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Watch Live: FBI Director Testify on 2016 Election Russian Interference


Watch Live: FBI Director Testify on 2016 Election Russian Interference

Common Dreams staff

FBI Director James Comey testifies before the House Intelligence Committee on Monday morning where he will respond to questions regarding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. Comey will also surely face questions about the so-far unsubstantiated claim by President Trump that he was "wiretapped" by his predecessor, President Barack Obama.



Distraction Story with Legs.

Story Distracting From : Dem Cal Primary inconsistencies.



California primary was clear and decisive. California voting is transparent, with paper ballots and and easily verifiable processes. No, there are not millions of California votes for Bernie missing. There are also not millions of ballots cast by illegal immigrants. But the religionists of Left and Right will never abandon their faith or be distracted by the real world.


This is the guy who got Trumped election by raising suspicions of new Clinton e-mails that might contain classified information. The number of new e-mails was exactly zero. Maybe the FBI investigation will turn up something to get Trump impeached and removed from office. Investigating any connections between Trump and Russia is absolutely critical to determine if the election was substantially influenced by a foreign country and whether Trump played a role in such influence. Comey can't undo the damage he has already done to our democratic process but he might be able reveal damage also done by Russia and perhaps Tromp or his associates.


Yes, the right wing does not have a monopoly on alternative facts. The left wing has been churning out quite a few of their own. You pointed out one good example. Democracy is being threatened from both sides of the political spectrum with falsehoods being substituted for real facts.


I like Tromp. I think you ought to keep it.


Trump got elected because people were/are sick of the status quo and some desperate people believed the lying, self-serving Trump would change things to help them. People didn't vote for Clinton because she isn't trustworthy.

I don't believe the Russian government interfered with our elections or are capable of it. Since when do any of us believe the MSM or what bilge flows from the mouths of political miscreants? There was and has been obvious manipulation and influence of the actual voting system/process by the Democrats, Republicans and the media. We allowed and/or have been manipulated into allowing Republicans and Democrats to mess up our own voting system to benefit corporate interests and those politicians that serve them.


If you would read your own comment with just a little freshness you might see how self contradicting it is. Trump was an answer to the status quo, Clinton was untrustworthy. Major themes in the press and common viewpoints here. You were one of the believers.


Doesn't matter whether the Russian interference was effective to be concerned that it happened.

If you've already decided not to believe those holding and responding in this hearing, don't watch. What does it help to get in here and dismiss it?


I said, desperate people (not me) believed the "lying, self-serving Trump". I have never believed in Trump, if that is what you are trying to say; that doesn't mean I believe Clinton either. Good day.


It's a free country. I believe I can respond. Good day.


What country would that be? You give no indication of who or where you are. That further devalues your pronouncements.


So, you're actually suggesting that a story that broke quite a while ago now, well before the election, with warnings from the FBI going back even farther, was all concocted (by whom?) to distract everyone from the CA primary and that the GOP is going along with this because...reasons?

Wow. As conspiracy theories go, that's pretty ridiculous. Maybe you can peddle that to the Alex Jones crowd, but not to me.


It's kind of odd that, even though Trump and his team were under investigation, Comey only talked about ONE of the candidates right before the election being under investigation.

But people tell me he's part of the Deep State and, as we all know, the Deep State wanted HRC, so...hey, wait! That doesn't make sense!

When your conspiracy theories need their own conspiracy theories to explain them, it's really time to stop talking.


The worst thing about the way the US left has descended into conspiratorialism Putin, Assad, and Gaddafi-worship, praise of Trump with faint barely audible damns, and endorsement of savage bombings of civilians (as long as the US isn't doing it), is that the US left no longer offers any kind of positive dreams or visions for the future - only nihilism.

Oh, how far the US left has fallen since the heady days of the late 1990s and early 00's when we dreamed that "another world is [was] possible".


"This is a perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Primary: The nomination is consecrated by a Media Organization, on a day nobody voted, based on Secret Discussions with anonymous Establishment Insiders and Donors whose identities the Media Organization - incredibly - conceals. The decisive edifice of Super Delegates is itself anti-Democratic and inherently corrupt: designed to prevent Actual Voters from making choices the Party Establishment dislikes. But for a Party run by insiders and funded by Corporate Interests, it's only fitting that its Nomination Process ends with such an ignominious, awkward and un-Democratic sputter."

Glenn Greenwald 6/7/16


oops - I didn't mean to hit the "heart" button on that one. My feeling is that these types of conversations are counterproductive. That being said, I don't happen to believe that Clinton "Stole" the California primary or any other primary in the sense of altering voting machines and the like. I have looked into the so-called data on this that involves exit polling and found nothing. For some reason, people seem to constantly misrepresent the purposes of exit polling and what you can infer from them - I often try to make that point when I teach this stuff in my Statistics courses.

However, I see three important points here:

1) it is true that the DNC was not the neutral party they claimed to be throughout the primaries and that the scale was tipped against Bernie in a thousand ways inherent in our system. (of course Bernie knew about those types of obstructions and built a tactically smart campaign under that knowledge and nearly won.)

2) The DNC continued to publicly deny that they were favoring the Clinton campaign over the Sanders campaign again and again. Thus, when the truth came out about that, they had effectively poisoned their own well - exactly the atmosphere in which conspiracy theories grow.

3) People on the left who spout those theories believe them because of that poisoned well. Thus, calling them disingenuous isn't quite fair - any more than calling you disingenuous for your beliefs.


The Congress people appear to believe the US has not been undermining democracies and supporting brutal dictators world-wide for a long time. The congress people seem to be accusing Russia of what the US does.


These Congress people believe US propaganda that Russia stole Crimea when it was the US that overthrew Ukrainian democracy.


While we're at it, perhaps we could revisit the Clinton oversight of the sale of uranium to Russian gov't in 2013?
How Putin’s Russia Gained Control of a U.S. Uranium Mine
" Since 2013, the nuclear energy arm of the Russian state has controlled 20 percent of America’s uranium production capacity.

Rosatom’s acquisition of Toronto-based miner Uranium One Inc. made the Russian agency, which also builds nuclear weapons, one the world’s top five producers of the radioactive metal and gave it ownership of a mine in Wyoming.

The deal, approved by a committee that included then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, also followed donations from Uranium One’s Canadian chairman to the Clinton Global Foundation, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Ian Telfer, the former Uranium One chairman and current chairman of Goldcorp Inc., said he pledged a donation of $3 million to the Clinton charity in March 2008, “when it was never contemplated that at some point in the future the Russian government would become a major shareholder of Uranium One.” (...)"