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WATCH LIVE: Protesters Block Entrance of Senate Building as First Barrett Confirmation Hearing Begins

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/12/watch-live-protesters-block-entrance-senate-building-first-barrett-confirmation


Proud of these protesters. All of us should do as much direct action civil disobedience as possible. It’s like extreme sports, so there’s some risk, but voting and writing comments on websites is nowhere near enough to stop the juggernaut of destroyers.


Watching Feinstein “interrogate” Barrett saddens me. There is no real fight in her. Just tired rhetoric. So much more is needed. I hope Kamala tears her a new one or two or three and sets her up for impeachment (which won’t happen because of numbers) in the future.


Mr. Grassly sure has a self-serving whiny excuse for objective analysis of the issues.


“Whiny” describes the attitude of GOP electeds and voters at least since whiny Rush Limpbaa became their standard bearer.

Serial whining enhances the effectiveness of their serial application of the rhetorical tactic known as projection whereby they accuse everybody else of doing what they do.


Yes, it is not a accurate analysis of her past record on these very important issues.


You’ve got to love the imagery of Ms Barrett walking into the senate chambers wearing a red dress reminiscent of those worn on “the Handmaids Tale”
This is who she is. It’s a giant middle finger to non-evangelical America that she has no concern for optics, and of course won’t have any concern for anything else said today. She knows she’s a shoo-in. The Red dress is just a contrived “fuck you” to everyone watching.


Coney Barrett is perfectly willing to throw people under the corporate bus, give more and more power to corporations, abet the evisceration of democracy and enthrone transnational corporations as the true rulers of Murca… provided, of course, that those true rulers include religious fundamentalists on their board of directors?

This corporate handmaid is not only opposed to the separation of government and religion. More fundamentally, she is also opposed to the separation of government and corporation.

Cut to the chase. Citizens United is a Supreme Court decision that, in a nutshell, authorized the principle that democracy and civil liberties are fully subordinate to economic power… that might makes right when it comes to governance and policy-making. What is Coney’s view of Citizen’s United? This question is more important than the question about Coney’s view of Roe v. Wade, because it cuts to the true heart of Coney’s jurisprudential philosophy.

Corporatism is the true heart of her philosophy, not Theocracy. Theocracy is but a handmaid to corporatism. That is how it has always been. People won’t be free until the last corporate executive is strangled with the entrails of the last religious fundamentalist. Religious fundamentalism and market fundamentalism must be eliminated together.

Corporate fascism abetted by theocracy — that is the blueprint that Murca’s owners are following. And the leaders of both major political parties are dutifully implementing that agenda. Let’s be candid.


Your paraphrase of Denis Diderot is spot on. History does indeed rhyme.

Ironic that the message of these protestors, that this close to an election the winner should nominate a Justice, is almost word for word what that vile, contemptible McConnell said when denying Obama’s nominee.

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What is the point of this “hearing”?

Seriously, is there a point to this?

It’s a done deal.

All dems should have refused to participate in this sham as participating in it makes you complicit in a sham. I don’t know what a productive alternative could have been.

Another tragic day----the solidification of the u.s. into a fascist country is televised.


I agree. Excellent post!

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To make the POLITICALLY GULLIBLE ELECTORATE! Believe they live in a Democracy?


Honest to god, these republicans are like the villains in action films (though we have no strong heroes to counteract them) who just keep getting up over and over again and keep killing. McConnell/trump et al are like the terminators toward life on earth.

Huffpo has a decent piece on this sham of a hearing:

Some progressives are furious that they’re legitimizing Amy Coney Barrett’s rushed, partisan confirmation process by participating at all.

Very dark day today.

Looking forward to hearing from Common Dream commenters on “packing the court” should biden replace trump.

Have I missed this discussion? If so, what was the gist?
I don’t see any other way of getting out of a fascist SCOTUS . . . .???


Yes it’s getting worse day by day ,on the flip side the worse it gets the closer we get to a world that works.

It’s all coming to the surface . This darkness gives us a chance to shine the light of truth and reach critical mass sooner .


Here’s the quiet part out loud. This is a done deal, all over except the shouting. So the only demand we should be making is for the courts to be packed so the right to abortion can be protected, healthcare and action against environmental catastrophe can be saved, and the electoral outcome secured. In my opinion Biden has signaled he will not support court packing despite the all-hands bullshitting and obfuscation going on about that. So, if Biden wins (not a certainty by any means) the first order of business must be to mount a mass democratic action to push him to pack the court. If this doesn’t happen all this faux-activistism kabuki is a farce.

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Excellent post, thank you. What you state in those few sentences of your post is extremely important and something that I hope CD’s has a feature article on soon.

Would love to see the Squad and all other progressives getting together and working on this (“the first order of business must be to mount a mass democratic action to push him to pack the court”) now.

All groups must coalesce around this: BLM, environmental groups, LGBTQ groups women’s groups, health care advocates and more need to come together as one.

It’s been curious and alarming that so many people are opposed to adding seats to the court-----including Biden if what your opinion. . . what he has signaled . . . is correct. Has Harris said anything about this?

What of course is maddening and so predictable is how the republicans have shifted the focus to Biden and “stacking the courts” while they have basically staged a coup of the courts both SCOTUS and federal judges.

And this----so true:


She’s and “orginalist,” like her mentor, Scalia. Decisions made as would have the slave-holding Founders… Perfect justice for our Mussolini Court. Fascist takeover nearing completion: Read Nancy MacLean: Democracy in Chains, to see how they did it, patiently, over decades…


Senate dems can’t really go on strike. They have to show up with there tails between their legs and vote. But if it were a dem up for the position it wouldn’t get a vote.
This is about unfair, rampant, disgusting hypocrisy.
If this vote is allowed nothing really matters in the federal government anymore.
Anything at all can be done against the will of THE PEOPLE.


As she enters the building to join her team of bigots and religious zealots, it must give her a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing up front and in no uncertain terms by the protesting crowds greeting her, that she and her ilk are, putting it mildly, detested and unwelcome.