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Watch Live: FBI Director Testify on 2016 Election Russian Interference


Either we have wiretaps proving that the WWE Hall of Famer colluded with Russia
Or we don't have any wiretaps- making this a complete waste of energy.

Don't let Seth Rich die in vain!


Nope, trying to limit her from limiting others' comments.


I've read the guidelines, but I think that you often take it too far, trying to limit topics that you find not to your liking. Maybe we should let CD be the off topic 'cops'. In the past I have seen you answer posts you consider 'off topic'(with a detailed response to the 'off topic' post), and then write, "let's stay on topic". I just think you are a bit militaristic in your judgments of others' comments.


Why should the FBI be believed? After almost a century of political machinations and gross deceptions, what compelling reason is there to believe the FBI or Mr. Comey?


Here you are, regardless of your politics, doing that classic right-wing tactic - trying to create a false equivalency. There is no real equivalency between the way that right-wing a-holes and their operatives have perverted our democratic process and any efforts to push candidates by the left.


Pushing candidates is clearly not the activity Lrx is referring to nor is he, or I for that matter, referring to the broader Left. It is that little segment of the Left that engages in the mythical as much as infowars does, sometimes borrowing directly from infowars or breitbart. They are here. For example: don't let Seth Rich die in vain. In this very thread.