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Watch Live: Protests Erupt at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing


Watch Live: Protests Erupt at Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing

Common Dreams staff

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) is facing the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday as he seeks confirmation to be the next Attorny General of the United States.

Nominated by President-elect Donald Trump, the choice resulted in uproars among civil liberties and social justice advocates, some who argued confirmation of Sessions would represent "a threat to all of our civil rights."


I think we are still in a state of denial.

The takeover is complete - and absolute.

This is now a fight for a future - not politics as usual.

I am presently watching this - and I think we all should, those of us who haven't:


Sessions is massively full of shite.
Always has been, always will be.
The worst of the worst. An old white dick from Hell.
And the senators asking dipshite questions and rattling on about fuk ing football!!! W T H?


I had to look away when they carried out the protestors and let the squealing toddlers stay. How totally inappropriate to bring his hordes of grandchildren. I am insulted by that nearly as much as by his policy views.


What you are seeing today is what the south under segregation was like. How brave were those who traveled from the north to take the violence and abuse of those like Session who had military-level police and a public who hated them. I read in the Sessions "vetting" they are talking about Hillary Clinton. The Trump nominees are like Trump. Do not cooperate with any investigations into them. Expect a rubber-stamp approval of them. Same in the red states now going quickly fascist like North Carolina and this week Kentucky. The Kochs and FOX prepared the ground so the red states are mostly under their control with Trump only the figurehead of the neo-fascist USINC.


Thanks to Code Pink for exposing Jeff Sessions, probably the worst Attorney General, nominee in the history of the United States!


Anyone who wants an office in the Trump Disaster has got to be a HACK! Trump would only pick HACKS and only the MOST Unqualified HACKS could not see this or are sooo anxious to prostitute themselves for power! ie most GOP!


This was entertaining until the part about the "Pant-suited One", so I offer a re-write.

Now the Pant-suited One she was smart and prepared,
she thought she was brilliant but none of them cared,
her people assured her the race was already won,
to rig the primary to her favor is what she had done,
for Sanders was too Lefty and she the anointed one.
The Sanderistas shouted “Emails!” “Benghazi!” and “Wall Street!” they’d shout,
because Wikileaks had told them—and Wikileaks has clout.
And the Pant-suited One she was corrupted to no end,
and her lies couldn’t become truth so she could never defend.
And the Trump watched it all go according to plan—
a weak woman eclipsed by an even weaker man.


Is there something wrong with being old and/or white?


Flagged for racism.


There is no evidence that any primary elections were rigged. Sanders lost because:

  1. The corporate media ignored and memory-holed Sanders - as they do anyone who has even a hint of socialist ideology.

  2. Black USAns were justifiably wary of Sanders - because he early on strongly hinted at being part of the "black people need to stop complaining" (aka "all lives matter") left.

  3. Black USAns and others also had very real worries that Sanders would have been destroyed by red-baiting from Trump in the same way the campaigns of McGovern and Dukakis were before him. Like it or not (and I DONT like it) average USAns completely recoil at the word "socialist".

Most of the complete nonsense regarding Clinton's supposed "corruption" was a psy-op internet-rumor-propaganda scheme from the Trump campaign and his foreign friends. And you do know that the Bengazhi meme is a right-wing one about Clinton being insufficiently aggressive in Libya, right?


Couldn't have said it better myself. Sanders did make real mistakes in his campaign that cost him necessary votes. Rather than try to understand what he did wrong, how haphazardly his campaign was organized for example, progressives have spent time blabbering about the DNC and the supposed all-powerful Clinton machine. It's too bad.


So once again we're discussing the outbreak of fascism by Donald Trump and gang, and the people here turn it into a debate about Bernie and Hillary being to blame.

It's like ignoring the abuser and blaming everyone around him.


Uh, Yunzer responded to a comment and I followed with my own. I felt he made valid points, ones worth knowing as we move forward. Is that wrong?


Thanks for the post Nevermore! Ahhh...may it only improve from here!
Having felt the Bern - and hence voted that way - toying with last stanza was irresistible.

...And the Trump’s loudest boasts they will know was too early
'cause millions said no and voted for Bernie


The Sessions hearing is case study in the rhetorical manipulating of the hearing format for the purpose of maintaining issues in silos and preventing dots from being connected. Unfortunately Sessions is not alone but only a well studied instance among many. It is a sign of the times.
Interesting to take seriously for a moment the warnings of tyranny and watch old tapes of the Nuremburg trials.


I sure hope not!


That's right same as people ignoring the crash of Wall Street, and bringing up unrelated issues.


Hi Yunzer. Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. You are saying that BeijaFlor was flagged - not me. Correct?


Thought the South still was racist. Remember all the fights about the stars and bars?