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WATCH LIVE: First 2020 Democratic Primary Debate Tonight in Miami

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/26/watch-live-first-2020-democratic-primary-debate-tonight-miami

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You can expect the Tangerine Troglodyte to do something stupid to try and grab headlines; let’s hope it isn’t invading some country.

This is so important that MSNBC is having a two hour “Pre Debate” special before the actual debate.

No Tulsi sign in the background.
Primaries Are RIGGED!


If Chis Hayes cares so much about foreign policy,
let’s see if any one of the BSNBCers ask Tulsi a foreign policy question.

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Senator Warren has already won.
No need for debate.

WTF? Fox News and Tucker Carlson have somehow become embedded over the MSNBC video! Has Common Dreams been hacked by Fox News

Hosting a Tulsi Gabbard debate night viewing, there is momentum against the wars!

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10 minute coverage of Liz
0 minute coverage of Tulsi.

Primaries are RIGGED!

Tweety and the other plants never disappoint.
Talk about everyone except Tulsi.

That’s right Eugene!
We can’t forget the donors

Primaries are RIGGED…

I thought this piece might tell me “what [I] need to know about Wednesday night’s debate.” Silly me.

All you need to know is that Liz is clean and articulate

Here is another link for local coverage of the debates:


They have literally hyped up everyone except Tulsi and Inslee.

Brian Williams says that Cory, Liz, Beto, and Amy being in the center is just a coincidence.

Pre-debate live coverage is dull, irrelevant, and shows the shallowness of MSM

The Obama economy wasn’t good.
The Trump economy isn’t good.

The BIG one is coming.

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Amy talks around the question.
Beto won’t answer the question.
Cory thinks that Halliburton is bad and Facebook is good.

Liz gets 2 questions and a name drop!

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Tulsi didn’t answer the question.
Where’s her follow up question?