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WATCH LIVE: Postmaster General DeJoy Testifies Before House as Outrage Over Postal Service Sabotage Grows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/24/watch-live-postmaster-general-dejoy-testifies-house-outrage-over-postal-service


So what’s the worthless Nancy Pelosi going to do? Blow DeJoy some of her phony indignant kisses? Nancy Pelosi is the number one trump enabler on the planet after Moscow Mitch. Name one constructive or progressive action she has taken as speaker other than to marginalize those in her party committed to real progress for the nation’s citizens. When the Democrats had full control of the government she died nothing. Nothing. To do something on behalf of the country she did nothing since to do so would betray her elitist neocon agenda. And now with her 150 million personal fortune she’s out begging for campaign contributions. What an abject phony.


Pelosi is another nihilistic ratfucker, terrified of life, hateful toward all expressions of compassion, committed to destruction in the name of fear. Behind her frozen botox face, she is grinning with creepy delight at what Joyless is doing.


Glad to report that here in the Soviet Socialist Peoples’ Republic of Washington, USPS workers have “illegally” reinstalled some of the removed sorting machines. Hoping postal workers everywhere follow suit.


It’s been a point I’ve been bringing up a lot - where was Pelosi in the last 2 decades while the USPS struggled under this insane 75 year pension rule? Only NOW does she speak up for the USPS?

With the mass migration of establishment GOP to the Biden camp, can’t we finally remove the wool from our eyes and admit that the two party system under capitalism is completely broken? Flipping a coin for choice is no basis for democracy.

Though I’ve finally come to understand that given the choice, a Mussolini is preferable to a Hitler - the first is a bit easier to topple.

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DeJoy = Mitt Romney 4.0

  • its not just for wall street anymore …

DeJoy is just another lackey in a long line of trump lackeys that are not working for the people, but are working to satisfy trump’s personal agenda, being to divert money or resources, or to aid in a reelection. DeJoy is like trump.“The buck DOESN’T stop here.”

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DeJoy didn’t sign on to take a bunch of grief from congress, so is probably disillusioned at this point.
I’ll give D W Schultz credit for not taking any crap from DeJoy at the committee hearing.

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After sucking the blood marrow of Latin America, now upper class leaches have turned to austerity and selling off the homeland.

Yes, propaganda tools used by corporatistas are strong enough to fool most of the people most of the time. Even so, cosmic powered biology manifest as human has been around for a long time. Focus of distributed intelligence via a well functioning democracy can find a way out of this polluted anti-life mess,

Will reptile brain capitalists destroy Earth life before we invent a more advanced form of government?


Will uncle-daddy good-guy Joe Biden save us?

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No, P’Loser did NOT do nothing.   She helped O’Bummer bail out the utterly corrupt “Too Big To Fail” banks AND she helped him allow the War Criminals responsible for the invasion of Iraq and for carrying out torture to get away without even any investigations AND she helped exclude the so-called “public option” from O’PharmaCare, etc., etc., etc.   If only P’Loser HAD done nothing during 2009 and 2010 — America would be a LOT better off.

OOooops, strike that last sentence (above).  As Tweetle-Dumb admitted last week, if O’Bummer (and P’Loser) had done a better job, he would not be “our” presidunce today — which means Hideous Hilliary would be.   Yuck!!

Recall in March 2010 Pelo$i admonishing House members “to vote in favor of Obamacare so we can see what is in it” ?

Pelo$i needs to retire so she can spend more time with her money…er family.

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Oh, actually – the buck DOES stop here – in my own pocket and let the plebiscite weep accordingly.

Ron Johnson read most of his comments. Supplied by ALEC???

For any dem that got to Congress before 2006, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. While they all act up-set for the publics sake, they know they are part of the current postal problem. The vote was almost unanimous in the House in 2006 for the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, the tool the Postmaster General is using to subvert the will of the people, by not being directly accountable to Congress, but instead a Board of Governors. If your dem Congressperson was in office by 2006, ask them why they voted to kill the Post Office.
Here’s a link of a member expressing phony outrage at DeJoy, he’s been in Congress since 2001.

“Rep. Lynch Eviscerates Postmaster General Louis DeJoy” / Now This News platform

Maybe we should move Congress to the West Coast, Hollywood would be so much closer.