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WATCH LIVE: Michael Cohen Set to Testify Trump a 'Racist Conman' and 'Criminal' Before House Committee


Do you notice how every Republican now, like Cohen use to, is protecting Trump by demonizing the messenger, Cohen?


The only thing Cohen’s testimony makes clear is that the real action in prosecuting Trump will come from the Southern district of New York’s DA office, not the Mueller investigation.

Otherwise, there has been next to nothing new brought forth in this hearing as of 3pm east coast time.


Maybe another Joe Valachi.

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They loved Cohen when he was a deceitful liar backing up Trump’s every deceit. Now, when he is telling the truth, they don’t like him much anyone. Isn’t love in Washington a very fickle thing.

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which is faster - quicksand or the swamp? They probably deserve slower though. We, the public, could enjoy watching them as they fling about as they go down.


What are dyed in the wool hypocrites supposed to do? Nothing to see here, but if there is, it’s someone else’s fault. We have to dislike and disrespect this behavior. And it’s all they know how to do. They are lost sheep, protecting greed, liars, crooks and anyone affiliated with the right-wing.


Observation: When the republicans were in charge of congressional hearings they would mill around during breaks portraying a disgusting smugness. Today they are justifiably straight faced.
Elections have consequences.


Straight faced with sphincter clenched…


Haven’t seen that many sour grapes on one vine in a long time.

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What is that strange button they are wearing in their lapels? Isn’t the american flag which they all used to wear. Maybe it is the Trump family coat of arms or something demonic.


What righteous indignation these reprobates show as their fakeness is revealed and their false hero crumbles in front of them. A really creepy lot who have no place legislating for anyone.


I’m a bit curious whether Cohen will have tennis courts, table cloths at dinner, and big screen video of some sort?


The only thing the hypocritical, organized criminal, Republicans can do to protect their mafia Don: demonize the messenger and all his nefarious faults, in order to deflect the conversation from the plethora of Trumps lies, cheats, criminal acts and con jobs!


HI Yunzer :slight_smile: Yes humans can change and it happens most often when they’re caught. : )


It seems like this is still demonizing Assange and letting the DNC and Hillary Clinton off the hook. Were the e-mails hacked? From everything I can gather, they were leaked by a DNC insider who was sick of the game. Regardless, the DNC is not the innocent in all this, as is somehow being portrayed in what is being presented, and Russia once again is being portrayed as the evil interloper in the election. This is a false narrative, wrapped in the very real revelations about Trump and his various dealings.


HI wildraven: I was wondering similar things…Julian Assange and the Roger Stone person???I think not 1 Julian Assange is above that kind of behavior, but I guess the spy people want to take him down so badly that they really don’t care about those other liars in the DNC
And too, if all this Russian spying was going on… I guess we can just cutoff so much money to the spy departments—because if there was really this much Russian action going on-----why didn’t the spy people see it and stop it?.

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Under any scenario that seems to come up, the DNC and HRC et al just skate. “Pay no attention to the thieves who undermined democracy behind the curtain, it’s those evil Russians and that nefarious Assange and Wikileaks who are out to destroy your freedoms.” Well scripted, but I do get tired of seeing the content of the leaked e-mails - and all the implications of what they reveal - being almost totally ignored in lieu of chasing after the “bad guys” who spilled the beans.