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WATCH LIVE: Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller Testifies on Capitol Hill. Then What?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/24/watch-live-former-special-counsel-robert-mueller-testifies-capitol-hill-then-what

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Now for the rest of the story. Apparently Mr. Nichols didn’t have time to talk to his Nation associate, Aaron Mate who has been doing yeoman work on Russiagate. The Mueller report is full of fuzzy language, footnotes rife with reference to major media as source, and more flimsy thinking and evidence,


If the loser dims think that this show is going to gain points for them they are as usual wrong. The fact that they just voted to outlaw BDS should show their hypocrisy. The dims do whatever Israel wants … let’s investigate that foreign influence on our government.


Dammit, Mueller why don’t you admit it: The Russians stole the 2016 election right out from under Clinton while she was flying over ‘the deplorables’ on the way to her next cocktail party.


Trump should be impeached, but not if it is done using feckless bullshit arguments. It will only make him stronger. Who believes Mueller anyway, after he help lie us into the Iraq War? He should have been fired then.


Mueller basically relied on the Crowdstrike fanfiction for his Russiagate narratives. It’s why he didn’t pursue the election nonsense. How could he?

Neoliberals are deeply hated. Not just in the US, but in much of the West now as people have had years of terror under austerity and financier rule.

But that wing of the Democratic party refuses to even consider looking in a mirror.

I mean, have they yet gotten one child out of those cages? Or are they just happy to get quality outrage photo ops in front of them?

Both of these parties deserve to burn.


More navel gazing while Rome burns. (And the rest of the world for that matter.)


“Then will Democrats impeach Trump?”

No. Absolutely not. “He’s not worth it, and what’s my other excuse? Oh that’s right, impeachment is not patriotic; and I do so look forward to working with him in his second term. I’ve found that he’s really quite a nice guy. I pretend to not like him for the D-brainwashed partisans in San Francisco who vote for me every 2 years thinking that I’m a Democrat.” (As Nancy Pelosi is standing there with her usual deer-in-the-headlines facial expression.)

Another charade hearing, as usual.


Another chapter in the life of our media saturated government. Another “report” dependent of “conditional phraseology” (would, could, should, might, maybe, alleged, etc, etc ad infinitum!) to support it’s gauzy crapola version of events.
And, to top it off it quotes that mealy mouthed John Nichols who has betrayed the “working class” just like his employer The Nation…going from a decent rabble rousing publication decades ago to the toilet paper printing outfit it is now. Ye Gods! When will the American people say, “Enough!”


‘The Democrats will simply head off for the August recess without acting upon what they have heard. They already have destroyed any momentum for accountability.’
There, I fixed it for ya…

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So many publications are off target. I got warned a few times re limited connects for non-subscribers. So, due to fears of not being able to hear Cohen and Bachelor (sp?), I subscribed, and for hard copy too. But those days of sitting in a comfortable chair and imbibing sanity it seems are long gone. Still, the opportunity’s there if, say, I get two broken legs, and can’t get up to fiddle with the desktop (when will I get a tablet? probably never). Just need to sort through the issues for best’ns. One day when some time materializes I’ll subscribe to Counterpunch’s hard copy as well.

I guess this is what you do when you have nothing else to offer the American people to improve their lives.

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This edition of Mueller testimony is yet another lame attempt by the Democrats to breathe new life into Russiagate, now that it’s getting too thin and flimsy to provide a good excuse for their failures. They’re not using the testimony to provide grounds for impeachment, not even close. They’re using it inflate their favorite boogeyman. As for Mueller, he’s always been a political worm. Nothing has changed. His faux objectivity is just part of the show.


Sounds about right. But, as many times as folks have allueded to Mueller’s history, I can’t keep it in mind. “Worm” maybe…but when and what he failed on I can’t remember. Watching what happens on the surface mostly…as the swell comes into shallow water.

So who does he answer to? Why does he not speak the truth?

Not rhetorical questions: WTF is wrong with Mueller?

He seems completely out of it, almost as if he is cognitively impaired.

If he is not cognitively impaired, what is holding him back from speaking the truth clearly and concisely?

Calling him a “political worm” is almost too kind of a word to describe his behaviors! But that is basically just name calling without specifics that explain his bizarre, irresponsible behavior.

Why does he keep saying “I can’t get into it” over and over and over again?

Taking it beyond “political worm” please explain.

For what it is worth, I believe the whole system is pathological and beyond repair. But behind every pathology there are explanations.


My friend Michael Doliner can’t write about anything without writing about everything – so you’ve been warned. This excellent stroll through state weirdness starts out discussing Mr Longface:

Russiagate: the Cherry on Top

They stole the nomination from the Bern! When the e-mails surfaced they screamed Russia to drown out the questions. That means they want to do it again. Otherwise they would have cleaned house. So now here they are again, new candidates who offer themselves to the good citizens of the Former United States who judge them on God knows what criteria. Said good citizens now know full well, if they have half en eyeball peeled, that their own opinion is worth diddly. It doesn’t matter what they think! The primaries are just there to let them believe they matter. It’s rigged!


‘That means they want to do it again.’

I guess they’ll do that implicitly by not even saying the word “Russia”? Demings seems to be the first person to mention that word even as an issue. Missed her question though.

When will they ask him why more questions weren’t put to Erik Prince? (probably never) Also, would protocol have allowed Assange to have been interviewed via skype?

JS: There is one major common link that runs through the agenda of all the participants in this Trump Tower meeting, and it is one which has gotten very little attention. And that is their shared hatred of Iran and their desire for regime change.

So, while all of this was going on, while these meetings were happening at Trump Tower, George Nader had been pitching a secret plan to the Saudi royals wherein they would bankroll a campaign to conduct acts of economic sabotage and disinformation against Iran. As the New York Times reported, ‘Nader was promoting a plan to use private economic warfare’ which he viewed as ‘the key to the overthrow of the government in Tehran.’

At the same exact time, Nader and Prince were also developing a proposal for the Saudis to pay them $2 billion to run a mercenary force that would fight the Houthis in Yemen. The Houthis, of course, are forces that Erik Prince, and the Saudis, and the Emiratis all characterize as nothing more than Iranian proxies. https://theintercept.com/2018/05/23/the-killing-machine-legalized-torture-propaganda-and-endless-war-in-the-time-of-trump/

The appearance is that the Americans present at this meeting were there to feel out Russia’s [Kirill Dmitriev’s] position re future strikes on Iran. Then also there’d be the whipping up of a private army to help out MbS. This all while Trump was preaching no quagmires.

"So, this group, this multinational group that was assembled by Erik Prince, has this meeting at Trump Tower with Donald Trump, Jr. And, according to the New York Times, the purpose of the meeting was ‘primarily to offer help to the Trump team, and it forged relationships between the men and Trump insiders that would develop over the coming months, past the election and well into President Trump’s first year in office.’

“George Nader was reportedly offering help from Saudi and Emirati rulers and the Israeli was there to offer disinformation and propaganda services to aid in this effort.” ibid

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Tons of people believe him. Otherwise sensible left leaning persons who get all of their info from MSNBC, WaPo and NYT.

They have their head in the sand about Russian interference and hate Bernie Sanders but are unable to answer why. They cannot decide if they should blame the Russians or Sanders more for Clintons loss. She is of course blameless.


Because the Steele Dossier is fake. Going into it debunks his entire ‘case’ against Russia.
He agreed to be a punching bag for the day in exchange for somewhere between $26 -$40 million
It’s a show.
He’s the dancing pony.


I have family and friends who treat the Mueller Report as if it were a sacred text. They are not so different than the QAnon crowd. They have been lobotomized.