy BY IT’S MAFIA, DON!


Time to stop the talk! ~https://www.rawstory.com/2020/08/a-judge-asked-trump-to-prove-claims-about-mail-in-votes-and-fraud-it-didnt-go-well/


The Democrats pretend to be the opposition, but are really the cowardly opposition.


Just another brick in the wall separating We The People from forming a comity and a polity. A wall that began full bore with the end of WW2 and the Red Scare that sowed fear and a need to buy more stuff to assuage that fear. And television, beaming that fear into homes and stifling actual comity, the third places where people met and conversed.
The Wall is now so thick and tall we no longer know our own neighbors.
As for this creature, I try not to judge a person by their looks alone, but both his looks and actions make me think he’s not fully human. That he has reptile blood. The eyes alone are ophidian, like a rattlesnake sizing up a rabbit for lunch. And the hands are rather oddly sized, as if he’s an alien wearing a human suit. Anyone take a DNA sample before the hearing?