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Watch Live: Democrats Announce 'Better Deal' to Target 'Rigged' Economy

If it’s those two creeps announcing “a better deal,” and anyone believes it, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…


Not a word about Improved Medicare For All-they can go to hell.


Where was Bernie? They still want to squeak by without Bernie. As long as they dothat, there is no real reason to trust them because they show that they really don’t want change!

Bernie should have been up there with this crowd. Who are they kidding?


Just called the DNC. We can all contact them. My message was simple: I will not vote for anyone who does not support Improved Medicare For All.

Contact the DNC and let them know your views on their platform

(202) 863-8000


If you are going to take parts of my sentences out of context please stop posting to me. You don’t even have the decency to quote the whole sentence. It is unethical and frankly a fascistic type of using other people.

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Actually the Whigs were against the autocratic rule of Andrew Jackson who was acting like Trump is.

Methinks you failed history class or you are a Trump Troll or a Repub trying to pull a fast one?

I don’t think Bernie “must” run as a DamnocRat, because I don’t see him running for the Presiduncy again in 2020 unless there are MAJOR changes in this country in 2018.  Hopefully he’ll be re-elected to the Senate in 2018 and will actively support some real progressives next year and in 2020.  (I’ve been an I most of my life, but was a D for last year’s primary primarily to support Bernie – whom I wrote in, along with Beth, in the general – and then changed my registration back to I.   IF – and that’s a BIG “IF” – there’s a decent person running as a D in 2020 I’ll change back, at least for the primary, but I don’t have much hope for the party so long as Pelosi, Perez and DWS are involved.)


Maybe instead the Democrats should have given themselves credit for all the booming metropolitan areas around the country. These area are where large banks, corporate offices, and high tech centers are largely located. The Democrats picture of America painted by Schumer is not as dark as Trump’s. Trump’s America is basically falling apart. Only people living in truly economically devastated areas would recognize Trump’s America. The big problem for all but the richest Americans the cost of healthcare and higher education has gone through the roof. Both have ncreased much faster than inflation for several decades. Even most people who have seen their real incomes gone up have not been able to keep pace. I don’t see too much in the new Democratic strategy that address these rising costs.


Sorry, 'Flea – I thought you were being sarcastic, and I was agreeing with you.


As energy becomes increasingly expensive in relation to standards of living it is more important than ever that the benefits from energy expenditures be more equally distributed to provide an equitable standard of living for everyone. This applies not only to the US but to the world in general.


Interesting that would bring up the Whig’s opposition to Jackson instead of their pro-slavery faction. Are you one of those closet racists that misses the days of exploiting people… see how that works.

Doesn’t Noam Chomsky do that all the time in his books? And then when you look for a reference you’re referred back to one of his older books.

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Why is it when I see Chuck Schumer talk about how “he gets it”, and how he’s going to help the “little people”, all I can think of is Joe Isuzu?

It must be the same innate aura of honesty from the Senator from Goldman Sachs



But get ready for some disgusting news.

Neither does the supposed progressives People’s Platform. Zip. Nada. Zilch.


Well, of course it’s no where.

But again, ready for some disgusting news?

Neither is a hint of it in the so called progressive People’s Platform.

It seems that too many people in this nation who think of themselves as progressive are just ignorant or just don’t care about what the US does overseas. They seem to ignore foreign issues unless it’s the Democratic Party’s propaganda to justify its war or its hatred against Russia.

I don’t know. There is something sickeningly selfish and narcissistic to be all up in arms for policies that will improve the lives of Americans and just not give a damn about the people around the world that the American government is harming.


Listen up, Liberals/Progressives (with apologies to Thomas Frank). These too-little-too-late platitudes from the bought-and-paid-for Democratic establishment shills are designed to quell the growing discontent and outright rebellion from we rank-and-file leftist/progressives. I say it won’t work. We’ve heard this song and dance too many times, had Lucy jerk the metaphorical football away from us too many times. We’re done. Finished. Go to Hell you slimy bastards. Please join me in the #Demexit to the Green Party, where WE will determine platform and policy - the average people, not the rich, whom we will MAKE PAY! We need to agree to coalesce in one place to use our power to take back the system. The Green Party already exists as the fourth largest political party, with ballot access in nearly half the states. We can do this. We can end the Democratic Party and have a party that can win with issues for us, the many.


Sorry won’t play schoolyard games about names. We did this already and there is little point in repeating it. So we are done from my end.

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The urge - and assumption - of the right of imposing our will on every other country on the globe is too deeply embedded in the whole spectrum of our society. A prime example of our victimization to brainwashing, all orchestrated by the military/industrial complex, of which even President (GOP - no less) and General Eisenhower has warned in his farewell address on January 17, 1961.
It was happening even then and has continued through more than 1/2 century. Well over 1/2 of the US population was born and raised during that time.
No wonder, we have accepted perpetual warfare as the normal


This brief piece by CD is the only reporting I’ve seen of this and if the “3 key planks” represent the D power brokers response to what they think ails this country, well then either they are stupid or they think we are stupid. Wrt the first point, that sounds great but closing the gate after the cows have left the barn accomplishes nothing. As to the second - this is only a partial fix to the broken health care situation - where the f$#%k is universal health care? As to the third; gratuitous nothings promised by both parties for the last how many decades. Commit all of those proposed jobs to clean, sustainable energy transition and preparing for the gathering effects of climate change. Fat chance.

Seems the only thing these luminaries of the party “get” is that Trump’s travails are not bumping up the opinion of the D party in public opinion. They also are beginning to get that they have pissed in progressives cornflakes one too many times, and many won’t be coming back this time. People all over the country agitating for universal health care and all they can say is they’ll try to negotiate for lower drug prices. Kiss my ass.

Hoping to disentangle this nation immediately from all of its warmongering may be asking too much, but here is a suggestion that might just throw sand in the gears of the war machine: demand a full audit by all branches of the military and the intelligence functions of government. Refuse to vote for or even consider for vote any new military spending unless and until complete and accurate audits are accomplished. This requires no new laws, merely enforcement of laws already on the books. Ordinary Americans regardless of partisan affiliation would like to know how and where our money is being spent (ie mis-spent, wasted, or stolen.) I would make this a litmus test for any new candidate, just as I would a candidate commitment to universal healthcare free of the for-profit health insurance industry.

But, neither party will do this, so wtf’s the use. Just keep rearranging the deck chairs while the behemoth sinks beneath the waves.


One of Pelosi’s Tahitian pearls might feed a couple kids. Just the sight of her and Schumer making their best “New Deal” sad faces makes me ill. Get off the stage, both of you. You have no fucking intention of doing anything, you ARE the Second Gilded Age. God, how sickening.