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Watch Live: Democrats Announce 'Better Deal' to Target 'Rigged' Economy

Watch Live: Democrats Announce 'Better Deal' to Target 'Rigged' Economy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With a live presentation and a slate of new messaging on Monday, Democratic leaders are attempting to articulate for the first time since their party's 2016 losses an agenda that "works for everyone...not just the elites and special interests."

Wait, they claim they’ve just figured out what everyone has known for years?

Well, what happened to blaming the Russians, Comey, disloyal hippies, sexist Bernie Bros, and deplorables?


“Better Deal” isn’t necessarily the same as “Good Deal”.


Let’s make these duplicitous cretins disappear like the Whig Party.


Why is that when Democrats talk about our problems that it seems like a victory for them?

Maybe someday the Dems will actually do something about our problems but that seems like asking a lot from the Dems.

So the people who let Exxon and Mobil merge are the people who will fix that sort of thing?

I think the Dems should get behind Bernie and stop all this pretending that they are what they haven’t been because people aren’t buying it. Right now the Dems are the people who let Exxon and Mobil merge. Schumer is acting like it happened when nobody was looking! What a joke!


Weak tea. They dilute a percentage of Bernie Sanders’ proposals and assume they will get enough votes in the midterms to encourage introduction of legislation that they will inevitably categorize as “too ambitious”.


The Dems know the right words to say to attract attention—but their actions still speak louder…!


I did not hear the whole press conference. Did anyone talk about Medicare For All?


Fire them all.


Right!  Just like the RePooplicans voted four or five dozen times in the past seven years to repeal O’Bummer­Care when there was no chance of their bills becoming law, the DamnocRats will vote four or five dozen times to break up Exxon-Mobil, Time-Warner and Amazon so long as Tweetle-Dumb (or Pence-Nez) is in the White House.  But just wait & see what happens when they actually have a chance to DO something instead of just talking about it . . .

SUUUURRRRE they will.  Like I said above, talk is cheap.

They’re not in a position to do ANYTHING about OUR problems right now, other than resist Tweetle-Dumb’s rape of what’s left of democracy.  But they could at least take a couple of meaningful steps toward cleaning
up their own house — like getting rid of superdelegates, and very publicly kicking Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass
(aka Debt-Trap Debbie / D.I.N.O. Debbie / D.W.S.) out of the party.

LACK of action, you mean!!


Good old bait-and-switch Dems. They already successfully prevented the lowering of pharmaceutical prices just recently. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/taibbi-on-republicans-and-democrats-blocking-drug-reimportation-w485638. What has changed?

No mention at all of passing singlepayer universal healthcare, #H.R. 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare For All Act. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/676

But at least they’re working on their slogans. I like this one: “Shut Up, Give Up, and Take What We Give You.”


Did anyone talk about NOT talking money from corpses and superpacs? Did anyone talk about Chuck Schumer rubbing elbows with a Koch brother (Charles), George Soros, John Paulson (who did VERY well because many were losing their homes to foreclosure) and Ivanka and Jared Kushner?
Hamptons Guest List
Yes you are judged by the company you keep.


Well, it looks like Schumer and Pelosi finally are beginning to see the light. But it is not, that they suddenly had a spiritual revelation, but rather the result of our persistence in supporting Bernie’s program and the power of our demonstrations and protests backing it up.
They are finally seeing that their days are numbered unless they are changing their tack. They are now hoisting their spinnakers to let the themselves be driven by the prevailing winds, to safe their rotting careers.
But where is:

  • a call for universal health care
  • a call for a ceiling on the amount of campaign contributions
  • a call for paid statutory vacation
  • a call for paid parental leave
  • a call for curbing war activities
  • a call for free post secondary education
    I am afraid it is much too little way too late to safe the asses of the corporate Democrats

Target the rigged economy? Who the hell do they think rigged it?


I noticed that too. But it might be more of a deflection or co-opting, than a dilution.

The bullet points take the corporate power issue and funnel it into the problem of mergers. Are they trying to take the reins on the issue so they can frame the problem and make sure the other aspects of it are not addressed?

The prescription drug point seems to be about price-gouging only. It says nothing about negotiating drug prices, and if it is about price-gouging, they may only be concerned about the high-visibility issues like Martin Shkreli and the $750-per pill HIV drug.

Also makes it sound like they are trying to take charge of the health care discussion to make it about a few prescription drugs, rather than health care for all.

And of course the minimum wage issue. Everyone’s for a $15 minimum wage. . .eventually!

Sorry. I don’t trust them at all.


Don’t trust them. It’s always the same song and dance until they win, then, the corporate masters get paid first.

Decades of corrupt favoritism cannot be washed away with only words.


My god, some of these policies are good, it is clear that they realize that some changes need to happen, but there are so many problems with this. First of all, you have the same exact people up there presenting these ideas, the leaders in the Senate and House that are deeply unpopular nationally. People want change and the Democrats choose two people that represent the establishment deliver this to the public. I realize that they are the leadership in the House and Senate, but that illustrates the damn problem. Beyond that, Pelosi went on TV and said that she didn’t think he party wants any changes in policy, now she’s on TV presenting these policies as changes she thinks people want to see. Again, some of the policies are changes people want to see, but she shouldn’t be delivering this platform. Beyond that, many of these policies don’t take into account other structural changes that will be needed. For example, the Office of the President in December, under Obama, released a report on automation and AI and it estimated that somewhere between 9 and 43% of all jobs will be eliminated via automation in the coming decades. If you raise the minimum wage and don’t address other structural changes, you actually incentivize automation and make it relatively cheaper. You could address alternative ownership structures (public ownership, cooperatives, etc.) but the only reference towards that in the report I mentioned says that the conflicts between capitalists and workers (they obviously didn’t use that exact language) is likely to intensify in the coming decades. This is just one example. Kind of funny too that they talk about a rigged economy, but Pelosi was just saying that she should remain in her leadership position because she does a good job of soliciting bribes. It’s ridiculous really.

I don’t know, maybe if this was delivered by Sanders himself and some others not thought of representing the establishment, maybe it would have more of an impact. Also, hard to see how some of this matches with what the DCCC has recently announced as far as their tone deaf and date 2018 strategy. They have said that they are working with “Blue Dog” (i.e. right wing) Democrats in identifying and supporting candidates in 2018, and those corporate sellouts aren’t going to take bribes from business interests and the rich, then support policies that would possibly harm those interests.


ahhh, Schumer’s poll numbers are falling. He used to be extremely popular and has dropped by something like 20 pts.

The only mouth worthy of speaking these words and meaning it is Bernie Sanders. So unless Bernie is running as a Democrat, as he must, I will not vote for the democrat for president, not again. I’m not obligated anyway I changed my registration from D to I more than a decade ago.


You’ll be attacked by the usual suspects here for saying this, as you probably are expecting to happen.


What a bunch of phony bastards. Pelosi is a bald face liar on healthcare, which she has never championed, and Schumer cares only about Wall Street and Israel. For shits sake, Schumer campaigned last year on we make Chobani yoghurt in New York state. Not a peep from him about the major social issues forced by Bernie. All the above posters are right–under no circumstances should we trust these people.