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Watch Live: Elizabeth Warren Officially Launches 2020 Presidential Campaign


Neither the Greens nor any other third party will become “major” until there are mass movements to organize millions into unions, and neighborhood and student organizations, as in the '30’s. In Marxist language that’s called Base before Superstructure.

I’m a Green, but the fact is that AOC and some other good socialists have made it into Congress through Democratic primaries. There are no Greens there.

So until that massive grass roots organizing takes place, I will continue to temporarily change my registration to vote in the Dem primaries.


I’m waiting for Bernie to announce. Better policies and vastly more integrity than anyone else.

But if he doesn’t, though I’ll come close to tears, I’ll have to totally rethink my next year and a half.


On Virginia, why don’t we address the practical and the principal both, by having the Lt. Governor resign and be replaced by a Democrat, and THEN have the governor resign and be replaced by that Democrat, instead of having them all resign fast so the Republicans - who couldn’t care less and often would see it as a positive for these histories like blackface - don’t seize power over the voters’ choice for Democrats?


The establishment horror at Gabbard is the best testimonial to her actual independence.


The comments re: this story appear to have virtually nothing to do with the ideas Warren is promoting. At any rate, I like what she has to say but have never felt she was a viable (electable) candidate for president. Who is? I still think Bernie Sanders running with a true progressive woman would be a formula for probable success (as it would have been in 2016) - except that is assuming the DNC isn’t totally corrupt along with the American corporate press. Bad assumption.

It would be nice to get away from the labels, accusations and counter accusations and address the specific issues that are being put out by these candidates. Playing to the personalities rather than the issues is the last thing we need right now. It’s divisive and distracting.


Like I said before, America has gone crazy. Hillary is coy, and she lies. Trump will tell ten lies in a row, to your face, and pretend he’s the most righteous M-Fer on the planet.

And I believe in redemption and changing ones character for the better. A new standard may be upon us. Vetting is going to go all the way from now on I’ll wager.


I am with you on this one.


Hilarious to listen to someone like Warren, who has been a part of this corrupt system, expecting us to believe she will take it down. Remember… who did she support in 2016? Clinton, not Sanders. These days it’s Cool to be a crook, a bull shit artist or a liar. I will wait and see who has the Least tendency to be one of the above. However, the main goal is to see which candidate can not only take on Trump but take him out! If Warren can do it, ok… we can deal with her later, but we need “mission accomplished” done first and get rid of this bastard.


Many of us feel the same way. Doubt he will ever regain the Rock Stardom he had in 2016, but you know Bernie, he’s always on the road fighting for the people. The problem is, hes an Independent and they never win. We shall see.


If you are are still voting D/R at this point, you honestly deserve it.


How many times must I point this out?

When you have a candidate who has made it clear her intention is start shooting down Russian planes in Syria- then she is NOT the lesser of two evils. She is the worst possible evil as WWIII is the worst possible thing I can imagine.

What is wrong with so many that they just ignore this?

I did not want Trump. But when it was between Trump and Clinton and Trump won, I did not regret my vote for Jill Stein. I just sighed in relief that we weren’t going to start shooting down Russian planes in Syria in 2017.

Don’t tell me I’m a Trumpster. Prove to me that Clinton’s No Fly Zone wouldn’t have meant shooting down Russian jets. The woman is a blood thirsty NeoCon who holds the crazy NeoCon idea that the way to deal with an angry bear is to antagonize them and they’ll back down.

Bush and Cheney are terrible and the worst duo of president/real president we’ve ever had. But at least their targets were Iraq and Afghanistan- not Russia.

Bolton and the other NeoCon’s who’ve gotten Trump’s ears are monsters and I despise them. But at least their targets are Venezuela and Iran- not Russia.

The worst NeoCon of them all is Hillary Goddamn Clinton and I will never back down from that. NEVER.

All you lesser evil folk are just lucky events didn’t show how STUPID as F your thinking was to think HRC was the lesser evil- and that goes for Bernie Sanders too. My respect for him plummeted tremendously when he did that.

But yeah, 1+1 no longer equals 2.


A woman who supported Hillary and not Bernie does not have high credibility as a champion against the oligarchs.

And then there’s her lack of support for the BDS movement. We’re nearing two decades of wars for Israel facilitated by an attack on the US which the Mossad assigned people to film.


War is the One Issue that makes funding any progress anywhere else impossible.

Any candidate talking fiscal reform or responsibility without opposing war is being disingenuous.


IMO there is no purity test. It’s a reality test. If you live in La-La Land you think one party is “for you” and the other isn’t. If you see clearly you know they are both fking you, one from the left and one from the right. AOC said it best, it’s not a left/right thing. It’s an up and down thing.
On top of that I will say out loud and in public, I’m glad HRC lost. We’ve gained more from HRC’s loss than we ever would have if she’d won. No one would be talking about Medicare for all, the Green New Deal and AOC wouldn’t be exposing the state of corruption in our government from the inside.


It’s actually worse than that. Like so many Democrats before her, she wouldn’t just have not done good things- she’d have done the bad things Republicans couldn’t.

Reagan and Bush did horrid things. But it took Bill Clinton to unregulate the mass media and repeal Glass Steagal.

George Jr. did horrid things. But it took Barack Obama to put into law indefinite detention and make his tax cuts permanent and expand his wars from 2 to 7.

Hillary Goddamn Clinton would have not just not have expanded Social Security- she’d have cut it. Her team were already working on the plan before the election and all the go-along, “I’m With Her!” cultural liberals would have cheered it as a good thing.

If we weren’t already picking at bones while sitting in ashes after a nuclear holocaust waiting for the radiation poisoning to finish us off.


Uh oh…


Sad but true.


Make that the whole d-party establishment. Worth the read:


If you do one, you are one. Can’t help but think of W Bush wanting to be of the skull and bones. Like putting on blackface, if you go through with the deed you are the deed. Bush’s initiation was like placing your blackface page into the yearbook.


Definitely right about the system being rigged. The biggest issue is there is no representation for the left, even on the democrats side. Sure there is Sanders and Cortez, and perhaps a couple of others, but the party is solidly right wing and ignores all of them summarily anyway. The senate is even worse than the house, as are the courts now, and never is a leftist forwarded by the party for a presidential position, as we saw in the case of Sanders. People talk about whats wrong with the republican party, but there isn’t anything at all wrong with the republican party. The republican party has become the party of greed, of ignorance, of hate, of racism, of, religious fanaticism and superstition, of of war, of fascism. Basically the republican party is and has done an excellent job of representing its constituents and supporting their agenda aggressively. The only thing wrong with that party is the constituency. The progressives, on the other hand, have been unable to stop or even slow the republican bastards down because they vote democrat, and therefore are not represented as progressives by their right wing elected representatives. I often think that the only thing Cortez and Sanders have accomplished is to lend legitimacy to a party which without them has none.